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OG Bali Kratom

OG Bali Kratom – Brief Introduction

As Kratom is rapidly becoming a hot item, more and more kratom vendors are suddenly popping up everywhere. And these vendors often offer special varieties of kratom that they claim to be exclusive to their website. OG Bali Kratom is one of these kratom strains, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

In this article, we shall examine OG Bali Kratom to see what makes it stand out amongst its competitors. Bali Kratom is the best seller around the world so let’s find out if OG Bali Kratom stands up to its hype.

Brief Intro to Kratom

If you typed in OG Bali Kratom into your web browser, but have little to no idea what kratom is or where it comes from, let us give you a brief introduction to help you gain some understanding.

Kratom originated in Southeast Asia and is harvested from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. What makes this tree so special is that it contains an extremely high amount of natural compounds known as alkaloids, the most poignant of these being Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The Kratom tree is also related to the coffee clan, hence why many avid coffee drinkers are turning to kratom as an alternative source for caffeine.

While many find the effects to be stimulating, others find them calming. There is no way to specify how kratom will affect each individual, so we will not get into specifics. Still awaiting the go-ahead from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) kratom is to be ingested entirely at the discernment of the participant.

Never exceed the recommended amount and be wise about where you purchase kratom, as it is still illegal in some states, while banned in others. Look online to find out the current age and other restrictions from kratom in the state, county, etc in which you reside before you attempt to buy kratom.

Kratom Strains

Once the kratom leaves have been collected, they are then dried out using alternating lighting conditions to further increase the strength of the alkaloids present in the leaves. Most kratom strains are named for the hue of the leaf vein, while others are named as such because they are a fusion of two or more veins.

Green kratom is harvested from younger leaves, so it is considered to be a mild version, whereas white leaves are sourced from “mid-life” kratom leaves and claim to have a moderate vibe. Red kratom is generally sourced from very mature leaves and is rumored to be the most potent strain of kratom.

These strains are then most often named from the region from which they originate. Therefore, for the most part, Bali kratom hails from the tropical isle of Bali in Indonesia. It is said to contain a substantial amount of alkaloids, though it doesn’t pack quite the same punch as Maeng Da Kratom, which is hailed as the “cream of the crop” of kratom varieties.

Other varieties of Bali kratom are grown in Borneo and Sumatra as the kratom tree thrives extremely well in the unique climate in these jungle regions. Now that you possess a little background about kratom, let’s take a closer look at OG Bali Kratom.

OG Bali Kratom

OG Bali Kratom is sold exclusively by Kratom OG, located in New Jersey, USA. Their kratom is sourced from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. They ship their products to those states in which kratom is legal for consumption and have received rave reviews about their selection of kratom. However, it can not be ascertained if Kratom OG is associated with the American Kratom Association.

Formed in the U.S. in 2014, the AKA was formed to monitor online kratom vendors as a safeguard. Their job is to make sure that these vendors adhere to GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Process) to ensure that each and every product they produce is safe for human consumption. It is highly advised that one should only purchase kratom from a vendor that claims allegiance with the AKA. To do otherwise may involve the risk of cross-contamination kratom.

However, Kratom OG is known for its unique varieties of kratom. This includes OG Bali Kratom, one of their top sellers. This strain is said to be sourced from extremely mature kratom leaves as it supposedly contains high levels of both 7-hydroxy mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Those who have reviewed this strain say that it packs quite a punch.

OG Bali kratom comes in the following varieties:
● Red Bali
● Green Bali
● White Bali
● Bali Gold
● Red Horn Bali

Red Horn Bali kratom is a mixture of red mange da kratom and horned leaf kratom in which the aforementioned leaves are fermented before they are dried indoors. It is one of their best sellers, along with Bali Gold, which is sourced from extremely mature red vein kratom and ground to a flour-like consistency.

As far as customer service, the only way to get in touch with this vendor is via email, so communication may not be their top priority. However, again, their OG Bali kratom varieties have received many positive reviews. They do offer coupon codes on occasion that have been said to reduce your total order (before taxes and shipping) by as much as 40%.

Where to Buy Bali Kratom

If you are looking for unique blends of kratom, such as OG Bali Kratom, you can check out Kratom OG. As of this writing, it appears that their products are only sold online and not locally.




Some kratom vendors sell their products locally, but most often the selection is very limited. Also, as they are sold via a third party, the seller most likely has little to no knowledge about these products. For these reasons, it is best to buy kratom from a trusted online vendor, specifically one that is in compliance with the American Kratom Association.

SA Kratom is happy to be one of the reputable vendors that adhere to the guidelines set forth by the AKA. Each of our products has been closely tested to ensure that they are free from any form of impurities. Stop by our online store today to check out our selection of high-quality kratom.

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