green hulu kapuas
Green Hulu Kapuas Powder
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Green Hulu Kapuas Powder



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Our green Hulu Kapuas kratom powder comes from fresh leaves harvested from the MitragynaSpeciosa tree. This plant is native to remote parts of Asia, such as Borneo. The lush coastlines of Borneo provide the ideal environment for the cultivation of kratom leaves. The soil is rocky, but it is full of nutrients and vital compounds. These factors, along with environmental factors, all contribute to the pure essence and intense flavor of our green Hulu Kapuas powder. The alkaloids present are practically endless, and they are present in highly concentrated amounts. The more alkaloids present in the leaves of the plant, the more potent you can expect the powder to be. All stems, adulterants, and solvents are removed from the leaves before the refining process begins.

Alkaloid Contents

The riverbank locations of the plant make it difficult to harvest, as the areas can easily flood. The constant flooded state makes this strain of powder very hard to come by. Leaves aren’t harvested until they are five years old. Only mature leaves create our premium kratom powder. Our complex cultivation process ensures our powders are free of preservatives, additives, or fillers. A wide assortment of alkaloids is present in the leaves used to create our green Hulu Kapuas kratom powder. While our powder is made from the green strain, the Hulu Kapuas variation also shares many of the properties found in white vein strains of kratom. Speciogynine, paynantheine, mitragynine, and ajmalicine are all alkaloids present in our powder. Other alkaloids present in our green Hulu Kapuas powder includes corynoxein, specionoxein, and speciofolin.

Herbal Properties

The herbal properties of the leaves include high levels of mitraphylin, isomitraphylin, and corynantheidin. Not all strains of this type of kratom powder contain the same alkaloids. These are naturally occurring properties that add to the overall power and potency of our powder. You will find the aroma to pack a large hit, too. The smell is full of the essence of honey and sugar. While the powder we sell is finely ground, it does have a coarse texture that is grainy. There will not be any clumps in our powders. The smell is a combination of pinecones, fresh mint, and molasses. Users will love the tangy and sour flavor that has a lingering aftertaste. The flavor has a dash of spice that makes it appealing for use in broths and soups. The powerful fragrance and taste will delight you.

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