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Oregon Kratom- What Became Of This Once Renowned Kratom Seller?

Oregon Kratom was once a big name in kratom sales. However, if you were to search for this company online in 2021, you would be hard-pressed to find out any information, let alone a website under the name of Oregon Kratom.

We did a Google deep dive to find out what we could about Oregon Kratom and what became of this once renowned kratom seller. In this review, we shall see why this company has fallen by the wayside.

*As of this writing, we do not know whether Oregon Kratom is going to reopen. They could be in the process of rebranding their products, or they might have completely disappeared from the world of kratom.


From the information we could obtain online, Oregon Kratom was obviously based in Oregon. It was owned by Zac Linzmeier, a kratom enthusiast who was dedicated to keeping things simple. He claimed to sell his kratom as is, with nothing taken away from or added to his line of kratom products. His philosophy was that his customers should enjoy the “authentic” kratom experience therefore he did nothing to enhance or take away from his product.

At one time, this company had rave reviews. It is unclear as to why they suddenly disappeared, other than a warning on kratom in general use from the state government. However, there is little current information to be found on this one thriving kratom vendor.

oregon kratom


If you do a Google search for Oregon Kratom it will pull up results for the sale and legality of kratom in Oregon. It took us a little digging to find what was once the website for this vendor. To our dismay, the site has been abandoned and the domain name is up for grabs on GoDaddy.

Yet another Google search using the term “kratom Oregon” we stumbled upon a business listing for Oregon Kratom which in turn led us to another website. Whether this is the same company that ran the aforementioned website, we have no idea.

In fact, the supposedly current site does not look like it has been updated in quite some time. Nor could we get through using the telephone number provided on the website. As well, we submitted an inquiry using the “Get Quote” form on the site and never received a response. The telephone number appears to be a mobile phone number on which the voice mailbox has not even been set up, so we couldn’t even leave a message.

It is our opinion that Oregon Kratom has abandoned yet another website and is no longer in business. However, we shall review what we can ascertain about Oregon Kratom via their current website and past reviews.

Oregon Kratom website overall appears a little sketchy, to put it mildly. On the homepage, you will find their business hours which say “Open Till 3 pm today.” This does not change, however, as the site appears untouched for quite some time. As well, you will find a “Get Quote” button, which doesn’t work. We tried to contact them using the “Get Quote” link on the top right-hand corner of the page and have yet to receive a response.

As you scroll down the home page, you will see a screenshot of their Facebook page and a picture of what appears to be shipping packages. You will then find reviews, but the last posted review is from January 2019.

Scrolling even further, you will find a section that says “Oregon Kratom Shop” with a link to another site. This is in fact, a dead link as well. Furthering our belief that Oregon Kratom is no longer in business.

They list their business hours at 8 am to 3 pm Monday-Saturday and closed on Sundays. Again, these hours are inaccurate as they seem to be permanently closed.


In our search to find out what became of Oregon Kratom, we found a number of both positive and negative reviews. However, nowhere in the positive reviews can we find a link to an actual website. Most of the reviews we found are prior to 2019.

According to one review, Oregon Kratom shut its doors a few years ago as the government in Oregon warned its citizens to stop using kratom. Apparently, there had been a number of people that had fallen sick after using kratom. It has never been proven that these cases were tied to Oregon Kratom. But the company seemed to fade from existence around this time, abandoned their website, and no longer responding to customer inquiries.

However, if you peruse reviews prior to 2019, you will find that many a kratom user held Oregon Kratom and its owner “Zac” in high regards. They sang praises about his products as well as customer service. This seems to be a stark contrast to our current findings. While at one time, Oregon Kratom may have been a shining success, it seems they have fallen by the wayside.


If you know anything about the AKA (American Kratom Association), you know their primary goals are to spread awareness and education on kratom. As well, they strive to ensure that every vendor with which they are affiliated follows their strict GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice). You know you can fully trust a kratom vendor when they are affiliated with the AKA.

It does not appear that at any time, was Oregon Kratom affiliated with the AKA. Nor could we find proof that they had their kratom tested by a neutral third-party lab for impurities.

oregon kratom


While Oregon Kratom appears to have flown the coop when it comes to selling kratom, you can still find many reputable kratom sellers that are indeed associated with the AKA. It pays to do some research to find out if a kratom vendor is still in operation and if so, that they live up to their name.

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