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Is Legit Kratom Really As Great As They Claim To Be?

Legit Kratom is an online kratom vendor that claims to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices and some of the best customer service in the market. They even claim that one of their highest priorities is the satisfaction of their customer, a simple yet sometimes uncommon thing to come by in an industry full of vendors that are focused on making a profit.

However, is Legit Kratom really as great as they claim to be? In this review, we will be taking a closer look at various aspects of this company to help you decide if it is the right place for your next kratom purchase.

Who Is Legit Kratom?

Legit Kratom is based in Florida. Since they originated, they have worked hard to establish a high reputation amongst the kratom industry. Over 425 customer reviews can be found on Yotpo, many of which are pretty positive. Based on several positive reviews regarding their products and services, a user-friendly website, and a high level of business transparency, this vendor appears to be a well-trusted vendor and safe bet when making online kratom purchases.

This kratom vendor claims to offer high-quality products and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a goal of producing high-quality kratom at prices that won’t break customer’s bank account, Legit kratom has prioritized low prices without compromising the quality of products by partnering with small farmers that ensure all leaves are ethically, naturally sourced. Legit kratom offers lab-tested, sustainable kratom products that are safely packaged, ensuring that customers do in fact get the most “legit” products.

Claiming to prioritize their customers above all else, Legit Kratom has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If for whatever reason, customers are not pleased with their products, they have the ability to return products with no conditions applied.

Another aspect of this vendor that makes it stand out is their ling of free kratom samples. Their willingness to give customers free kratom samples with no shipping fees reflects confidence in the quality of their various powders. All customers have to do to receive this entirely free sample is add a free sample provided on the website to their cart, put in their information, and complete the order.

Although it may sound a bit too good to be true, Legit Kratom promises that there are no strings attach and it really just is a gift to their customers to help new consumers feel out what products work best for them without making any actual purchases. This is a great feature that many customers, including those that are newer to kratom and would like to ease in, love.

While this vendor certainly isn’t the most well-known vendor in the market, previous customers rave about their products and services. One reviewer even went as far as saying their Mitragyna Speciosa is one of the best in the market.

Products At Legit Kratom

Potential kratom investors that are in the market for a variety of high-quality products won’t be disappointed by the inventory at Legit Kratom. This vendor provides everything from capsules and powders, to crushed leaves and extracts. Regardless of your specific taste, there’s a little something for everyone.

Their product line includes powders such as Green Borneo, Green Bali, Gree Malay, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Premium Blend, Legit Kratom Blend, Red Borneo, Super Gree Thai, Red Maeng Da, Super Indo, White Maeng Da, White Borneo, While Sulawesi, White Malay, Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Borneo, Yellow Sulawesi, and Yellow Malay.

Further, customers have access to a variety of capsules such as Green Malay, Red Borneo, Super Green Thai, Green Borneo, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, White Sulawesi, and White Maeng Da.

Their line of crushed leaves features Maeng Da and Borneo and extracts such as liquid kratom extracts or Gold Reserve Powder Extracts are also available.


Compared to other vendors, Legit Kratom offers reasonable prices that reflect the high quality of its products. As mentioned above, they also offer free samples that customers can try before spending money on a full order. This means that when customers do make a purchase, they can feel pretty confident that they will enjoy the product and get their money’s worth.

Additionally, Legit Kratom offers discounts, deals, and promotional codes, for customers who sign up and become subscribers.
Overall, customers seem pretty pleased with the prices and say that the products are 100% worth the cost.

Shipping And Returns

Same-day shipping is applied to orders placed during operation hours, Monday-Friday before 12:00 pm Eastern time. If they aren’t shipped on the same day, they are typically shipped out on the following business day. No orders take place on the weekends, and orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are shipped out on Monday.

Legit Kratom does prioritize fast shipping, however, they are honest about the fact that location, order size, weather, and many other factors play into the delivery times. Additionally, Legit Kratom does not ship to specific states regarding the legal standing of kratom in those locations.

Customer Service At Legit Kratom

Their excellent customer service is one of the main factors that make this vendor shine amongst the others. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available to customers who send back any unused portion of their product. According to several customer reviews reporting positive experiences with kind, professional, and knowledgeable customer representatives, it is safe to say that Legit Kratom offers efficient, top-notch customer service.

Legit Kratom can be contacted by phone with any question or concerns during their operational hours of 9 am-4 pm Eastern Time, except for on major holidays. However, if they are unable to answer your call, they offer other means of communication, including email. After trying to contact the vendor via phone, customers can send an email and a representative from the vendor will try and reach out as soon as possible.

Contact information includes:
Legit Kratom
24705 US Hwy 19 N Suite 302
Clearwater, FL 33763

Additionally, the “contact us” section includes a detailed list of operating hours, as well as major holidays, on which the offices are closed, and customer service representatives cannot be reached.

Final Thoughts

With reasonable prices, high-quality products, a high level of business transparency, and a high reputation in the industry, it is safe to say that Legit Kratom is an excellent vendor that you may want to consider checking out.

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