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Okie Kratom

Is Okie Kratom A Genuine Vendor?

When purchasing botanical remedies online, one cannot be too cautious. While there are many fake companies out there, there are also quite a few reliable kratom vendors. It is definitely a good idea to gather as much information about a company as you can before blindly purchasing any of their products. This is especially true when it comes to products such as kratom, as it is still fairly new.

In this Okie Kratom review, we will provide our readers with a straightforward and honest review of this kratom supplier. Use this information, along with your own research, to determine if Okie Kratom is the right kratom supplier for you.

About Okie Kratom

Founded by Gary D. Blodgett, Okie Kratom is based out of Newkirk, Oklahoma, US. Blodgett started Okie Kratom because it was hard to find quality kratom where he lived. As well, he is not a fan of the metric system and wanted to create a business that sold kratom in sizes that people living in the US could easily comprehend.

Okie Kratom Website

The Okie Kratom Website is pretty straightforward. They do provide a few links if you wish to find out more information about kratom. However, at this time, they do not have a FAQ section or a blog. Hopefully, in time, they will update their site to include more educational information about kratom.

Okie Kratom does provide their company details on their webpage. In addition, you can find detailed information about their shipping policy. As well, you can find product information about each product when you click on the product description.

Okie Kratom Customer Service

The owner of Okie Kratom provides a contact number in the “About Us” section of the website for customers to reach him via text message. As well, you can reach out to them via the contact form on their website as well as through their Facebook page over Facebook Messenger. In addition to Facebook, they also have social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Customers have said that they have received a response back to their inquiries within a very reasonable time frame. They state that the owner is pleasant and helpful at resolving customer issues.

Does Okie Kratom Lab Test Their Kratom?

We could not find any information regarding lab testing on the Okie Kratom website. Lab testing is imperative for kratom products as they need to be tested for impurities. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved kratom. Those who wish to consume kratom should do so at their own risk.

One way to ensure that kratom is safe for human consumption, despite lack of FDA approval, is through stringent lab testing via a third-party vendor. Okie Kratom does not mention lab testing or provide proof of any type of such testing. This may deter some potential customers.

Is Okie Kratom Affiliated With The American Kratom Association?

As of this writing, Okie Kratom is not on the list of currently approved AKA vendors. Nor do they appear on the list of vendors awaiting AKA approval. We have no insight as to where this vendor plans to join the AKA in the foreseeable future.

Association with the American Kratom Association is a definite plus if you are looking for a reliable kratom source. AKA affiliation guarantees that a vendor is compliant with GMP guidelines. This, and lab testing, are qualities that set apart the most trusted kratom vendors from the rest of the pack.

Okie Kratom Shipping

Okie Kratom offers free shipping on those orders greater than $50. If your order is placed before 5 pm, it will be shipped the next business day

If your order is placed between 8 pm Thursday and 5 pm Sunday, it will ship on Monday. Orders placed between 5 pm Sunday to 5 pm Monday will ship on Tuesday and so forth. Your order will not ship until payment has been received. If it is received by 6 am the next day, it will ship that day. The company will not ship orders on weekends or major holidays.

Shipments are made via USPS and UPS. Customers can choose whichever shipping method they prefer when placing their order. Orders are not shipped until the payment has been cleared by Okie Kratom. Customers will receive a tracking number once their order has been shipped.

Okie Kratom Returns

Okie Kratom does not have a specified return policy on its page. It appears that returns are made on a case-by-case basis and upon the discretion of the owner. Most customers are saying, however, the owner is very accepting when it comes to returns if they are contacted by the customer in a timely fashion.

Okie Kratom Products

Kratom Powder

  • Dr. Feel-Good Kratom Powder
  • Good Day Sunshine Kratom Powder
  • Ultra Fine Green Asian Kratom Powder
  • Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower
  • Bentuangie Kratom Powder
  • Chocolate Bentuangie Kratom Powder
  • Dark Green Vietnam Kratom Powder
  • Green Boyan Ultra Kratom Powder
  • Green Bumblebee Ultra Fine Kratom Powder
  • Green Thai OG Kratom Powder
  • White Elephant Kratom Powder
  • Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • Green Sumatra Kratom Powder
  • White Vietnam OG Kratom Powder
  • Okie Chill Kratom Powder
  • Okie Sunrise Kratom Powder
  • Pink Dragon Kratom Powder
  • Red Thai Kratom Powder
  • Red Bali OG Kratom Powder
  • And much more!

Other Products:

  • Akuamma Seed Extract
  • Blue Lotus Extract
  • Cordyceps 30%
  • Ginseng 10%
  • Yerba maté
  • And more

Okie Kratom Payments And Discounts

Okie Kratom offers a variety of payments, but the most preferred payment method seems to be via money order. As well, this vendor will not ship any orders until your payment has cleared on their end.

Okie Kratom has a “Promos” tab on their website. Currently, they are offering 10% off orders over $50 and 20% on those that are greater than $100. Check their website for new promos as they are offered.

Final Word On Okie Kratom

Despite AKA affiliation and lab testing, Okie Kratom has made quite a name for itself on the kratom marketplace. They are known for quality, affordability, consistency, and outstanding customer service. Costumes have stated that Okie Kratom is quite potent and definitely worth the money.

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