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OPMS Gold Kratom

OPMS Gold Kratom Review

OPMS Gold Kratom is among the best-selling products of 2021, even though it comes from a minimalist brand. Well, let us correct that. It’s a minimalist but a premium brand.

If you’ve been around for a while, you might be able to take a good guess at it. If not, sit back and relax. This detailed guide will cover everything about the legendary OPMS Gold Kratom and the brand itself. So, let’s get in.

OPMS – A Name of Reliance

OPMS: The brand itself is formally known as Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions. And it has been around for so long that today it has become synonymous with smoke shops, headshops, and even Kratom shops at gas stations. As of 2021, the brand will be celebrating its 12th year of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing the finest quality Ketum.

OPMS Gold Kratom

 What are OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules?

OPMS Gold Kratom is a pack of Kratom capsules offered by the company. It comes in blister packs of two, three, or five capsules each. Each capsule from the company bears a purple leaf emblem to distinguish its capsules from others.

Some users feel that the count of capsules within the packages is too less. They suggest that the company should increase it a bit.

However, you ought to know that each capsule is reportedly quite very strong. They pack the powerful gold extract (we’ll discuss it more below). And that’s why the manufacturing company deems it appropriate to sell small quantities at a time.

Owing to the premium quality, the pricing is a bit too high as well. For one pack of two capsules, you should expect to pay about $16. Similarly, one pack of five capsules would cost around $40. Some vendors offer discounts on bulk purchases.

What is OPMS Gold Kratom Extract?

OPMS Gold Kratom Extract is an alternative to the gold capsules. It’s a copper-colored liquid extracted from Green Vein Maeng Da. And the extract is rich in the strongest alkaloids. So, owing to its strength, we only recommend this to seasoned Ketum users.

The extract comes enclosed in a palm-sized bottle, which has about 8.8 milligrams. You will be able to get about three servings from each bottle, and each serving is equivalent to 14 grams of powder. If you have the slightest bit of experience with Kratom, you’d know that’s quite a lot! It’s about 20x potent extract. Approximately, that’s about 225 milligrams.

If you feel hesitant to even as a seasoned Kratom user, we’ll recommend distributing each dose between two sittings. Technically, that would mean deriving six doses from the same 8.8 milligrams bottle.

Range of OPMS Kratom Products

You now know about the best OPMS products, i.e., OPMS Gold Kratom. But what about the other products? What is the other range of products offered by OPMS?

As mentioned earlier, OPMS’ line of products is quite limited. But it’s worthy of exploring nonetheless. Allow us to introduce you. As per their virtual space, Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions list their products under four categories. These include:

In the first section, you will find about seven products. These include:

  • Super K Kratom Extra Strong Extract
  • OPMS Liquid Kratom Extract Shot
  • OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Extract Shot
  • MIT45 Go Boldly Black Extra Strength Extract
  • MIT45 Gold Liquid Extract Tincture
  • Chief Kratom Liquid Extract Shot
  • Hush Nano Kratom Shot

In the second section, we have a large range of Ketum capsules available. About 32 options are ranging from the Gold capsules to King Kratom. Of course, the most popular stream of capsules at the OPMS is the gold capsules and silver capsules.

The silver capsules are much less potent than the gold capsules. But they also have a long-lasting impact. We appreciate the fact that they come in generous packing and at much lower costs.

In the third category, OPMS offers about twelve products. These include:

  • Vietnam Kratom Remarkable Herbs Green Vein
  • Thai Kratom Remarkable Herbs Green Vein
  • OPMS Silver – Red Vein Maeng Da Powder
  • OPMS Silver – Green Vein – Thai Powder
  • OPMS Silver – Green Vein – Malay Powder
  • OPMS Silver- Green Vein – Maeng Da Powder
  • Malaysian Kratom Remarkable Herbs Green Vein
  • King Kratom Extract (2 variants)
  • Indo Kratom Remarkable Herbs Green Vein
  • Bali Kratom Remarkable Herbs Green Vein

Although the products listed by the brand may seem many, in reality, these are much less than any other Kratom vendor offering out there.

Where Can You Buy OPMS Kratom?

You can easily buy OPMS Kratom products and OPMS Gold Kratom from the manufacturer’s original site. Or you can easily purchase their products from Golden Monk, SA Kratom, and Kratom Basket.

These reliable vendors will offer you authentic products and reasonable rates. These are also the places where you can find the best of discounts.

OPMS Gold Kratom


  • Is OPMS Gold Kratom worth it?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, OPMS Gold Kratom is amongst the strongest Ketum products out there. So, for those who seek a good and strong change, OPMS Gold products are not only recommendable but a must!

  • What are some alternatives to OPMS Gold?

Currently, there is no other Ketum product competing with OPMS Gold which is why these are highly valuable. We may see advancement soon. Or other brands may be introducing similar products in the times to come.

However, it’s been a while since the OPMS has been sitting on the shelf. No one has yet dared to compete.

Final Words

Summing up, OPMS Gold Kratom is heaven on earth for all Kratom enthusiasts out there. Sure, it is expensive. Although we’d say, it’s larger than worth it.

Since it is very potent, we recommend using it only once every two weeks. And remember, this is certainly not for beginners!

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