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Red Sumatra Kratom Powder
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Red Sumatra Kratom Powder



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Our red Sumatra kratom powder is fresh, safe, and free of additives. No fillers or adulterants touch our kratom powder. We use premium grade leaves directly harvested and cultivated in the deep sectors of Thailand. The leaves are wide, robust, and have jagged edges. Each leaf used in our powder is finely ground into a thin and supple powder that is free of heavy metals and preservatives. No animal products are used in the creation of our products. All stems from the leaves are removed to provide a smooth and velvet like finish. QR codes are provided on each package that contains lab testing information. Only naturally dried leaves from the red vein strain of kratom are used to develop our powder. The MitragynaSpeciosa leaves aren’t dried using artificial or ultraviolet light.

Similar to Other Strains

Our red Sumatra kratom powder is much like the Maeng Da kratom powder, as it is very powerful. Both types of kratom provide a sultry sweet aroma that is unmistakable. Many of the same alkaloids found in other strains of kratom are also found in our red Sumatra kratom powder. Our powder has highly concentrated amounts of top shelf components and herbal properties, such as mitragynine and ajmalicine. Testing also showed high levels of speciogynine and paynantheine. The multiple alkaloids present in large amounts make our red Sumatra kratom powder stand out as a superior option. It is easy to see why so many people have already turned to us for prime quality kratom powders and products.

Basic Properties and Characteristics

The sweet soil of Thailand is highly oxygenated, which means that the leaves are powerful and strong. The rocky regions where the leaves are harvested provide soil that is packed full of vital nutrients. The intense flavor and aroma of the powder are standout features of our products. The smell will knock you off of your feet with its succulent delights. The flavor is subtle, but still has strong undertones of honey and relish. You will find an essence of pine present in the flavor. The aroma is pungent, odorous, and damp. The fragrance lingers and wafts in the air. The flavor has a sweet aftertaste that can also have hints of acidic sourness.

Best Uses

Our red Sumatra kratom powder is perfect for teas, soups, brews, and broths. You can also use it in cooking recipes as a seasoning or extra flavoring.

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Green Maeng Da Powder

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