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Premium Bali Speciosa Powder
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Premium Bali Speciosa Powder



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Our Premium Bali Kratom Powder is directly harvested from Bali Island in Indonesia. The Bali variation of the MitragynaSpeciosa trees has wide and thick leaves. The leaves used to create our powder are fresh, light, and bright in color. The hillsides of Bali are thick with molten ash, which adds flavor to the leaves. With just over two percent mitragynine, our powder is guaranteed to be of superior quality and freshness. Premium leaves are harvested and dried in ethical manners. The leaves are crushed using top grade machinery that doesn’t require the powder to be touched by human hands. Maintaining the freshness and integrity of our powders is our goal.

Strains of Bali Powder

We offer Premium Bali kratom powder in a variety of strains. Most users prefer white and green strains of Bali kratom, as they are well-rounded. This balanced blend is free of adulterants or additives. Only natural crushed kratom leaves are contained in our powder. The Bali strain is unique because it soaks up the rich nutrients of the rice paddy fields that are located near the rough and jagged coastline of the island. The island is often referred to as “The Island of the Gods.” The cultivation, drying, and harvesting of our products removes heavy metals and fillers. You can expect to receive pure Bali powder that doesn’t contain preservatives. The natural habitat of the tree causes the leaves to contain highly concentrated levels of alkaloids. Our lab tested powder has powerful amounts of 7-Hydroxmitragynine, which is a key component in the leaves.

Drying Process and Characteristics

As mentioned, our powder is dried indoors without contact with direct sunlight. Our drying techniques allow the integrity of the alkaloids to not be disturbed. The lush powder is finely ground and free of clumps. The powder is velvety smooth and crisp, but has a coarse touch that is grainy on the skin. The scent of the powder is airy and light, but it does have a fragrance of pine and fresh timber. You can also detect a whiff of tangy sweetness that is mouthwatering. The flavor is highly loved, as it is very versatile. Our powder is perfect for teas, brews, and drinks. Simply mixing our premium Bali kratom powder with water creates a perfect drink for hot weather that is refreshing and tangy. Our all natural products are packaged to maintain freshness without adding extra chemicals or substances.

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