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MIT 45 Kratom

MIT 45 Kratom Review

If you have shopped around on various kratom head shops you may have stumbled across MIT 45. Those new to kratom might be wondering if it’s worth trying this brand? And experienced kratom users may be curious as to how it compares to other kratom products.

In this MIT 45 Kratom review, we shall provide insight into this wholesale vendor that also sells their product on select online head shops. This can help you decide if this is a product on which you are willing to spend your hard-earned money.

About MIT 45 Kratom

MIT 45 Kratom does actually have an online presence in that they have a wholesale website for their kratom products. However, you can also purchase their kratom items on a few sites online.

There is little to no information about the company itself other than their toll-free telephone number. Customers can reach them via telephone or the contact form on their website. MIT 45 kratom is based in West Columbia, South Caroline, US.

MIT 45 Kratom is pretty much a newcomer to the kratom marketplace. They only carry a small line of products which include liquid kratom shots and kratom capsules.

The name of the company is derived from the technical name for kratom “Mitragyna Speciosa’‘ (shortened to MIT) while the 45 apparently stands for the percentage of Mitragyna supposedly contained in their products. At this time, 45% happens to be the highest degree of potency sold in any kratom products.

Kratom is not yet approved by the FDA. It can affect people in different ways, so there are no guaranteed side effects. It is imperative that you take care to never exceed the recommended dosage of any kratom product. This is especially true with MIT 45 kratom products as they are one of the most kratom products sold at this time. Any kratom should be taken at your own risk.

MIT 45 Kratom Website

MT45 Wholesale carries the full range of MIT 45 kratom products. The only company information found on the website is their 800#. Customers can purchase MIT 45 kratom products in bulk or wholesale. If you wish to purchase smaller quantities of their products, you can do an online search for head shops that carry MIT 45 products. Keep in mind that there are limited types and quantities of these products online through head shops, so it may pay to order this product in bulk.

Due to the potency of MIT 45 kratom products, we strongly advise that those who are new to kratom should not purchase kratom from this vendor. There are plenty of other sites that sell less potent kratom. You don’t want to start off with a high-dose kratom product until you know how your body will react to kratom via a lower dose. MIT 45 kratom is best left to those who are well versed with high-quality kratom products.


There are several blogs posted on the MITT 45 website, providing readers with general information about kratom as well as product-specific information.

MIT 45 Kratom Customer Service

You can reach MIT 45 Kratom via their mailing address, business telephone number of the contact form provided on their website. Customers who wish to purchase MIT 45 kratom wholesale must contact the company via one of the aforementioned methods.

Their business hours are Monday through Friday 9 am until 5 pm. They are closed on weekends and holidays.

MIT 45 Kratom Products

MIT 45 Gold

  • MIT 45 Gold Kratom Capsules 2ct
  • MIT 45 Gold Kratom Capsules 6ct
  • MIT 45 Gold Liquid Kratom Extract Tincture

MIT 45 Silver

  • MIT 45 Silver 2X Enhanced Capsules 10ct
  • MIT 45 Silver 2x Extract

Liquid Tinctures

  • Hush Ultra Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom Shot
  • K80 Kratom Shot
  • MIT 45 Gold Liquid Kratom Extract Tincture
  • MIT 45 Silver 2x Extract Shot

OPMS Gold Shots

  • OPMS Gold Kratom Shots

Kratom Extract Capsules

  • MIT 45 Gold Kratom Capsules 2ct
  • MIT 45 Gold Kratom Capsules 6ct
  • MIT 45 Silver 2X Enhanced Capsules 10ct

Hush Kratom Extracts

  • Hush Ultra Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom Shot


  • MIT Go Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel

MIT Payment Methods

Currently, this vendor is only accepting check payments online. Most reputable kratom vendors do not accept payments via credit card. Major credit card companies do not accept credit card payments for kratom products as kratom is not FDA approved. Also, kratom is legal in some US states and other countries as well. Additionally, many counties in the US have placed a ban on kratom.

As well, there are age restrictions for purchasing, selling, or consuming kratom. Most sites have an age restriction of 21 years, while others range from 18-26 years of age. Please adhere to these restrictions and do not order kratom online if it is not legal to do so where you live. This goes for those areas in which kratom has been banned. You can check with your local government concerning the laws on kratom where you live.

Does MIT 45 Kratom lab test their kratom?

If you click on each product on their website, MIT 45 will provide information on whether that particular product is lab tested. All of their brand products appear to have been tested for impurities. If you have any questions regarding recent lab results, you can reach out to MIT customer service.

Is MIT 45 Kratom affiliated with the AKA?

As of this time, it does not appear that MIT 45 Kratom is associated with the American Kratom Association. Thus, there is no way to prove that their kratom products are packaged using GMP guidelines.

The fact that MIT 45 Kratom lab tests its products is a good sign. However, it is always best to purchase kratom products from those vendors that have aligned themselves with the AKA.

Final Word on MIT 45 Kratom

Overall, customers have nothing to say but good things about this vendor. It is best to purchase from head shops if you prefer smaller quantities. However, you can save money by purchasing from the vendor site in bulk. MIT 45 kratom products are not recommended for beginners as they are extremely potent. Please proceed with caution when using MIT 45 kratom.

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