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Moon Kratom

Is Moon Kratom The Best Option To Make Your Purchase?

Moon Kratom is a Kratom vendor located in Austin Texas. They claim to provide the highest quality of Kratom at some of the lowest prices on the market, priding themselves on their mission statement to ensure customer satisfaction. According to their website, the company strictly buys from the finest kratom leaves, imported from Southeast Asia. Additionally, Moon kratom claims that its products are tested by the distributor before being sold.

One additional aspect that makes the company stand out is that the product is ground into flour powder, a much finer grade. They also encourage customers to reach out for free samples. The company reports dozens of loyal customers, drawn back to the company because of the excellent prices and high-quality product.

However, is Moon kratom actually the best option when making your purchase? In this review, we will take an honest, in-depth look at the company, exploring its history, product quality, and customer service. This information will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your kratom.

Who Is Moon Kratom?

Moon Kratom

Although they claim to be one of the oldest kratom vendors on the market, little information is provided about the history of the company. However, they do include a detailed description of the origin of their product. Their organic kratom is independently sourced from farmers in Asia. Their top-selling point is that they source their unique kratom strains entirely themselves and all products are delivered in their purest form.

A wide variety of products, strains, and colors are available. Products are available in the form of powders, capsules, or a liquid form of the MaengDa strain. The company also claims to provide rare, exclusive strains that are hard to come by on the market.

The website is relatively user-friendly, however, it does lack a few key aspects, including full product descriptions and an FAQ section for customers to ask questions before purchasing. The website could be a bit more organized and provide more helpful information. Despite these setbacks, contact information is provided and many buyers have reported quick feedback.

According to reviews, their reasonable price and variety of different products have given Moon Kratom a high reputation amongst most consumers. Customers have left several positive reviews on Reddit. Overall, they have received generally positive feedback regarding the product itself, with pleased customer reviews written on the website, as well as other platforms.

Moon Kratom Products

Moon Kratom

  • Yellow Indonesian micro powder
  •  Green Indonesian micro powder
  •  White Borneo micro powder
  •  Yellow Thai micro powder
  •  Red Bali micro powder
  •  Red Indonesian micro powder
  •  MaengDa kratom micro powder
  •  10xkratom extract


Moon Kratom has become popular for selling some of its products at an unusually low price, particularly its kratom powder. Prices start at as low as $21, several dollars less than the average store in the market. This vendor focuses on being the lowest price around, without compromising quality.

Along with the low prices, Moon Kratom makes it easy to save even more money by offering a variety of deals and discounts. They also offer gift certificates and give customers the option to sign up for an exclusive newsletter to get information about new products and deals. Coupon codes are also available to access additional discounts.

Shipping And Returns

Moon Kratom claims to value efficient service and prioritizes same-day shipping on all orders made before 2 pm CST. An additional shipping perk is that orders are shipped via priority mail so that, depending on their location, customers typically receive their product within one to three days.

No refunds are offered unless the issue is a company error. Returned products must be unopened and customers are required to pay the return shipping cost. They are also required to pay a restocking fee of $4.50.

Social Media Presence

Moon Kratom doesn’t appear to have an active Instagram. They do have a small presence on Twitter, with 756 followers. Despite the number of followers, however, there is very little engagement on their timeline, with each recent post only acquiring an average of one to four interactions. On Facebook, the vendor has definitely increased its social media fame, with 2,722 users following their page.

The page appears to be lacking in current activity, with the last post being made in September of 2020. However, the post that has been made seems to be reaching the attention of consumers, with their most popular post receiving about 1.5k likes and 900 comments.

Customer Service

Despite the general appreciation for the low prices and high-quality products, several reviews do mention that the company has been accused of writing fake comments and reviews for the product or openly bash competitors. Regardless of whether or not this is factual, many reviews and comments mention the issue, so it may be something to consider when making your purchase. Although many will admit that the product itself is of high quality, some users are hesitant to fully trust this vendor.

Moon Kratom can be contacted Monday- Friday 12 pm-8 pm via

(737) 703-8420



Customers can also reach the company via the Facebook page, “Moon K Tea” with additional questions.

Final Thoughts On Moon Kratom

With a wide variety of ethically sourced, rare, high-quality products, low prices, and relatively prompt shipping, Moon Kratom has established a reputation amongst many kratom consumers who seemed overall pleased with the product. However, the several allegations that Moon Kratom practices negative business practices, writing false reviews, and openly disrespecting other vendors, some consumers aren’t too keen on this particular vendor.

Customers have been actively buying from Moon Kratom for a while and some have reported positive experiences. However, based on the information tethered from several different reviews and experiences, Moon Kratom’s reputation is suffering a bit. If you do want to check out their products, take caution and maybe go with a smaller first order.

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