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Quick Kratom

Quick Kratom: A Rather Ambiguous And Pricier Kratom Vendor

There are several kratom vendors out there, and it is not a simple task to select the one befitting your needs. Especially if you are new to the community, you may have no idea how to choose the right kratom vendor at the start of your Kratom journey. To get this task done, you start reading online. Eventually, you notice kratom reviews. They are instrumental because they let you know if a vendor delivers on their promises. But well, there are tons of them, and it is sometimes hard to find the most reliable ones. This is why we did our very own vendor review to help you make the right choice.

About Quick Kratom

After being unhappy with his Kratom experiences, a Kratom devotee founded Quick Kratom in 2013. He wanted to help other Kratom newbies avoid falling prey to the same firms that sold him low-quality Kratom.

However, the question arises: despite being in the kratom industry for eight years, why have they yet to create a name for themselves? as many older suppliers have. After numerous attempts, an instant Google search failed to discover this online vendor, and I had directly put the website address to locate it on Google. After 2015, there aren’t many reviews on any online kratom community that can demonstrate this vendor’s worth.

Quick Kratom

Website Layout

After visiting the Quick Kratom website, we question whether the company is actually in business? The site’s build doesn’t give us confidence and looks unprofessional. You’ll notice several things lacking. The site is outdated in its make-up, and it lacks vital information regarding the origins of its products, potency, and safety measures. However, vendors with some of the most simple websites sell outstanding Kratom products. Therefore, when purchasing Kratom, the website layout doesn’t essentially matter.

Accreditation From American Kratom Association

As you must have known, accreditation from the American Kratom Association plays a crucial part in determining any vendor’s devotion to providing high-quality products to their customers. However, after being in the Kratom industry for eight long years, this vendor is still not accredited by AKA under their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) program that looks out for the quality control and safeness of the Kratom products from heavy metals, pesticides, or other chemical exposure.

Moreover, it looks like they don’t have plans of doing so shortly because we couldn’t find the vendor in the pending approval list of the American Kratom Association.

Do They Lab Test Their Products?

Third-party lab testing of Kratom products is very important to ensure that you receive safe and high-quality products. It determines if the plant being used is free from heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides traces as it is hazardous for humans if these harmful materials enter their bodies.

Many Kratom vendors publicize their Lab test reports to ensure their customers get what they are paying for. However, Quick Kratom does not publicly display their Lab test reports, even if they have any. So, there is no way to decide about the authenticity of their kratom products except for their claim of selling high-quality Kratom.

What Do They Offer?

Right now, the company offers six strains. Quick Kratom’s website seems to have no options except powders. The menu bar shows extracts and tinctures, but after clicking on it, an empty page comes. It is not mentioned that those are out of stock, so it’s hard to tell whether this is temporary or the vendor has stopped selling them. Their selection might not make them very appealing to seasoned Kratom users. They want to experiment with a variety of strains and variants like capsules, extracts, and resins.

The strains offered by Quick Kratom includes

  • White Borneo Kratom
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Premium Bali Kratom
  • Primo Indo Kratom
  • Red vein Thai Kratom

What Is It Going To Cost You?

This online vendor’s prices are pretty high compared to other Kratom dealers.

  • Borneo white vein Kratom – 1 ounce to 1-kilogram increments. The price ranges between $16 to $275.
  •   Maeng da Kratom:Starts at 1 oz and gradually increases to 1 kilogram. Range of prices: $19.97 – $180
  • Green Malay Kratom starts at 1 oz and goes up to 1 kilo. The price range is $16 to $275.
  • Premium Bali Kratom – Starts at 1 ounce and ends at 1 kilogram. The price ranges between $12 to $210.
  • Primo Indo Kratom — 1 ounce to 1-kilogram increments The price range is $14 to $200.
  • Red vein Thai Kratom– 1 ounce to 1 kilogram. The price range is $12 to $290.

Moreover, these prices do not include sales tax. Sales tax gets added to your purchase after adding them to the cart.

Payment Options

This vendor keeps its payment methods confidential instead of sharing this information with its customers. We will not disclose the payment methods accepted by the vendor here.


Once your order is ready, it will be sent via the United States Postal Service. You may opt for Standard Mail, Priority Mail, or Express. Express is the fastest option and will typically arrive within two business days of your order being sent. However, They do not list any rates or dates for shipping, which is concerning. What they do mention on the site is that the shipping costs are dependent upon the availability of your product and your location at the time of placing an order.

Return And Exchange Policy

The only great deal you get at Quick Kratom is that they allow you to return your order and collect your total amount in a refund within 30 days of delivery. However, a downside is that you won’t be able to try it out first because the things must be unopened. Another inconsistency with Quick Kratom is that they claim to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but what good is it if we can’t sample them before returning them? Moreover, the seller does not have to give you a reason for denying the refund. In short, Quick Kratom’s refund policy is more of a show than anything else.

The reimbursements can take up to four weeks to reach your account, but the company claims that it takes a lesser time than that. You will get an email from the support team once the company receives the returned parcel.

Customer Service

The company’s About us page encourages customers to contact customer support regarding any issue, and they will get a response in due time. If the owner’s statements are believed, devoted customers can expect complimentary samples and even presents. We have seen several reviews where first-time customers have received at least one sample piece with their order, which is beneficial to the merchant.

Quick Kratom is simply accessible to anyone who has a question or a concern. An order never delivered was reported. However, the client appears to have reversed the money with their banking service’s help.

Available Coupon Codes

This seller is listed on all major coupon websites, but when you click on the proper pages, you rarely find actual codes. However, before purchasing Kratom from them, we recommend conducting a fast search for any new promo codes that may have surfaced.

Quick Kratom

Consumers Response About Quick Kratom

I spent some time checking the Quick Kratom site, and I could not find any reviews from the general public. They’ve been around since 2013, so this is very much unusual for their business. The only thread on Reddit about them has some positive feedback. However, that user also raised the issue of the high prices of the vendor, which is not a good bargain. The only reviews we could find were on the website, but these reviews are not as trustworthy because anyone can write a review on the website, even the company’s staff.

Yet, User engagement seems pretty low for this vendor. Usually, sales will be rather sluggish when a brand has no digital marketing presence and no customer support for its digital platforms. Another issue that could affect the vendor’s sales is that it doesn’t pop up with its name alone on google. That is likely to cause low to no customers interaction with the company.

Bottom Line

Quick Kratom is one of the most challenging vendors to purchase from. They have a closed-lipped approach to providing information about their products and policies. This has made it very hard for us to provide a thorough review. Their site is rather bare, and the information available is vague at best. While some kratom vendors have incredibly detailed descriptions of each strain and the alkaloid contents, along with pictures and customer reviews, Quick Kratom does not provide this information for you.

This contradicts the company owner’s claims of transparency and authenticity. However, we can only hope that things get better in the future and see more from them. If you are looking for a vendor with low prices with fantastic customer service, a detailed website, and excellent variety, then Quick Kratom might not be for you.

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