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PA botanicals

Is PA Botanicals One Of The Best Online Kratom Vendors?

PA Botanicals is an East State Storefront located in Saron Pennsylvania, northwest of Pittsburgh. They pride themselves on being one of the best online vendors, but are they really as great as they claim to be?

In this review, we will be taking a deeper look at Pa Botanicals’ origin, business practices, customer service, general customer reputation, and more to help you determine if PA Botanicals is the right place for your purchases.

Who Is PA Botanicals

PA botanicals

PA Botanicals practices a three-step evaluation process to ensure that they are selling high-quality, safe kratom to their customers. Their family-owned business has a range of products, including nineteen rare botanicals, premium quality akuamma powders, kava, and capsules such as calcium bentonite clay. They also offer several different kratom strains. Customers appreciate this vendor’s wide range of products to choose from, and, when compared to other stores, their variety is quite impressive.

One major stand out for this vendor that is actually is a bit misleading, is the All American Kratom Blend. Considering kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia and rarely grown in the US, this is a unique blend that many vendors do not provide, and it definitely has customers taking a second look at PA Botanicals. However, many customers feel mislead when they learn that the blend was not grown in the US but instead, the blend gained its name simply because of its unique strains of kratom. So that may be something to be aware of when making your purchase.

Several reviews can be found online, some of which are positive, but also some that aren’t so much. Various customers praise the company’s excellent customer service, affordable, high-quality products, and variety of deals and discounts. However, a few reviews contradict these praises by claiming that the company’s products are not as great as they claim to be and their customer service is lacking.

However, a representative from PA Botanicals did efficiently respond to each negative comment, apologizing for any inconveniences. This reflects the company’s desire to care for and attend to its customers.

Their website is accessible and user-friendly, with features such as a new section in a consistently updated company blog. Many customers also love that the vendor contains lab results on their website, to ensure the customers are getting safe, thoroughly tested products. With the well-designed website, consumers find it easy to navigate the variety of products and ultimately, make an easy and efficient purchase.

Overall, PA Botanicals has managed to claim a decent reputation amongst many, negative reviews may also reflect a lack of excellence in some areas.

PA Botanical Products

PA botanicals

Most Popular Products

  • ¬†Ultra Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • ¬†Green Maeng Da- Capsules
  • ¬†Red Maeng Da- Capsules
  • ¬†The Original Red FibroKratom Powder Blend
  • ¬†White Gold Kratom Powder
  • ¬†Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • ¬†White Maeng Da- Capsules
  • ¬†Kratom Extract 10% Mitragynine
  • ¬†Green Machine Kratom Powder Blend
  • ¬†Champagne Kratom Blend
  • ¬†Super Green IndoKratom Powder

Kratom Powders

  • Blended Strains
  • Green Strains
  • Red Strains
  • White Strains
  • Yellow Strains


  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Isolate Powders
  • Gummies


  • Kava Extract 70%
  • Instant Kava Powder Extract
  • ¬†Kava Extract 40%
  • ¬†Kava candy


  • ¬†Akuamma Seed Powder


Their affordable prices are one of the aspects customers love about this vendor. A variety of discounts allows customers to save loads of money on their favorite kratom products. For example, the vendor offers a military discount, as well as coupon codes. Customers can also sign up for the rewards program that gives customers points each time they purchase a product. Their amount of deals and discounts, especially for new customers, has given them a high reputation amongst many avid kratom users. First-time buyers can receive 20% off of their first purchase of certain products.

Shipping And Returns

PA Botanicals prioritizes safe shipping and customer satisfaction with the delivery of all products. Shipping prices are reasonable, with a first-class shipping rate of $3 and priority shipping costing around $7. Delivery of products typically takes anywhere between 2-4 days.
PA Botanicals does offer a money-back guarantee for new customers, in order to establish a sense of trust. If customers wish to request a refund, they must contact the customer service team. In order to receive a 100% refund, packages must be fully sealed when returned.

Social Media Presence

PA Botanicals doesn’t appear to have a large social media presence. However, this is pretty normal amongst Kratom vendors, and they do include the link to their website in their social media bios, reflecting that their website is the main area for communication and connection with customers.

On their Instagram page, @pabotanicalspa, the company has made zero posts. However, the amount of followers, (272), considering the lack of posts, is actually quite impressive and reflects the vendor’s reputation. Their Facebook is slightly more active with a post made just two days ago and approximately 4K page likes. All social media platforms include a link to the website and contact information, making it easy for new customers to locate where to make their purchases.

Customer Service

Customers report that PA botanicals do have a helpful, informative, customer service staff, however, they are only available between 9 AM and 2 PM on weekdays, Monday through Friday. This is a downside for many customers seeking immediate attention to questions or concerns. However, several reviews report positive experiences with PA botanical’s customer services.

Customers can contact P a botanical directly by filling out a form on their website. Customer so many questions and concerns and then wait for a customer service representative to get back with them.

PA botanicals can otherwise be contacted via:


2170 E State St.

Hermitage, PA 16148



Final Thoughts On PA Botanicals

Overall, PA botanicals is a well-reputed vendor, utilized by many kratom enthusiasts, that provides a variety of products at a reasonable price, a money-back guarantee on shipping, and a customer service team that prioritizes the customer and does their best to manage the high traffic of consumers. While both positive and negative reviews can be found, many customers recommend at least checking out PA botanicals if you’re looking to make a kratom a purchase.

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