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Red Devil Kratom

Red Devil Kratom: Should You Buy From Them?

Red Devil Kratom is a start-up ONLINE business that seeks to supply the best quality all-natural herbs. We understand that looking for a reliable tree leaves powder source is difficult. Apprehensions and doubts enter the mind when we think about online Kratom vendors. Do you also feel hesitant? If yes, read along with this review and find out all there is to know about this leading brand.

Establishment of Red Devil Kratom

For more than six years, this has been a Brooklyn-based company dealing in Mitragyna speciosa. It was formed in 2015. Red Devil Kratom is famous for its authenticity and wide range. They are in direct contact with the Indonesian farmers and guarantee the best products available in the market. They supply Kratom in all its forms – from leaves to powder – in various strains.

What makes Red Devil Kratom unique is that they even produce their tea powder with the help of experts without using pesticides and insecticides. They also use fresh Kratom leaves and keep them in controlled environments to prevent unwanted biochemical changes. RDK takes pride in the fact that its products are free from preservatives and adulterations so that you can get the purest products possible.

Red Devil Kratom

What Products Does Red Devil Kratom Offer?

At Red Devil Kratom, you can find 100 % pure and organic products related to wellness and health. They offer a wide range of Mitragyna speciosa blends, premium Kratom, and King Kratom strains which are top of the line and in high demand these days. Not only this, but all the products are made from the fresh leaves of the Mitrgyna Speciosa trees directly.

Likewise, you can also find many CBD items and dietary supplements like Cat’s claw and Shilajit. You can blindly trust these products and purchase them with the utmost confidence that you are getting the best in the market.

King and Premium Kratom Strains Offered By RDK

From Green, red, yellow, and white strains to Borneo, Goblin, Maeng Da, Malay, and Bali types, RDK provides no shortage in variety and strain. You name it; they sell it.

The King and Premium Strains are the best products by Red Devil Kratom. With an enhanced outcome, increased potency, longer-lasting effects, and even the triple alkaloid profile, the King and Premium strains are found exclusively on the RDK website. The company has taken over the market with two of its best products to date with the latest technology.

Are RDK Products Affordable Or Not?

Although they certainly offer you the finest Kratom online, Red Devil Kratom is undoubtedly not the most affordable source of purchasing Kratom. Some products are quite expensive.¬†First-time visitors get daunted by the high price tags but make no mistake. Red Devil Kratom is undoubtedly going to deliver you your money’s worth.

The Kratom powders available online at RDK come with variable prices depending on weight. You can either buy the 28-gram size or the 250-gram size. Like the Red Malay Kratom Powder, some of their Kratom powders can be as cheap as $18.00, while certain signature powders can go as high as $118.00. These are the powders that are rarer or more in demand.

Aside from Kratom, RDK also deals in CBD products in oils, lotions, chapsticks, lip balms, honey sticks, and body butters. These can range from $65 to about $130 for CBD in paste form. Cat’s claw is also available for $33 and other miscellaneous health products. Too expensive for you? Try the prime quality Kratom, and watch yourself come back for more!

Does RDK Offer Discount Codes And Coupons?

One thing which attracts many potential buyers is the availability of discount codes. Good news for you! RDK offers discounts and offers an average customer saving of $15.25. What’s more, you get a flat 15% off orders over $35. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for your birthday or a particular period to avail of any discount, like the other Mitragyna speciosa competitors.

What grants Red Devil Kratom supremacy over all other brands is that you can get discounts daily, regardless of your product. Visit their page today and avail the grand opportunities!

American Kratom Association Accreditation

The brand is not accredited by the AKA and is not on the list of pending approvals. This is alarming for many Kratom lovers.

Are RDK Products Lab Tested?

It may be a red flag for certain users to find out that Red Devil Kratom does not offer any lab certificates or tests on their website. However, that is no cause for concern. The website mentions that all the products offered by RDK are 100 % organic and pure. The company has gotten very positive reviews from its customers and enjoys high sales and success.

How Do You Contact Red Devil Kratom?

You can always obtain the email address found on the website. The company officials do not always actively respond to all emails sent to them as only one email address is given. And even visiting their Contact Us page shows you a general text with no details provided, such as addresses, contact numbers, or emails.

You Can Get Product Updates!

One great thing about the company is that you can always volunteer to be a part of their mailing list by providing them with your email address. This way, you will always be quick to know about all the latest product updates on the website. You can also keep up to date with all the company’s discounts and sales and stock up on your favorite products. This is by far the best way of staying in contact with Red Devil Kratom.

User-Friendly Website

The Red Devil Kratom website is user-friendly and quickly helps customers survey the products. With detailed information about each product and high-definition pictures, the website is a convenient way of choosing the best product for you.

Moreover, the variable quantity choices and prices are also mentioned, along with many coupon codes and discounts. These features make an enjoyable and quick journey through the Red Devil Kratom website.

4 Categories of Shipping And Delivery

RDK offers its customers four categories of shipping and delivery. The company charges different amounts per delivery option, depending on the speed and urgency.

The categories are stated below

  • First-class shipping: $6
  • Priority mail: $8
  • Express mail: $24
  • Shipping to Canada: $25

This brand only delivers products to countries in North America, and no shipping is made to places where Mitragyna Speciosa is illegal.

Customer Views about Red Devil Kratom

Without a doubt, it can be said that Red Devil Kratom has become peoples’ choice. The company is now preferred widely, because of their authenticity and excellent customer service. Customers have also said that the employees are rapid to answer calls, emails, and texts and are always most accommodating to all who visit the website.

Although some customers have complained about the high rates and no return policy, it is safe to say that Red Devil Kratom can always be relied on to supply 100 % organic products.


  • Deals in a wide variety of Kratom strains
  • 100% authentic products
  • Offer premium coupon codes (via newspaper) to repeat buyers
  • A premium store for your next purchase


  • Not a member of the AKA – American Kratom Association
  • No returns on goods sell, regardless of any good reason
  • Limited shipping facility
  • No free shipping, regardless of high purchases
  • High pricing of some products

Final Thought

It’s worth mentioning that Red Devil Kratom might attract buyers with a vast range of their all-natural herbs, but they aren’t AKA approved is one of the major concerns for some people who want to make a bulk purchase.¬†Suppose you’re willing to spend money on a product that has no satisfaction guaranteed and doesn’t have positive customer reviews to support its legitimacy. In that case, you might consider Red Devil Kratom for your next purchase.

Red Devil Kratom


What is RDK’s return policy?

Red Devil Kratom provides no return policy whatsoever. However, in the case of any complaint or issue, you can feel free to contact them.

Does RDK deliver worldwide?

No. Red Devil Kratom only ships to Canada and certain states in the United States of America, namely: Tennessee, Utah, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.

What are Premium Kratom strains?

Premium Kratom strains are specially made versions of our RDK’s regular Kratom. They are more potent and longer-lasting.

What are ‘King Kratom’ strains?

These strains are exclusive to RDK. They have double the alkaloid content of regular Kratom for enhanced benefits.

I want to order. What kind of payment does RDK accept?

RDK only accepts electronic transactions in e-checks or cash during pick up.

Are their products pure?

Yes. At RDK, all products are 100 % pure and organic.

I don’t want my transaction information to be leaked. Is the RDK website secure?

The Red Devil Kratom website uses SSL encryption to ensure the complete security of all payment information provided by their customers.

How do you know which product is perfect for you?

The company’s website offers a quick view feature that can look at product information and uses. This will give you a good idea of whether the product is suited to your needs, but you can also explore the price. Moreover, in case of any confusion, you can present questions to the company officials and discuss what you are looking for. They are always accommodating.

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