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MITRAGAIA – The Evolution Of Kratom Products In The Kratom Market

A good Kratom brand is known for three things, these include;

  • The quality and purity of the Kratom strains
  • The prices of the products
  • Services provided to the customer

Any Kratom vendor or company that fulfills the criteria mentioned above definitely gets a special place among the consumers’ community. Once a person is satisfied with their purchase, there are almost 90% chances that they will buy from the same vendor again.

In addition, new deals and discount codes attract more and more customers. Marketing is the key to success for every Kratom seller. As the buyer lands on their page, they are likely to make a purchase too.

One such Kratom retailer that got itself noticed is Mitragaia. Their 20,000 followers on Facebook show how much they are loved by kratom advocates. In addition, almost everyone in the Kratom community knows about them, and that too with good words.



Mitragaia entered the Kratom market in 2015 and has not looked back since then. They were not only successful in making a place for them in the market but also impressed everyone with the top-notch quality of products and impeccable services.

While the main company is present in Northern Ireland, their return address is in Henderson, Nevada. It is undoubtedly the hard work of their workers and the authenticity of their products that are now known internationally.


The facts mentioned below are sufficient to prove that Mitragaia is one of the most reliable, genuine, and exclusive Kratom brands that has earned the trust of its customers with unmatchable efforts.

1. Professional Website

The online web page of Mitragaia Kratom is highly convenient to use and very sophisticated looking. The color palette of the website complements the Kratom products. It makes them look more pleasing and attractive, thus increasing the possibility of getting more purchases.

Furthermore, everything is so sorted and well-organized that the customers feel no issues in placing an order. Also, there are no external links or advertisements that might make your experience uncomfortable.

2. Authentic Product Range

Mitragaia is one of the Kratom vendors that are known for its most extensive product range. It not only has the commonly available Kratom strains that everybody always wants but some of the rarest ones too on their page.

Moreover, the products are categorized into the forms they are sold, such as powder, capsules, and extract as well as further classified by the color of the vein. They also have 20x, 50x, and 50x black diamond Kratom extracts at the online store to provide every customer whatever they prefer.

Indeed, you will find it difficult which product to pick for yourself when purchasing from Mitragaia because of the array of variety they offer. The Kratom tablets are something very inclusive of theirs as these are hard to find in other online stores. Lastly, they have added Kratom blends to their range in which the 8-in-1 Custom Blend is extraordinary by all means.

The only thing that might be a turn-off for some people is that they only ship their products in the United States and Canada, and the same-day shipping policy is only for those living nearby.

Some of their best selling Kratom products include the following.

3. Premium Quality Products

The potency and maturity of their Kratom products are top-notch as they are harvested through one of the cleanest and most reliable methods. Mitragaia conducts lab tests on all their products. It is their top priority to ensure that all the products are free of any contaminants such as heavy metals, pathogens, and chemicals.

In addition, Mitragaia maintains the strength of every Kratom strain sold at their online shop. This is done by ensuring their purity while processing and packaging the products. This guarantees that the customers receive the best quality product and have an excellent experience when they have it.

Evolution in the Kratom Market

4. Refund Policy

In case a buyer receives a wrong parcel and not something they were looking for, Mitragaia has a refund policy for them. Anything purchased from them can be returned within 30 days.

The customer can get the product exchanged or get either cash or loyalty points once the product is returned. The only thing that is necessary here are that the Kratom products is in the original packaging, i.e., the one in which it was sent.

5. Price List

A customer is likely to purchase from Mitragaia after looking at their economical price list. The products are not only cost-effective but also very cheap in comparison to other Kratom brands. While the most affordable Kratom powder is priced at $5.00 for 1oz, it goes up to a maximum of $9.49. In addition, the Kratom tablet’s cost starts from $25, going up to $75.

The price of Kratom capsules is as the following;

  • 1 ounce – $9.99
  • 200 grams – $30
  • 1 kilogram – $120

The Kratom extracts are sold as;

  • 20x – $1.50 to $550
  • 50x – $3.00 to $1,500.00
  • 50x black diamond – $3.00 to $1,500.00

6. Discount Codes and Coupons

In order to keep the buyers engaged, it is necessary for the vendor that new offers and deals are introduced from time to time. This is exactly what Mitragaia does as they keep coming up with new and unique discount codes for their loyal customers.

For example, a 20% discount offer on the entire site with code ‘byebyesummer.’


There are not one or ten but thousands of positive reviews on the Kratom products of Mitragaia. It is the passion and consistency of the brand that they were able to stand out among all the Kratom brands.  The plus point about them is their variety of products which one can never get bored with.

Conclusively, buying from can be your best experience, and you can rest assured to get the best quality products from them,

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