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Media Coverage On Kratom

Media Coverage On Kratom: How Has It Been All Along?

Nowadays, media coverage of Kratom has become the hottest topic of discussion. As a result, the online platforms are loaded with the questions asked on the same concern. If you often go through the online Kratom discussions, you may have come across a couple of similar things. Didn’t you?

Speciosa is an evolving herb that has started capturing the attention of locals and the international community. The natural growth of this plant happens in different Southeast Asian regions like Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, Indonesia, and other surrounding places. Every land carries its specialties.

Before starting their Korth journeys, many users often look for how the media has played its part. Are you also looking to explore different aspects of media coverage on Kratom before you get started? This is the guide you need. So let’s start digging into the specifics.

Media Coverage On Kratom

Media Coverage On Kratom: Does It Matter?

Media, without a doubt, is the biggest source where we get all sorts of information, be it local news or an international update. Billions of people from across the globe are getting connected based on valuable information provided through various media channels.

The manufacturers, growers, or sellers benefit from media forums when promoting a newly launched product or attracting more people to a product already available in the market. In addition, the media can give them a solid idea of the market trends and how customers behave. This is how the manufacturers introduce different products to satisfy the needs of their potential buyers.

As far as the Mitragyna industry is concerned, the media coverage on Kratom, of course, matters a lot. It can do wonders to promote this plant that has recently (a few years back) captured the global and local markets.

In addition, the Korth vendors can spread their mission, vision, and values through several media platforms to make society aware of their products and businesses.

This is how the media can take your brands to the next level. But, first, let’s look at what role the media has played as of now.

Has The Media Coverage On Kratom Been Good Enough?

It is indeed a worthy question to be asked from the media giants whether or not they have done what they were supposed to do. But, unfortunately, the media coverage on Kratom has not been good so far, and nobody knows how it will be shortly. But, every enthusiast is inevitably seriously concerned about this parameter.

The media has covered a couple of negative and misleading stories to demotivate people when it comes to Kratom human consumption. The press has also associated several deaths with Kratom in multiple parts of the world. However, they didn’t succeed in their mission because of having no medical evidence behind this claim.

Important Note: Whenever you see the media claiming anything negative about Kratom, don’t believe until you have solid evidence backed by accurate medical data.

The Role Of Social Media

Social media is also one of the popular branches of mass media, and it also connects millions of people. Nowadays, people feel more comfortable sharing their knowledge and experiences through different social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

A couple ofsocial media accounts and pages were established to support and promote Kratom. Still, many users have reported that their accounts were suspended (without even a solid reason) as a punishment for supporting this tree leaf. Therefore, the social media coverage on Kratom has also not been good enough as it should be.

Why Did The Media Cover Kratom Negatively?

Four basic parameters helped the negative media coverage on Kratom.

  • Controversial nature
  • The legal status of the plant
  • Lack of research studies
  • Lack of clinical trials performed on human beings

The first parameter is highly dependent on the other 3. When it comes to Kratom legalization, the legal status of this herb, in many regions around the globe, is still in a gray area and is helping media channels to capture it negatively.

Similarly, research studies play a crucial role in developing a better understanding of any herbal product. But unfortunately, the research on Kratom is also very limited. It also encourages negative media coverage on Kratom.

In addition, before presenting a final verdict on any herbal supplement, it is a must to have enough clinical trials conducted to observe the behavior of the human body. Without human clinical studies, no one should be given the right to either ban or legalize such products.


Unfortunately, as far as the Kratom industry is concerned, very few clinical trials make it easy for the media to cover this aspect negatively.

Is There Any Official Body To Help The Media Learn Facts About Kratom?

The only official body operating in the US community to spread awareness about Speciosa and its properties is the American Kratom Association (AKA). It was established with a single goal – to secure the future of Kratom for every enthusiast, especially for the ones who are planning to become part of this community.

AKA advocates this herb and makes the community familiar with the real worth of this plant. It also collects donations to keep on supporting its mission and vision. So if you are a true Speciosa lover and want AKA to fight against negative media coverage on Kratom, you can donate any amount you wish to through the official website.

How Can The Media Play Its Part In Positive Kratom Coverage?

One thing that can do wonders is the collaboration between AKA, fact-finding authorities, and the media industries. This is how they can regulate the whole industry to provide all buyers with all-natural and potent Kratom strains.

The Dr. OZ Show

Dr. Oz is a Turkish American TV host, surgeon, and author simultaneously. He started this show in 2009 to make the community aware of different herbal goods and other medical-related concerns. In 2017, a segment of this show was purely dedicated to Kratom.

One participant claimed in front of two medical professionals that her son died because of taking the Kratom dose. However, there was no medical evidence. The doctors shared their vast knowledge and practical experience to negate her claim.

The discussion ended up in one sentence “more research is needed to understand the real worth of Kratom.” This is what reality is.


The role of the media, without a doubt, should be unbiased, and it should only be focused on credible facts. But unfortunately, the media coverage on Kratom has not been worthy enough as expected. It has happened in many parts of the globe, but it doesn’t mean that every media channel is covering this herb negatively, and The Dr. OZ Show is an excellent example of that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I play my part to support Kratom?

Answer: Well, the real beauty of the Korth industry is; every individual, including you, can play their role to support this herb. All you need to do in the beginning is connect with like-minded people and create a solid social circle.

The next step is to start spreading Speciosa awareness and help others learn about the real credibility of this magical plant. This is how, by creating a valuable network, you can play your part to support this tree leaf and help it keep going.

Media Coverage On Kratom

Question: Will the negative media coverage on Kratom impact the future of this industry?

Answer: The negative media coverage has an extremely bad impact on the Kratom industry, and no one can imagine the real danger. When newbies or the ones planning to start their Kratom journeys see the negative properties of this plant, they step back even before giving it a try.

It is severely damaging the whole industry by misleading future Speciosa enthusiasts. It must be stopped. Shouldn’t it?

Question: How can one protect the future of the Speciosa industry?

Answer: The best way to protect the future of the Korth industry is to keep on playing your part when it comes to spreading worthy awareness about this great plant. Another thing you can do to protect the future is to ensure your active participation in supporting campaigns.

The minimum thing you can do is provide your donation if you don’t have enough to spend on such activities.

Question: Can media coverage on Kratom be positive shortly?

Answer: As of now, looking at how things are going, no one is in a position to give any factual statement. So, all we can do is; wait for some time to see how everything goes on. If medical science comes up with some in-depth research followed by all-inclusive clinical trials performed on human beings, the future of Mitragyna could be pretty bright.


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