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Is Kratom Test is Compulsory in the Military?

Military members of any country are well known for their extraordinary capabilities. Their effort, endurance, and strength to perform extremely tough exercises each day are remarkable.


This is why numerous veterans suffer from a lack of energy, and most of them are rest deprived due to intense training day and night. Therefore, consuming health supplements is very common among these soldiers.


Kratom is considered a health supplement that provides consumers with potentially positive effects. Military members who are off duty might take a dose of this natural herb.

But what about veterans who are on duty? Is it legal for military members and not for civilians? Read on to find out!



Kratom And Its Effects


Kratom, also called Mitragyna Speciosa, comes from the tree grown in Southeast Asia. The leaves of this tree contain chemicals, one of them is called mitragynine, which works like morphine. These chemicals affect the substance receptors of the brain, which produce sedation and pleasure. The effects are increased when taken in higher doses.


Moreover, consuming Kratom can increase energy levels, as well as uplift your mood. So if you’re tensed and tired with your daily routine, try using Kratom.


The herb can be consumed at any time of the day. If you feel tired at the start of your day, try taking Kratom with your breakfast. This will help you spend the rest of your day with more energy than usual.


Kratom comes in different forms. The leaves can be chewed directly, crushed in powder form, or mixed with tea or food. There are many different strains and blends available, so choosing wisely is recommended. However, no matter what strain you choose, the effects are primarily similar with varying potency levels.


Can You Take Kratom In The Military?

Kratom is illegal to on-duty military members as the effects can influence their training. The department of defense prohibits numerous substances that can cause a slight impact on their performances. The DOD justifies this decision based on the statements made by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


The herb has been banned because there is still not much evidence on whether this plant is safe for consumption and use. However, the military does accept the use of other legal substances. These include nicotine and alcohol, but they have to be used properly and adequately.


Does The Military Test For Kratom?


Soldiers in the military need generous amounts of energy and strength to go about their tough routine daily. However, most of them struggle with fatigue, tiredness, and stress, making it difficult to carry out their day-to-day chores.


Kratom has been shown to help with all of these issues and potentially give soldiers an edge in battle. However, the military is very strict about what can be used and will not allow any drug use on the battlefield when it comes to performance-enhancing substances.


Kratom is not the type of substance that will pop up on a regular DoD drug test. They will only test for the herb if a person has been accused of consuming it. Currently, Mitragyna Speciosa is illegal for any army and navy personnel. However, it has not been considered a banned substance by the Marines.


At this point, the military will test for the following substances: amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, Ecstasy, LSD, marijuana, sedatives (i.e., heroin or morphine), and PCP. We do know if Kratom would be added to this list of drugs that need to be tested for if you’re a military person, but it seems highly unlikely at present.


Is There A Drug Test For Kratom?

At this point, there is no specific test that will tell you if someone has taken Kratom. This is mainly because many people are still unaware of Kratom and its effects and lack studies and knowledge of Kratom.


Kratom has been outlawed worldwide, yet there is no drug test to detect the presence of alkaloids in the human body. This seems odd because if this strain is as bad as they think it is, they would be able to find it in a person’s system.


However, studies and research are going on that will detect Kratom in your system. Then, these tests will more likely be added to military drug screens. It would help if you also kept in mind that these drug tests are expensive. So, many people will not be willing to add additional drugs to their screening.


Is Kratom Safe?

This is a question on the minds of military executives, and it is a difficult question to answer. Despite this plant’s potential for weakness, tolerance, and long-term abuse, using it in the short term is generally said to be pretty innocuous.


The seasoned kratom user will tell you that Mitragyna Speciosa is a viable natural supplement for enhanced mood, improved energy, and restfulness. Thousands of people have been consuming Kratom in the US alone.


Kratom has been used for centuries as an herbal supplement to treat people with medical conditions in its native Southeast Asia years ago. It contains powerful antioxidants, which can be beneficial.


The FDA has not approved the plant for medicinal use and is not recommended for human consumption. The FDA even issued a public warning, urging Americans to avoid using this strain.


Kratom overdose can be debatable, but one thing is for sure: Kratom hangover is real. Many individuals who have taken 10 mg of kratom powder or more have experienced a kratom hangover.


Like an alcohol hangover, a kratom hangover can result in sickness, lethargy, and rest disturbance, and acute weakness can occur.


The good news is it is easy to avoid these by drinking decent amounts of water and selecting a stimulating kratom strain rather than a sedating strain.


What To Do If You Are Suspected Of Taking Kratom In The Military?

If you are in the military and using Kratom, it is essential to ensure that your commanding officer knows about your situation. This will be helpful if they ever suspect that you are under its influence because they can see why you might act differently from other soldiers who do not use Kratom.


Kratom can get you in trouble if you are using it secretly. Moreover, If you are ever suspected of taking Kratom, it is essential to remember that you have the right to remain silent. You do not need to answer any questions until you have talked to a lawyer.


How Can Kratom Benefit Soldiers In Battle?

Kratom is a plant-based product that has been used for centuries to provide energy, reduce laziness and improve focus and concentration levels. It can also be cultivated very cheaply, making it an ideal choice for soldiers in countries where the military is fighting a war.


This plant is a valuable tool for soldiers who need to be alert and on their feet for long periods. If you are using Kratom and are active in the military, make sure that your commanding officer knows this. You can also contact your local government representative to let them know how valuable it is for the military to consume Kratom.


What Happens If Kratom Remains Banned?

Kratom could be made permanently illegal if people decide to ban it. If we ban Kratom, soldiers fighting in wars may lose their advantage over their opponents. They would not be able to take part in kratom consumption and, therefore, will not benefit from the increased focus and concentration it brings.


This would prevent soldiers from having the advantage of using Kratom to stay alert and on their feet for long periods when fighting wars in countries where Kratom is widely available. It is also possible that they will lose an advantage over their opponents, who may be taking part in kratom consumption.


This strain can also serve as a source of income for some people living in these countries. It will be harder for soldiers in battle to get the extra edge they need when fighting wars.




Kratom is a substance that boosts energy and increases mental concentration, which is beneficial for soldiers in the military fighting a war. While increased amounts of Mitragyna Speciosa can be harmful, taking the proper dosage will ensure that soldiers get that energy boost they require to be successful.


The plant is currently banned for military use due to lack of research and potential side effects; however, we hope for the ban to lift soon in the future once the impact of the plant becomes clear.


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