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mayan kratom

Is Mayan Kratom An Honest Vendor?

As the interest in kratom is growing rapidly, so is the number of online kratom vendors claiming to have the best kratom products. In a world full of fake websites and dishonest suppliers, how does one find an honest and reliable kratom vendor?

In this Mayan Kratom review, we shall scrutinize this vendor to give you an unbiased and factual review. Our readers then use this information, as well as their own research, to determine if Mayan Kratom meets their requirements for an online kratom vendor,

About Mayan Kratom

To be upfront, there have been mostly negative reviews about Mayan Kratom. A general Google search for their products will pull up a few vendors that may have sold Mayan Kratom at one time, but we have yet to find anyone currently stocking their products.

First of all, Mayan Kratom claims that they are the only vendor that sells “FDA approved” kratom. This is a false claim as, at this time, the FDA has not approved kratom in any shape or form. In fact, kratom is still banned in some areas and illegal in others.

The American Kratom Association is fighting to have Kratom approved by the FDA, and other organizations. However, no vendor has the right to claim that any of their kratom products are FDA approved. This alone is a strike against this vendor.

Another is that they do not provide their company information, other than a toll-free telephone number. We discovered that they started selling kratom in 2014 in a brick-and-mortar location, but they have basically been MIA since 2019.

According to our online search, the owner of Mayan Kratom is Wesley Todd. Todd claimed to have a drive and passion for kratom as he claims it helped save his life after a life-threatening accident. His recovery story, which he attributed solely to kratom, generated a lot of sales for Mayan Kratom. However, recently, it has come to light that Todd is a convicted felon who was involved in some suspicious dealings with another kratom supplier.

We could not find any recent information on this vendor. Some sites claim to still carry Mayan Kratom, but customer reviews state the opposite. Overall, Mayan Kratom has a bit of a shady reputation in the kratom marketplace.

Mayan Kratom Website

Mayan Kratom’s website is sparse, to say the least. They do not provide their company location. The only way to contact this vendor is via the toll-free number, the contact form on their page, or their website. We were unable to reach anyone via any of these resources, which again leads us to believe that Mayan Kratom is no longer in business.

If you click on “Our Products” on their website, all you get is a picture and their toll-free number. “Store Locator” tab simply says “coming soon.” The reseller tab provides a form to be filled out for those who wish to supply Mayan Kratom in their stores, however, this also seems suspicious as any form of customer service for Mayan Kratom is impossible to obtain.

On the homepage, if you click on the “Buy Mayan Kratom” link it takes you to another (kratom scout) which is nothing but a dead link. Again, this does not bode well for this vendor.

Mayan Kratom Customer Service

As per our previous statements, we were unable to get in touch with this vendor. According to online reviews, customers have claimed that Mayan Kratom has scammed them and that they never received their order, even though the payment had cleared their personal accounts.

There are a few positive reviews for this vendor, but they date back to 2014 when Mayan Kratom first opened its doors. Perhaps at one time, Mayan Kratom was indeed a reliable vendor, but nothing we have found online recently can attribute anything positive about this kratom supplier.

Mayan Kratom Shipping And Returns

Again, as their website is pretty much blank, we could not find any information pertaining to any of their policies. We have no way of determining at this point if at one time or another they did list these policies on their website.

All we can find online about their shipping and returns is that customers complained that their delivery time was extremely slow. Others claimed that they never received their order. One customer says that after putting up a fight with the company owner, they finally did receive their order.

Does Mayan Kratom Lab Test Their Products?

We have no way to prove that this vendor tests any of their kratom products. At one time, they boasted that they were the only FDA-approved kratom vendor. As we previously stated, this is literally impossible. If any vendor makes this claim at this time, this is an immediate red flag as kratom is not yet approved by the FDA.

Is Mayan Kratom Affiliated With The AKA?

We cannot determine if Mayan Kratom had any plans of working with the American Kratom Association. To be honest, if Mayan Kratom had applied for AKA affiliation, they most likely would have been denied. The American Kratom Association’s sole purpose is to ensure that kratom vendors follow strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Also, the AKA would have called out Mayan Kratom on their claim that their kratom was FDA approved.

Mayan Kratom Products

At one time, Mayan Kratom did indeed sell kratom. Or rather, according to the majority of reviews, they advertised kratom. Most customers claim that they never received their products. As well, they were never able to claim a refund as they could not get a hold of their customer service team.

Supposedly, at one time, Mayan Kratom sold the following, both in capsule and powder form:

  • Premium Bali Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Maeng Da Supreme Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Red Vein Kratom

Final Word On Mayan Kratom

Mayan Kratom, as of this writing, is no longer in business. The owner’s history is questionable, as is the company’s reputation. We do not know if they plan to reopen at some point, but we strongly advise purchasing kratom for this vendor should they suddenly appear to be back in business.

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