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Liquid Kratom extract

What is Liquid Kratom Extract?

Liquid Kratom extract is booming in the ketum industry like CBD extracts did – roughly three years ago. Back then, the world went crazy upon witnessing sublingual methods of CBD consumption and its super-fast effects. The same was true smoking this medicinal compound.

Kratom liquids have entered the market promising the same set of benefits. The custom benefits of this unique herb are another story.

Nevertheless, here in this compilation, allow us to introduce yourself to the concept of liquid Kratom extract, its intake method, and the best dosage amount. We will also be comparing it with powder ketum. And lastly, we’ll answer some commonly raised queries regarding Ketum liquids.

Liquid Kratom extract

What is Liquid Kratom Extract?

By definition, liquid Kratom extract refers to an extracted tincture of the ketum leaf which possesses high potency. Generally, the Kratom leaves are crushed and boiled to leach out all the stored alkaloids for consumption purposes.

But that’s a general approach. If we zoom in, Kratom liquid extraction occurs in two different ways to be exact and accurate. Here are they:

Tea Extract:

Kratom tea extract is the simplest type of liquid Kratom extract. All you’ve to do is soak the ketum leaves in water for a good while and then make tea with it in the traditional way.

By far, it’s the quickest and easiest way to extract the alkaloids from the Kratom leaves. However, the potency of the Kratom extract in this form depends on how long you let it soak in water. But even so, it’s the weakest form of liquid Kratom extract.

Water-based Extracts:

Water-based extracts are a bit stronger than Kratom tea. The process involves soaking dry ketum leaves in a mixture of ethanol and water. Or you can soak the dry ketum leaves in plain water. In either case, adding citric acid as a preservative will help a great deal. Remember that the pH should be near four (i.e., acidic).

Once you have the mixture prepared, shake the container with the mixture vigorously and leave it in a dark area for approximately half a month. After that, you will have to strain the mixture. The final extract that you acquire will be thick inconsistency. Although this process involves more effort and time, it gives a much stronger liquid kratom for ingestion.

How to take Liquid Kratom extract?

Liquid Kratom or Kratom extracts are more like syrups. You can take them just the way you’d take a syrup, i.e., in prescribed or desired and measured quantities. The exact method of intake differs slightly. You’d take a medicinal syrup using a spoon. But for a Kratom extract, you’d have to fill up the required amount in a dropper and then drop it in your mouth to gulp it down.

Other ways to take liquid Kratom include ketum shots, tea, coffee, oil, and tinctures. Liquid Kratom also comes into use in manufacturing external use Kratom products like lotions.

Best Dosage of Liquid Kratom

Unlike Kratom powder, measuring the proper dosage of liquid Kratom can be a challenge. Now, this is why we recommend trying kratom powder and capsules before trying any liquid Kratom product (unless you’re trying out an external use product).

Most Kratom extracts come with a ratio labeled on their packaging. These may include:

  • 2X
  • 5X
  • 10X, etc.

If a label says 2X, it means twice as potent and concentrated as the powder. Hence, the greater the potency, the more careful you have to be with the quantity. Measure it precisely and opt for smaller quantities with rising concentrations.

Liquid Kratom Extracts VS Powder Kratom Extracts

You now know what liquid Kratom is and how to consume it. But there’s one concern that remains unaddressed; why would you want to consume it? Why would you opt for liquid Kratom extracts over powder ketum extracts?

Well, let us list some differences. It’ll be very clear in a few seconds:

Dosage Care

As mentioned earlier, liquid Kratom demands extreme care in terms of dosage. You’ll have to measure your dosage very precisely to avoid any undesired effects.

Powdered Ketum is relatively safer. You can afford to fluctuate a bit between grams. The difference in the effects experienced will not be drastic. For example, 3 grams of ketum powder will have more or less the same effect as 5 grams of Kratom powder.


Kratom powder takes about 15-30 minutes before the effects kick in your system. On the contrary, Kratom extracts take about 10-15 minutes to absorb your bloodstream and bring about the desired effects.


In terms of pricing, the powdered form is much cheaper than the liquid form. That’s because liquid Kratom demands extensive input in the making as compared to powder. Plus, liquid Kratom also demands preservation for longevity purposes.


Where to get the best liquid Kratom?

Almost all Kratom vendors offer liquid forms of ketum. But only a few are reliable enough. We would recommend buying from Golden Monk, SA Kratom, and Kratom Basket. These online Kratom vendors offer a wide range of products that are 100% reliable in terms of authenticity and purity.

How to prepare enhanced ketum?

Enhanced Kratom is also a very strong and potent version of ketum, and you can prepare it from any of the above liquid Kratom. What you’ve to do, soak dry kratom leaves in a tea extract or a water-based extract for a few days. Strain the solution and let the leaf or leaves dry. Once dried, grind them into powder. Now, this powder will have 10x more potency than the original form.

Liquid Kratom extract

Final Words

All in all, liquid Kratom is not an entirely new concept. It came more or less with the powdered form of Kratom. But being the tougher version of ingestion, it gradually gained popularity, i.e., when ketum enthusiasts evolved from beginners to experienced and seasoned users. Now that it’s finally in the spotlight, no one can help but appreciate its wonders. It’s the quickest, strongest, and most magical form of Kratom. We hope you enjoy it just as much!

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