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How Mitragaia Has Maintained A High Reputation In Kratom World?

This vendor offers a variety of lab-tested, safe, quality kratom, providing customers with a wide range of products to choose from. Mitragaia, or more formally Gaia Ethnobotanical kratom, has maintained a high reputation amongst the kratom online industry, with one review naming it one of the best kratom vendors to exist in the last five years.

Loyal customers appear to love this vendor and the products they provide, however, are they really as great as they claim to be? In this review, we will be further analyzing this vendor’s product quality, customer service, and more. By the end of this review, you should have a pretty clear idea of whether or not this vendor is for you.

Who Are They?


Mitragaia provides high-quality; third-party lab-tested products that consumers can trust are pure and safe. This Las Vegas-based vendor has been providing services to the kratom industry for quite some time, and many customers have positive things to say regarding their high-quality products at affordable prices. This appears to be a credible brand with a four-and-a-half star rating on Facebook and around 500 positive, online reviews.

While most people do have generally positive things to say about this vendor, not everyone is a huge fan. There have been a few reports of low-quality strains, with customers claiming that they are weak or ineffective. One review reported that the products actually made him feel ill, which is definitely a red flag that may want to be considered.

However, many fans of the vendor were shocked to hear these negative comments and claimed that they have only had positive experiences with the products and customer service. While, naturally, there are a few negative reviews, the general consumer voice seems to be pretty pleased with the products and services offered by Mitragaia.

Additionally, the well-organized, user-friendly website, provides several different aspects of important information, leaving nothing a mystery to consumers and making the purchasing process quick and painless. An FAQ section is also provided, ensuring that customers receive answers to any questions or concerns they may have.


One thing that makes this vendor stand out is its large selection of unique and rare products that can often be hard to find. They offer a variety of specialty blends, extracts, and strains. Their headquarters now operates in Jacksonville Florida where they work to produce high-quality, exotic products.


Ground Kratom Strains

  • Yellow Malay
  • ¬†White Dragon
  • ¬†White kali
  • ¬†Red Dragon
  • ¬†Red Bali
  • ¬†Plantation MD
  • ¬†Green Sunda
  • ¬†Green Malay
  • ¬†Green MD
  • ¬†Green Ketapang
  • ¬†Green Kapuas
  • ¬†Green Kali
  • ¬†Green Hongkong
  • ¬†Green Indo
  • ¬†Green Horn
  • ¬†Green Brunei
  • ¬†Green Borneo
  • ¬†Green Batak
  • ¬†Green Bali
  • ¬†Green Asia
  • ¬†Gold Maeng Da
  • Elephant
  • ¬†Bali Gold


  • ¬†Maeng Da
  • Red
  • ¬†White
  • ¬†Green
  • ¬†Gold
  • ¬†Yellow
  • ¬†Blends
  • Capsules
  • ¬†Blends
  • ¬†Gold
  • ¬†Yellow
  • ¬†White
  • ¬†Red
  • ¬†Green
  • ¬†Maeng Da

Payment Methods

Mitragaia offers several easy payment methods including over 20 cryptocurrencies, credit cards (MasterCard or Visa), ACH (saving or checking account), or money orders. The website includes easily accessible, detailed information about different payment methods for any customers that may have remaining questions.


Customers are pleased with the affordability of this vendor, which offers products at a substantially lower price than most vendors on the market. Whether purchasing in bulk or smaller orders, customers can find cheap options that won’t bust their bank account. Discounts are also provided. Each time a customer makes a purchase, they are awarded redeemable points that can help save on future purchases.

Shipping And Returns

Items are shipped by USPS and typically arrive within the same day of the order if they are purchased before 3 pm Eastern time. This vendor really works to obtain full customer satisfaction by allowing returns within 30 days of receiving the package. They even allow customers to return items without the original packaging. Additionally, consumers enjoy the luxury of no restocking fees. To receive a return authorization, all customers have to do is send an email to However, no returns will be accepted if it is after the 30 day grace period.

If Customers suspect that their package was poorly handled during shipping, they have the option to file a claim with their packaging company, Route at Customers have 5 days after the arrival of their package to file claims. Any order cancellations can be made by quickly contacting the customer support email. The company does offer product refunds, however, refunds on shipping or insurance are not required.

Return Address

Social Media Presence

A link to the vendor’s Twitter and Facebook account is provided on their primary website, an uncommon feature amongst many online kratom sellers. Compared to other vendors in the market, Mitragaia vendor has a pretty relevant social media presence, with 22,745 users liking their Facebook page and around 703 Twitter followers. Their presence on social media reflects a passion for the product and a willingness to connect with potential customers outside of the product exchange scenario. Many loyal customers have enjoyed the various platforms on which they are updated on any news or discounts.

Customer Service

Mitragaia states that one of their main priorities is ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. Many customer reviews have proven this statement, reporting positive experiencing with the knowledgeable, helpful customer service team.

Additionally, the website provides a number of different ways customers can contact the vendor including their email, social media accounts, telephone number, and an online, direct contact form.

Mitragaia’s Customer Service can be contacted via:



Final Thoughts On Mitragaia

Despite mixed reviews, overall, this vendor appears to be loved by many Kratom customers based on their excellent customer service, affordable prices, company transparency, safe, natural products, and wide selection. If you’re in the market for some unique, reasonably priced kratom, I would not discourage you from checking this one out.

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