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How Miracle Kratom Quickly Built Up A Reputation For Being A Reliable Vendor?

Miracle Kratom is a seemingly reliable kratom vendor located in Columbus Ohio and Bellevue, Kentucky. They claim to offer high quality, priority shipping, excellent, professional customer support, and an easy online purchasing process.

Although they are known for their in-store location and they are fairly new in the online kratom business, with only four years under their belt, this vendor has been able to quickly build up a reputation for being a reliable vendor with high-quality products.
In this review, we will be taking a much closer look at this vendor, getting all the details on everything from price and quality, to customer service and shipping. This will help you decide if this vendor is the right one for you.


In a vast industry full of scams and gimmicks, it can sometimes be difficult for customers to decide which vendors are truly reliable. As a result, customers tend to be open to purchasing from vendors that are well-known and well-trusted amongst the general kratom community. That is why some customers may have some reservations about Miracle Kratom. Because it is new to the online industry, not many people are aware of the brand. Although Miracle Kratom still has some to work to do to build up their reputation, those who have tried out this vendor say it is a reliable company that consistently offers high-quality products.

However, one downside that makes customers a bit leery is that Miracle Kratom doesn’t disclose lab test results anywhere on their website. In the kratom industry, customers value a vendor that prioritizes business transparency. They want to feel fully confident that they can trust the products they purchase. This lack of important information could cause some skeptics to simply look elsewhere.

Additionally, Miracle Kratom also neglects to confirm if its packaging line is GMP certified. This is another reason some kratom users may not necessarily consider Miracle Kratom one of the most reliable online shops.

miracle kratom


For obvious reasons, many kratom vendors tend to stray away from headshops, or storms operating out of actual, physical locations. However, for many reasons, Miracle Kratom stands out. Unlike the average headshop, Miracle Kratom focuses primarily on Kratom products, without trying to trick consumers into buying low quality, overpriced merchandise. Customers also love that Miracle Kratom regularly donates the American Kratom Association, showing that they care for this industry.

Despite being fairly new to the business, Miracle Kratom offers an impressive variety of strains and different products. Customers rave about the large number of options, claiming that kratom users with any desire can find something perfect for them at this vendor. Some of their most popular strain includes Green Jon Kong Kratom, Red Horn, Bentuangie, and White Thai. They also offer a variety of other products.

On the company’s Facebook page, one can find several customer testimonies that complement the quality of products offered by Miracle Kratom.

miracle kratom


Unlike several new online vendors who are eager to make a profit, Miracle Kratom appears to have quite reasonable prices. For example, compared to the average cost at other leading vendors, their Red Indo is relatively low priced, making it easy for customers to purchase large amounts without draining their bank accounts. One review even recommends putting this vendor on your top 5 list of vendors to check out if you’re an individual on the hunt for bulk kratom at comparatively low prices.

According to several online reviews, this vendor is a great spot for quality products at a cheaper price.


Miracle Kratom has a fairly reasonable shipping policy. They utilize USPS priority mail; however, customers are required to pay a $7.50 shipping fee. However, many customers don’t mind due to the quality of shipping provided by this vendor. For example, all items are shipped to customers discreetly and any information regarding the package or the return address is provided in a way that does not allude to what the package actually is. In other words, items are shipped safely and privately.

All orders are commonly processed within one or two days from when the order was placed by the customer. After purchasing their item, customers then receive an email that includes their tracking number. This allows customers to keep track of exactly where their package is.

Miracle Kratom also stands out because customers have the option to have items sent to a PO box or even a military address. The site doesn’t specify if these terms differ regarding wholesale purchases, however, customers can easily call the Miracle Kratom customer service team and talk it out.


Since Miracle Kratom is not the only popular kratom shop located in Columbus Ohio, they are often compared to their competitor, another well-known vendor in the area, RealeafKratom.

However, according to several online reviews, Miracle Kratom is better than ReleafKratom when it comes to a number of different factors, including customer service. MericalKratom claims they are dedicated to providing quality, consistent service for returning loyal customers. Several customers have reported positive experiences, with fast and professional feedback.

Miracle Kratom can be contacted during their operational hours, (Monday-Friday 11 am-7 pm, Saturday 11 am-6 pm, Sunday 11 am-4 pm), via:






Unlike several online kratom vendors, Miracle Kratom actually does have an operating Facebook page that houses several positive feedback from different customers. This level of social media presence is super uncommon in the Kratom industry and serves as a great way for this fairly young vendor to show a level of business transparency and begin to establish a reputation amongst the online kratom community.


When checking out this vendor, keep in mind that they are fairly new to the online kratom world and there are still ways in which they can improve. However, if you’re just in the market from some high-quality, affordable kratom from a decently trusted vendor, you might want to check this one out.

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