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LI HERBALS – Premium Tea Company

As the world is modernizing, the use of medicinal herbs is increasing day by day. One such example is Kratom herb that has been in use for thousands of years. After users experienced its meritorious effects on the body the demand increased to a much greater extent.

As companies discovered the growing popularity of Kratom many decided to introduce their Kratom products. There are multiple forms in which Kratom is consumed such as pills, tablets, Kratom powdershots, and tea.

While most of the Kratom vendors deal with all types of kratom, a few of them only sell a specific type. LI Herbals is one such Kratom company that only specializes in Kratom capsules and powder.



LI Herbals, which stands for “Long Island Herbals” is an American Kratom vendor that has its main office in New York. Though the company started in 2015, it rose to fame in the last 2 – 3 years. Nowadays, every Kratom user knows it as LIH Tea Company that was able to maintain its reputation through determination and dedication.

They have not only maintained the quality of their products over all these years but also have provided excellent services that the customers cannot resist. Customers mostly find their website and products worthwhile. Reddit is generally full of positive reviews and 5 star ratings for LI Herbals.

To protect the company from unwanted trouble and issues with authorities because of selling Kratom products, LI Herbals have named all their products as “Matcha”, which is a proof of exceptionally intelligent brains behind their company.


LI Herbals is a company that has been able to impress Kratom users in the shortest span of time. The rarest and exotic Kratom strains that it introduced certainly played a major role in its fame. Some other factors affecting its popularity include the following.

Range of Products

Currently, LI Herbals has more than 39 different kinds of products available on its website including Kratom and other herbs available in powder or capsule form. These herbs not only have beneficial effects on the human body but also give an interesting experience to the user.

Talking about Kratom specifically, it has 17 different kinds of powder and 3 different capsules strains that a customer can choose from as per their preference. What makes LI Herbals’ products unique are their names. For instance, ‘GRWY Ele’ stands for Green, Red, White, and Yellow Elephant Kratom strain. All the powders are sold in the packaging of 30g, 250g, and 1kg.

Some of the most popular products of LI Herbals are;

  • Green, White, Yellow, and Red Matcha Tea
  • Green Elephant Matcha Tea
  • Red, White, Green, and Yellow Matcha Tea Split
  • Bent Matcha Tea
  • Full Spectrum Blend Matcha Tea
  • Green Matcha and Green Elephant Matcha Tea Split Kilo
  • Green Matcha Tea 500mg Veggie Capsules
  • Green Jong Kong Tea
  • Red and White Matcha Tea Split
  • Green MD Crushed Leaf Tea
  • Chai Spiced Black Tea
  • Organic Turmeric Relief
  • Organic Earl Grey

Lab Tested Products

The quality of a product can only be judged once it is tested for all impurities, pathogens, heavy metals, etc. LI Herbals has taken the concern of Kratom users into notice ad always test every product of their before launching it into the market.

This not only makes sure that the customers receive the top-notch product but also that they are in the purest form. Furthermore, testing also ensures that the products are potent as no buyer likes to compromise in what they are paying for.

Reasonable Prices

Indeed, the prices of Kratom products at LI Herbals are economical so that all kinds of users can afford them. The products start at the lowest of $5 and do not go beyond $95 even for the exclusive range.

The different packaging is priced at:

  • 30 grams for $5
  • 250 grams for $30
  • 1 kilogram for $80

Some of the powders are also sold as samples in a packaging of 180 grams that costs no more than $18.75. Lastly, the 200 grams of veggie capsules are sold at just $25.95 so that everyone can try them.

In particular, the split offer is one of the best! When you order the GRWY split you get 250 grams of each strain and that too in only $75.

Discount Codes

To make sure that the customers keep coming back to order at LI Herbals they come up with various coupons, discounts, and sale offers. Surely, this is one of the best marketing strategies. There are coupon codes for loyal customers and those who subscribe to their newsletter.

In addition, the buyer gets bonus points for every single purchase they do which are added in the end. Now they can either make a purchase solely from them or get discounts on different products.

Customer Reviews

A new kratom user who is buying from a Kratom brand for the first time, looks for the customer reviews and ratings for vendors and go for the one having high ratings. LI Herbals have a strong customer base and reviews section full of feedback from people who have been buying from them for the longest time.

In addition, there are multiple other review sites and pages that have listed down the pros of brands like LI Herbals. Specifically, Reddit has threads on reviews of LI Herbals.

Money Back Guarantee

What’s better than a 30-day money-back guarantee? LI Herbals is one of those few Kratom vendors who fully trust their products and know for that products are reliable. However, they still have a refund policy which can be used in case a customer is not satisfied with any purchase.



Kratom use is growing worldwide and LI Herbals is one of the credible vendors customers swear on. Visit their website to experience the convenient and attractive website.

After going through the aforementioned facts chances are that you will eventually land up on their page to make a purchase. LI Herbals claim to be one of the topnotch vendors and the reviews also tell us the same and even the most experienced Kratom users have approved of LI Herbals.


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