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precious mitre

Precious Mitre – What People Has To Say About This Kratom Vendor?

Precious Mitra is located in California Bay Area and operates out a physical store that is well-known and highly reputed within the community. This vendor claims to offer pure, naturally sourced kratom, however, in an industry full of scams and gimmicks, customers have to ask the question, is this vendor really as great as they claim to be?

In this review, we will be diving deep into various aspects of this company including its products, customer service, pricing, and origin. By the end of this review, you will have a clear idea of whether or not Precious Mitre is for you.


precious mitre

Precious Mitre, a kratom store located in the California Bay community, originated based on inspiration from Pieter Willem Korthais, a Dutch botanist who claimed the physicality of kratom leaves resembled that of a hat that a bishop might wear.
One major downside of this vendor, however, is its complete lack of a customer accessible website.

The website is still picked up by Google, however, it goes immediately to an error page. This could mean that the vendor, Precious Mitre, still owns the URL but for whatever reason is unable to use it anymore, meaning that currently, customers cannot make purchases from this vendor.

However, this review will still explore various aspect of the vendor based on how it operated when it was still functioning in case you want to check this vendor out online if they ever get back on their feet again.

Due to the various benefits of this vendor, when they were fully operating, they managed to maintain a relatively high reputation and overall positive image amongst kratom users. Several reviews comment on this vendor’s prioritization of customer satisfaction.


precious mitre

Precious Mitre stands out due to its wide selection of product options and various kratom strains customers can choose from. One review even claims that Precious Mitre has one of the best product lineups in the industry.

Some of their leading kratom strains include the Trifecta, White Vietnam, Mitre Magic, Green Malay, and Yellow Vietnam.
To begin with, the Trifecta is essentially a blend of the different strains, S, V, and plain leaves. This blend is a fan favourite amongst many loyal customers due to its high quality and effectiveness. Precious Mitre is widely known for this specific product and many customers who have tried it recommend checking it out.

Secondly, customers rave about White Vietnam, one of the most desired products on the market. Due to the extensive, elaborate, purification process of this strain, it is often a difficult strain to make, making it increasingly difficult to come by in the kratom market. This is an incredibly popular strain amongst many kratom users and customers love that you can easily get your hands on it at Precious Mitre.

Next, Precious Mitre also stands out due to its high-quality Mitre Magic strain. This is one of their most popular products and several customers who have tried it report positive experiences.

Additionally, customers rave about the high-quality Green Malay Strain. This strain is also a popular one amongst the industry, and it has caused many customers to revisit Precious Mitre. Along with all these options, Precious Mitre also offers Yellow Vietnam.

Overall, product quality appears to be up to par, and several customer reviews have positive things to say.


One review claims that Precious Mitre offers some of the lowest prices on the market for high-quality products. For many avid kratom users, a vendor whose prices are incredibly low can sometimes be alarming and reflect a lack in product quality or even unfair, unsafe business practices. However, at Precious Mitre, customers claim that this isn’t the case and report that the low prices do not result in low-quality products at this vendor.

Additionally, this vendor offers regular promotional and coupon codes to help potential buyers save a bit more money. These discounts are great because they allow customers to buy in bulk. For many customers, when making their first purchase, they can simply enter a coupon code provided for them which instantly discounts the price of their item. Additionally, the vendor sometimes has flash sales in which several items are discounted by 20% or more, helping all customers save some major bucks.


When Precious Mitre was operating online, they were known for their convenient return policy. If customers are unsatisfied with any products, they have the option to return any unopened items in exchange for a full refund or even another item. Refunds must be done within 30 days of making the purchase. After the 30-day cut-off, the vendor is no longer responsible and customers no longer have the option to return purchased items for a full refund.


Kratom consumers value prompt customer service and business transparency. Since their origin, Precious Mitre has worked hard to establish a high reputation amongst kratom users by placing a high priority on customer service. They go out of their way to inform, educate, and help customers in the best way that they possibly can. Several online customer reviews report positive experiences and fast responses from kind, professional, and educated customer service representatives.


To no surprise considering its lack of online presence as a whole, this vendor does not appear to have any social media accounts. This could have something to do with the same reason why the website is no longer available.


Although Precious Mitre once maintained a relatively high reputation in the kratom industry with their valuable customer consideration, top-quality, safe, and naturally sourced products, reasonable prices, exceptional discounts, and fast, efficient customer service, for whatever reason, this vendor appears to have no operational online store and exist only as a “once was.” Although several customers would have surely recommended buying from this brand, it looks like you’ll have to wait and see if they get back on their feet again before checking this one out for yourself.

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