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New Guinea Kratom

All Doubts Cleared About New Guinea Kratom Strain

What? Have you never heard about New Guinea Kratom before? It must be because you don’t know about the island it is named after. This particular Kratom type is lucky enough to be grown in the world’s second-largest island.

As herbs have earned attention, many new Kratom strains are coming forth. New Guinea Kratom is also a popular type, with its red strain being the strongest. Let us have you familiarised with this one and abolish your doubts.

About New Guinea Kratom Strain

People fond of Kratom usually know about the state known as Papua New Guinea. This state is a part of Southeast Asia and has a hot climate. This climate helps in the cultivation of Kratom. Hot weather paired with fertile yet moist soil blesses this Kratom strain with impressive alkaloids.

Papua New Guinea, where this particular strain is grown, is famous for being the second-largest island in the world. One side of this island is known as Indonesia, the west side is known as New Guinea. Just as other Kratom types, this one also has subcategories. These divisions are made not only based on colour but also effects.

The alkaloids present in New Guinea Kratom are Mitragynine, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, Mitraphylline and Corynantheidine. The first two alkaloids help in the stimulation and remove any discomfort.

To avoid the bitter taste of New Guinea Kratom, people consume it with other edibles. Furthermore, capsules work the best if you want to steer clear of the bite. You would be lucky if you didn’t mind the taste because you can buy its powder form. In its powdered form, Kratom allows you to enjoy multiple ways of consumption.

New Guinea Kratom

How Is New Guinea Kratom Strain Prepared?

New Guinea Kratom, being an exotic strain, is cultivated in the forests of New Guinea. Only those who are professionals in Kratom are there to grow this particular Mitragyna Speciosa. The fertility of these forests assists this strain to grow without any artificial means. In a nutshell, their cultivation requires no fertilizers or chemicals.


Being experienced in the field, farmers handpick only the mature yet juicy leaves. These leaves are plucked without stems and sent to the respective department.

Drying Out

New Guinea Kratom leaves, once plucked, are spread out in a spacious room. This is done to dry these leaves. This process involves no sunlight. The leaves don’t have to be over-dried, making them lose alkaloids. Moreover, they don’t have to be under-dried either, making them prone to fungus.

On the flip side, white and green leaves need to be covered in a thin fabric.


After the drying process is completed, the leaves are ready to prepare products. To schedule a powder, these leaves are crushed, and then the same ground powder is used to prepare products. Kratom powder is used to prepare capsules and mixed with foods.

On the other hand, these leaves are soaked to prepare extracts.

The Packaging

Undergoing this, finally, your favourite New Guinea Kratom has to be packed well to hit the market. The packaging has to be GMP compliant. In simple words, the packaging should stop contaminants from entering jars and packets. Also, it must lock the efficacy of the item inside the packaging.

What Are The Types Of New Guinea Kratom Strain?

Based on their peculiar characteristics and colours, New Guinea Kratom has three strains. Out of these strains, the red one is the most potent. Let’s dive into the details to become acquainted with all.

Red Vein New Guinea Kratom

Being the most potent strain, this one helps as an analgesic substance. Moreover, it has long-lasting effects. According to users, it goes fine for beginners and experienced people.

White Vein New Guinea Kratom

Besides making users calm, it also boosts energy levels. People in the evening usually take it. It is said that it helped Indonesians calm them as they prefered chewing on its leaves. It also comes in handy to overcome rest disorders.

Green Vein New Guinea Kratom

Green Vein New Guinea Kratom is often taken in the morning as it helps to improve focus. This strain is said to be milder but an incredible energizer. It is prefered to be consumed in the morning, and it is finished through a toss and wash method or with tea.

How To Find Pure New Guinea Kratom Strain?

As Kratom is widely being recognized globally, many Kratom vendors are established. Consequently, some sellers are focusing more on quantity than quality. If you are a Kratom-head yourself, it must not be a hassle to choose a premium strain.

However, being a newbie, you might end up falling into the trap. To ensure that you get your hands on the purest New Guinea Kratom strain, follow the tips mentioned below.

Texture Of Powder

The quality of Kratom powder can be easily detected. All you need to do is feel the powder between your two fingers. If you feel lumps or moisture, it surely deserves to be dumped. Such texture can also be the result of an expired product. So, don’t forget to purchase going through the expiry date.

Smell Of Strain

Usually, the majority of the strains have almost the same earthy aroma. Kratom lovers don’t even spare a minute to detect that. However, if the strain you are about to buy lacks smell or has a pungent smell, you need to doubt its quality.

Colour Of Strain

Each strain has an attractive colour. These colours help users to distinguish between songs. However, if the strain you are about to buy has a dull green colour, then that means it is compromising on alkaloids, or it is old.

Testing Reports

Test results, particularly lab test reports, play a vital role in determining the quality of the stock you are about to purchase from. Reputable sellers usually prefer displaying these reports on their websites. Also, they share it with their customers upon request.

These tests are done to check the presence of contaminants, including pesticides, harmful metals, and many other toxic chemicals. Furthermore, these results also show the alkaloid content of each item.


What blesses Kratom is the presence of alkaloid content. The abundance of alkaloids makes it worthwhile. Therefore, to lock alkaloids in each item, it needs to be packed well. But what does it mean to have it well packed? To serve the purpose, cap-locked jars are used to sell capsules while the powder is packaged in vacuum packs.


Well, going through the information presented to you, you can easily decide whether New Guinea Kratom is the one for you or not. There are plenty of vendors in Europe that sell this Kratom.

However, it would help skim through the laws and regulations in your state about Kratom since not every country allows its purchase and consumption.

Significantly, it would help if you were precise about the dose you consume and also, don’t forget to check the expiry and quality of your item.

New Guinea Kratom


Where Is New Guinea Kratom Grown?

It is grown in Papua New Guinea, the second-largest island in the world.

Which Alkaloids Are There In New Guinea Kratom Strain?

Besides many, some famous alkaloids present in New Guinea Kratom are Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, Corynantheidine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine.

Can You Vape Papua New Guinea Tinctures?

People don’t recommend vaping New Guinea Kratom tinctures because they have an excess of alkaloids. The alkaloids can enter your bloodstream and interact with the brain if vaped. Consequently, you might come across unlikeable effects.

What Does New Guinea Kratom Look Like?

New Guinea Kratom has a light to medium green colour. Moreover, it has a grassy aroma and bitter taste.


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