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One Kratom Review

Kratom is becoming more and more popular, causing an increase in popularity in the online kratom market. This is great news for avid kratom consumers looking for more great products, however, it can also make the process of finding the perfect kratom vendor like one kratom, far more difficult. Brands all over claim to offer the best products, lowest prices, highest quality customer service, and so on.

But, more times than not, these vendors do not actually live up to their promises. This can result in a customer wasting their money or purchasing unsafe, low-quality products. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s important to fully research all aspects of a vendor before purchasing from them.

That is exactly what we are going to do in this review. We will be taking a much deeper look at the online kratom vendor, Kratom One. We will be discussing their product variety, product quality, prices and how they compare to other brands, their customer service, and so much more.

Sorting through the hundreds of unworthy vendors claiming to offer the best products on the market can get frustrating and old real fast. This review will be doing that hard work for you. After this review, you’ll know if Kratom One is the right vendor for you.

Who Is One Kratom?

At a glance, One Kratom isn’t much to look at. Their main website is poorly designed and entirely basic. To make matter worse, they offer no degree of business transparency. This is a huge issue. Necessary information such as product descriptions and company background information is missing. For example, customers know nothing about return and shipping policies or accepted payment methods.

This type of basic information is needed to make customers feel comfortable about buying from any online vendor. Customers want to purchase from brands they feel they can trust, not brands whom they know absolutely nothing about. This is a major downside and might turn many customers away from even considering purchasing from this vendor.

However, despite all of these cons, customers who do go out on a limb and purchase from this mysterious vendor actually end up loving their products. While there aren’t a ton of reviews, most of the ones present are positive. However, simply offering great quality products isn’t enough for some kratom consumers to trust this brand. In other words, One Kratom will reach their full potential when they revamp their business practices, touch up their interface, and start showing a bit more consideration for the customer.

Products Offered By One Kratom

Unfortunately, this lack of business transparency is an issue with their product line as well. They do not provide any information regarding where the products were sourced from or whether or not they were lab tested. This is a huge downside. Customers have no way of knowing what the products are, where they came from, and how pure and safe they are.

Additionally, their product line is underwhelming, with only 6 available strains. These include Bali, White Fire Kratom, Super Green Malaysian, Maeng Da, Tri-ForceKratom, and Red Horn.

However, surprisingly, despite the lack of variety and business transparency, previously customers who have tried One Kratom’s products have mostly positive things to say. One reviewer even said One Kratom sells the freshest kratom on the market. However, it is important to remember that anyone can post whatever they want on online reviews, regarding the validity of the claim, and many customers have also had negative things to say regarding this vendor.

Prices At One Kratom

Each kratom strain is offered in a variety of different sizes, allowing customers to purchase just the right amount of kratom they desire. These specific sizes include 100g, 250g, 500g, kilo, and 2 kilos. Pricing varies depending on the specific strain and size of the order.

Their prices are relatively normal, and they do offer few different discounts, primarily in the form of coupon codes, however, due to their lack of online presence and customer consideration, these coupon codes can be harder to come by than those typically offered by other brands.

One Kratom Customer Service

As you can probably assume, One Kratom is lacking big time in the customer service department. As mentioned above, their website isn’t even close to user-friendly and it lacks all the necessary information that the customers need to make an informed purchase.

Additionally, they neglect to include any contact information whatsoever. This means that if customers do have any questions, concerns, or issues with their orders, they do not have anyone to reach out to for help. As a result, many customers have refrained from purchasing from One Kratom, claiming it is too risky to purchase items from such an alarmingly mysterious vendor, especially if they do not offer any degree of customer service.

Contact information is a very basic requirement that should be included on the website for any online business, especially one in the industry of online kratom. Again, this is a major downside of this vendor that is too severe to ignore.

Final Thoughts

I and several avid kratom users would probably advise staying far away from this sketchy vendor. When a vendor offers no information regarding their policies, products, safety procedures, and customer service, it can be hard to trust them enough to purchase from them, especially when you’re purchasing an item such as kratom.

While there are a surprisingly large number of positive reviews regarding this vendor, it would still be a good idea for One Kratom to revamp its website and practice adding a bit more business transparency. This would take this vendor even farther and possibly even draw in those customers that refuse to purchase from this vendor out of fear and apprehension.

With the industry becoming increasingly popular, and more and more reliable kratom vendors surfacing, I don’t think we can justify wasting our time shopping from a vendor that doesn’t even post lab results or contact information on their website. For this reason alone, your best bet is to look elsewhere for your next kratom purchase.

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