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Major Kratom

Why You Should Be Careful While Buying From Major kratom?

Major Kratom is a kratom vendor that claims to offer high-quality, world-class kratom in unique strains and varieties. They were previously nominated for Best Kratom Vendor. The company also facilitated and lobbied for kratom rights. They pride themselves in making the product easily accessible for those who use kratom to enrich their lives.

Their website is extremely vague and little information is provided about this vendor’s location, origin, and mission. Unfortunately, interested customers are left with very little insight about the vendor, which can make purchasing from them a tad intimidating. In this review, we will be exploring this vendor and helping you decide what they are all about and if they are worth checking out for your next purchase.

Who Is Major Kratom?

Major Kratom

As previously stated, little information is provided about the company itself. Customers are left in the dark about several important aspects such as how long the vendor has been operating, why and how they originated, where they are located, or what their ultimate intentions and goals are as a company. The only background information provided is that they formed in 2010 and have since been nominated for several awards. However, these facts do not serve to provide any important information that creates a sense of trust between consumers and the seller.

The lack of information provided on their website is a red flag amongst many avid kratom buyers. In an industry that is often full of misinformation and gimmicky sell pitches, consumers want to buy from authentic vendors that they feel they can trust.

Another thing that may turn potential buyers away from this particular vendor is the concerning lack of buzz about Major Kratom. They appear to be lacking in reputation amongst the kratom community, with nearly no reviews or Reddit posts from Major Kratom consumers.

According to a rare online review, an affiliate with the American Kratom Association claimed that Major Kratom was located in Vermont until they realized that kratom was illegal in that state and was forced to relocate. This is an immediate red flag that has turned many consumers away from dealing with Major Kratom. Several customers have gone digging for more information and have been left with nothing more than what they started with.

Many consumers aren’t too pleased with the information they can find on the company’s website either. For example, one review reports that their powders appear to look unsettlingly different from the average premium powder, appearing more mulch-like. Negative reviews also mention that while prices are low, they are almost too low, making the vendor seem even more suspicious.

Additionally, one review reports their experience in which they received no email confirmation after purchasing their item. However, they did report fast shipping, receiving their package four days after placing their order. They also claimed that their product did not live up to its description and the quality was not optimal.

Major Kratom Products

Major Kratom

Aside from the many downsides mentioned above, Major Kratom does appear to have a wide selection of products to choose from, including a range of unique strains from substances such as Mahakam River Maeng Da, Red Bang Baru, Black B., and Green Vietnam.

The quantity of products does not ensure the quality, however, and one customer reported being disappointed at the balanced blend they offer. With this particular product, customers get a large number of grams for under $50 bucks. A large amount of products available at a suspiciously low price is something that should definitely be taken into consideration and could reflect sketchy business practices.

Considering quality is a large factor for kratom consumers, many question how great the quality of Major Kratomcan actually be, based on their abnormally low prices.

Products Categories:

  •  White Vein
  • Spec B
  •  Staples
  •  Sample tins
  •  Green Vein
  •  Red Vein
  •  Maeng Da

Major Kratom Pricing

Compared to popular costs in the industry, Major Kratom prices are extremely affordable. However, these drastically low prices are almost concerning and may reflect by many who are unpleased with the quality of Major Kratom products.

Payment Methods

Payment methods include amazon pay or purchases that can be made via phone call.

Shipping And Returns

Although consumers have reposted fast shipping, they have also had complaints regarding the security of their order and a lack of communication and updates from the company, such as failing to send order confirmation emails.

The company claims to practice discrete, first-class shipping via USPS for small orders. Larger orders are shipped via priority mail. The vendor says they’ve upgraded to a USPS Priority Mail Express Service. Customers are required to pay $29 for express shipping, which, depending on the customer’s location, is predicted to arrive within 1-2 days. They have a 3 pm cut-off of their same-day shipping policy. In other words, orders made after 3 pm should be expected to be shipped the following day.

They do accept returns of opened packages. They do allow for returns or exchanges for unopened orders but customers must contact the company via cell phone or email before returning items.

Social Media Presence

Similar to their very discrete website, Major Kratom has a very limited social media presence.

Customer Service

Oddly, Major Kratom has neglected to update its shipping and return policy page in five years, possibly reflecting a lack of attention and focus on customer service. However, there is an email address, live chat, and phone number that is easily accessible for customers to seek answers to any questions they may have, and based on their website, customers are bound to have many.

Major Kratom can be contacted via:

Live Chat
Email Address
Phone or Text

According to their website, a team of responders works to answer any question between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern time.

Final Thoughts On Major Kratom

Major Kratom may offer some of the lowest prices on the market, however, there are many reasons new customers may not want to trust this vendor. With their lack of customer reputation, suspiciously little information about the company and questionable quality, you may want to check out other options before putting your money into this vendor.

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