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LIH Tea Company

Who Is LIH Tea Company?

LIH Tea Company is an online provider of what they claim to be naturally sourced, high-quality herbs. Located in New York City and operating fully online, they offer a wide variety of Kratom products. Customers can choose to make smaller purchases or buy in bulk, with options to purchase as little as 30 grams or as much as1,000 grams. Additionally, this vendor offers capsules for those who may not be huge fans of kratom powder.

Based on online reviews and customer testimonials, LIH Tea Company received an overall user score of 66%. On average, customers rated the quality and selection of this vendor high, with a 100% in both categories. However, they did receive lower scores in the price and service categories.

Are their products really as great as they appear to be and what has caused a decrease in customer satisfaction regarding affordability and customer service? In this review, we will be answering that very question and helping you decide if LIH Tea Company is worth your time.

Who Is LIH Tea Company

LIH Tea Company

As we mentioned above, LIH Tea Company it’s an online Kratom vendor located in Long Island New York. One of the major aspects of this company that stands out to many consumers is the impressively large selection of products offered. Their large assortment of high-quality cotton powders is definitely one that sets it apart from other leading vendors. Mini customers report being blown away at the selection.

The company has been serving loyal customers since its origin in 2015. During their time of operation, they have been working hard to create a well-designed, user-friendly, functional website for customers, as well as working to produce the highest quality, natural products. The vendor offers a variety of rare, exotic strains that are nearly impossible to come by in the market.

Aside from the variety of unique products, many customers appreciate the well-informed website that makes it quick and simple to purchase products. For example, their website offers a detailed list of products, an FAQ section where customers can find answers to any questions or concerns they may have, and all contact information.

This vendor was also accredited by the American Kratom Association or ACC and they claim to do everything in their power to ensure that they are providing customers with safe, effective, and thoroughly tested products. They also prioritize transparency, and as a result, many customers report that LIH Tea Company is a vendor they feel comfortable trusting.


LIH Tea Company

One of their most popular, and frequently purchased items is the green kali. If you’re in the market for a strong, effective, high-quality strain, many customers recommend this specific product.

Kratom tea options:

  •  Red, white, green, and yellow Matcha Tea Sample pack
  • White Matcha tea
  •  Red Matcha Tea
  •  Yellow Matcha tea
  •  Red, white, green, and yellow Matcha Tea Split Kilo
  •  Green Matcha tea
  •  Full-spectrum blend Matcha tea
  •  Green Matcha tea veggie capsules
  •  20x Kratom extract
  •  Green elephant Matcha tea
  • Bent Matcha Tea
  •  Green and green elephant Matcha tea split kilo

In general, customers are pleased with the quality and variety of this vendor’s product, even some going as far as saying they are better than other leading kratom vendors.


Compared to other leading vendors, LIH Tea Company provides products at an affordable price and offers a variety of discounts, a quality that many customers highly appreciate in a kratom vendor. Customers can find the occasional promotional code by doing an online search, additionally, if you sign up as a customer you receive a one-time coupon for your first purchase. Reward points are also awarded on specific purchases.

One review even called the company insanely cheap and complimented them for their impressively high-quality products at incredibly reasonable prices. They have even been labeled one of one of the most affordable vendors on the online market.

Many customers are pleased with the prices and recommend this vendor if you’re searching for high-quality kratom but you are not willing to break your bank account.

Payment Methods

Purchases are made online using a credit card or a purchase order. Customers have the options to pay via MasterCard, Discover, American Express through Amazon pay, or Visa. Many customers report quick and easy payment experiences and they enjoyed that there a variety of payment options when making a purchase.

Shipping And Returns

Products are shipped via USPS unless otherwise specified. The company prioritizes same-day shipping, however, if products are shipped late they are typically shipped out on the next business day. The website doesn’t offer any information regarding returns, which is led many customers to assume that this is not a service offered by the company. However, many customers have reported positive experiences with the shipping of their products.

Social Media Presence

This vendor doesn’t appear to have a very active social media presence. However, this is a common experience amongst many Kratom vendors and hasn’t turned customers away from giving this vendor a fair chance.

Customer Service

Most customers have reported relatively positive experiences with the customer service of the spender. However, one thing that some customers find a bit interesting is it no contact information, instead, customers have to directly submit a form with any questions or concerns.

The website does include a very informative FAQ section where many answers to questions can be sent, and many customers have found this resource very helpful.

Overall, compared to other vendors, their customer service doesn’t exactly stand out as the best; however, customers who have purchased from this vendor have been relatively pleased with the experience and haven’t had much reason to reach out to customer service in the first place, which is a good sign.

Final Thoughts On LIH Tea Company

LIH Tea Company appears to have a generally high reputation amongst many Kratom buyers, with compliments on their product variety, product quality, and exceptionally affordable prices. If you’re in the market for high-quality Kratom without the extra cost, you might want to check this vendor out.

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