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Is Matrix Kratom A Reliable Vendor?

When purchasing kratom online, you must be sure you are only ordering from a kratom vendor that you fully trust. Kratom needs to be naturally sourced to be effective. As well, it must be lab tested for safety.

It benefits you to read unbiased reviews on popular kratom vendors. In our Matrix Kratom review, we shall give you our honest impression of this vendor so that you can narrow down your choices.

About Matrix Kratom

As they do not have a business website, you may not be familiar with the name Matrix Kratom. They are in fact a head shop company that sells their kratom products on other websites. Do they sell quality kratom? That is what we hope to uncover in this Matrix Kratom review.

In addition to select online vendors, you might be able to find Matrix Kratom locally in smoke shops. However, we do not recommend buying local kratom for the most part.

Local vendors often just carry kratom products with little to no knowledge about kratom itself. In most cases, they can’t even provide you with any background information on the company.

Matrix Kratom is one such vendor. If you ask a local vendor about Matrix Kratom, they may be able to tell you that it is indeed manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, other than that, there is little known about this kratom supplier.

Those who sell Matrix Kratom do not have any insight as to where the kratom is sourced. This is a red flag that the kratom is either fake or low-grade. If you are going to purchase kratom locally, it pays to buy it from a store that specializes in kratom. These stores at least are often owned by someone who has extensive knowledge of kratom itself. Smoke shops, gas stations, and other such shops do not have much information about kratom.

Is The Matrix Kratom Lab Tested For Impurities?

It is virtually impossible to find any information on this vendor online. As far as lab testing is concerned, we could find no proof that Matrix Kratom performs any type of lab testing on their kratom strains.


Lab testing is a crucial component of kratom sales. Even if your kratom is sustainably sourced from the top kratom farms, it could still become contaminated in the packaging process. A reputable kratom vendor will subject every batch of kratom to lab testing. This is the only way to prove that every kratom product sold by that vendor is 100% free from impurities.

Is Matrix Kratom Affiliated With The American Kratom Association?

Not only does Matrix Kratom not test their kratom, but they are also in no way associated with the AKA (American Kratom Association). The main goals of the AKA are to acquire FDA approval for kratom and promote awareness. As well, they serve to watch over all AKA affiliated vendors to make certain they are in compliance with their GMP guidelines.

Most reputable kratom vendors lab tests their products in addition to their AKA affiliation. Many new kratom vendors are in the process of joining forces with the AKA. We could not find any indication if Matrix Kratom plans to align themselves with the AKA, now or in the future.

Matrix Kratom Customer Support

As Matrix Kratom is primarily sold online via head shops and at vape shops and local gas stations, their customer service is basically non-existent. It is basically impossible to get in contact with any employee of this company. Even if you manage to find their contact information, which seems to change every so often, you are not likely to receive any type of response.

Matrix Kratom Shipping And Returns

Shipping and returns for Matrix Kratom products depend on the online vendor. There are very few websites that carry this product, and quite honestly, they aren’t well-known. Shipping varies per online store as does the return policy if there is any.

As far as returning these items at a local store, you are pretty much out of luck. Most local vendors will not accept returns, especially once the item has been opened. Any time you purchase kratom locally, you are doing so at your own risk. This is why it is always best to purchase from a trusted online kratom vendor that clearly states their shipping and return policies.

Matrix Kratom Products

Typically, head shop brands tend to carry a limited stock. And the supply of these items varies per online vendor. Currently, Matrix Kratom only has four strains of kratom for sale. These are available in both powder and capsule form.

Matrix Kratom Powders can be found in 20g, 50g, and 200g packages. Their Kratom capsules are available in packages of 20 or 50 count. They also carry a Red Vein Liquid Kratom Tincture.

Kratom strains (powder & Capsule)

  • Maeng Da
  • Red Vein Thai
  • White Vein Thai
  • Green Vein Thai

Matrix Kratom Reputation

We were surprised to find quite a few favorable reviews for Matrix Kratom on Reddit. While this brand tends to be quite costly, it is also known for its potency and effectiveness.

However, we also found some negative reviews for this vendor. These were from die-hard kratom enthusiasts who were less than satisfied with Matrix Kratom and said they felt little to no effects from any of their products.

In Canada in 2017, there was a recall on Matrix Kratom as it was determined that it was sold illegally in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Alberta.

Matrix Kratom Coupon Codes

For the most part, kratom that is sold in headshops and locally does not typically advertise coupon codes. You might be able to find a coupon for whatever third-party website carries Matrix Kratom, but the company itself does not offer coupons. It is among one of the more expensive brands of kratom, especially for those sold in gas stations.

Final Word On Matrix Kratom

As you can gather from our Matrix Kratom review, we do not recommend this vendor. If you see them at a local smoke shop, think twice before buying their products. It is better to go with a more trusted brand that is both AKA affiliated and lab tested. Even better, purchase high-quality kratom online from an established and trusted kratom vendor.

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