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Meridian Kratom

Meridian Botanicals-An Honest Review

When it comes to choosing a kratom vendor, one cannot simply click on the first vendor that pops up in a general Google search. Ideally, you should research any company before making a purchase. This is especially true when it comes to kratom.

As kratom is still fairly new, you should proceed with caution when obtaining kratom. In our Meridian Botanicals Review, our readers can expect unbiased, honest feedback on this online kratom supplier.

About Meridian Botanicals

Based out of Saint Louis, Missouri, Meridian Botanicals sells a variety of items other than kratom. They have a massive following on Reddit. This is why we were surprised to find out that their website has been “Down for Maintenance” for quite some time.

After some research, we were unable to determine if Meridian Botanicals is out of business currently or simply on a hiatus. If you search hard enough, you may be able to track down some of their products on other websites. However, their current stock seems to be completely empty.

We can only hope that this vendor is taking some time out to revamp their website and rebrand their product. According to Reddit, this once-beloved vendor is sorely missed within the kratom community.

Meridian Botanicals Website

Upon first landing on the Meridian Botanicals website, it appears to be quite impressive. The site looks professional and legit. However, as you maneuver your way around the site, most of the pages display as “Down for Maintenance.” This includes their product categories as well as the home page itself.

The business address and email information for Meridian Botanicals can be found in the bottom left corner of their site. However, the “about us” section is also down for maintenance, so we could not find much info on their company values nor general info about their company history and such.

According to our research, the Meridian Botanicals website has been down for maintenance since at least the latter half of 2020. There is no word as to what happened to this vendor or if they have plans to resume business anytime in the near future.

The company does list their privacy policy, shipping, and return information as well as their conditions of use. This could be a sign that the company plans to resume operations, but until then, many loyal Meridian Botanicals customers are going elsewhere to purchase quality kratom strains.

As well as their main site, Meridian Botanicals also had social media presence on both Twitter and Facebook. Neither of these pages has been updated in quite some time.

Meridian Botanicals Customer Service

At one time, Meridian Botanicals was known for its outstanding customer service. However, after reading customer reviews on sites such as Reddit and Trustpilot, we discovered that in the later months of 2020, several customers placed orders with this vendor but never received their products, nor heard back from Meridian Botanicals customer service team. This does not bode well for this once popular kratom vendor.

Meridian Botanicals Shipping

Previously, Meridian Botanicals would ship their products Monday through Friday only. Orders would ship within 1-3 business days if received before 3 pm. Larger orders would often take up to two additional business days to process. Customers were supplied with a tracking number once their order had been shipped.

Meridian Botanicals only ships to those US states and international countries in which kratom is legal or has not been banned. Those orders paid via eCheck or check are not shipped until their payment has been cleared, typically three to five business days.

Meridian Botanicals Return Policy

Meridian Botanicals accepted returns on items that had not been open or which the seal had been broken. Customers needed to contact the company via email to start the return process.

Does Meridian Botanicals Lab Test Their Kratom?

As the website is currently down for maintenance, we could find no information on whether this vendor tested their products for impurities or cross contaminants. As well, we could find no information elsewhere with regard to third-party lab testing of the products once offered by Meridian Botanicals.

Are Meridian Botanicals Affiliated With The AKA?

In our in-depth research on this vendor, we could find no proof that they had at any point been involved with the American Kratom Association. If they do plan to begin selling kratom again, we hope that they plan to apply for AKA affiliation to help redeem their once-prominent business.

Both AKA association and third-party lab testing are true trademarks of a respected kratom vendor. As kratom is illegal in many areas and has not been approved by the FDA, it is imperative that these two criteria play into your decision about selecting a kratom supplier.

Meridian Botanicals Products

At one time, Meridian Botanicals had a strong reputation as a supplier of quality kratom. Some of the strains they once carried include the following:

  • Snow White Thai
  • White Malaysian
  • Yellow Saffron Malay
  • Red Kali Maeng Da
  • Red Horn Kalimantan
  • And more!

In addition to kratom, Meridian Botanicals once carried other herbal products such as:

  • Extracts and tinctures
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Essential Oils
  • Teas and Coffees
  • Resins
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • And more!

Meridian Botanicals Payment Methods

Methods of payment once accepted by this vendor include money orders, personal checks, eChecks as well as debit and credit cards via Zelle.

Meridian Botanicals Coupon Code

It appears that at one point, Meridian Botanicals did offer a loyalty program for their customers. As such, one could often find coupon codes online for this vendor. Any coupons found recently, however, would be suspicious as it appears that Meridian Botanicals is on a hiatus or has ceased to exist.

Final Word On Meridian Botanicals

Sadly, it appears as Meridian Botanicals is no longer in business, or perhaps is taking a break to rebrand its product line. While they were once a reputable kratom vendor, they have left many disappointed customers with missing orders. Suffice it to say, we would advise that you purchase kratom from a more reliable kratom vendor at this time.

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