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Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Kratom – A Guide For Beginners

Experienced kratom users know all about the different strains of kratom. However if you have recently discovered the benefits of this amazing herbal supplement, you might be a bit confused as to why there are so many types of kratom.

In this article, we shall review one of the most infamous and unique kratom strains, Red Horn Kratom. As well, we will give newcomers some background on kratom as well as advise you on ways to use kratom.

Background on Kratom

Native to Southeast Asia, the Kratom Tree (Mitragyna Speciosa) can grow as tall as 80-100 feet. The leaves of the kratom tree are harvested at different stages of life, each of which has its own benefits. The more mature the leaves, the more powerful the effects.

Since Kratom is not approved by the FDA, it is illegal or banned in some states or countries. As such, we firmly suggest that one would only consume kratom at their own risk. Make sure you only purchase kratom from a reputable kratom vendor, and only if you are of age (typically 18-21). Keep in mind that everyone experiences the effects of kratom differently so your experience might not be the same as someone else’s.

Years ago, those who lived in Southeast Asia chewed on freshly harvested kratom leaves in order to gain their full benefits. They also used the leaves to brew herbal teas, which they believed could help relieve a number of ailments. It wasn’t until recently that the use of kratom caught on around the world.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of vendors in the kratom marketplace, mainly in the United States, where kratom is immensely popular. It is typically sold in powder or capsule form. Some kratom sellers offer kratom extracts as well. But most kratom vendors have a vast array of kratom strains, each with its unique qualities.

About Kratom Strains

Kratom strains are named after the color of the vein and then typically the region from which they come (Red Horn Kratom is one exception to this norm). Kratom strains include green white and red but colors such as yellow or gold are common as well with some vendors.

The kratom strain color is mainly from the color of the veins of the kratom leaf, but it can also be attributed to the method in which the leaves are dried. Drying the leaves in different environments and lighting can alter the effects of the strain.

Kratom leaves are rich in natural compounds called alkaloids, mainly mitragynine and 7 hydroxy mitragynine. Red vein kratom is obtained from mature kratom leaves and has high levels of both of these naturally occurring compounds. Kratom leaves can contain as high as 40-100 different alkaloids, each of which varies in strength and benefits.

Why is Red Horn Kratom so Special?

Red Horn Kratom stands apart from other strains in that it is not as common. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to both grow and harvest. It originates in remote areas in Borneo. This strain of kratom is a challenge to harvest as the jungles and forest in which it grows are inhabited by wildlife and often severe weather conditions.

Most other kratom strains are named after the area from which they are soured. Red Horn Kratom is unique in that it is named after the shape of the leaves, which resemble a spike, or horn. As well, Red Horn Kratom is said to have a high potency due to the fact that it is extremely rich in alkaloids. Therefore, Red horn is favored by seasoned kratom users due to its powerful effects.

Due to its high level of potency, it is advised that one only uses Red Horn Kratom as directed and in small doses. This rare kratom is therefore not recommended to newbies. Some experienced kratom users even mix it with equal parts white or red veins of kratom for a more subtle effect.

Uses for Red Horn Kratom

Kratom is available in many forms, with the most popular being kratom powder and kratom capsules. Some websites sell dried kratom leaves and yet others sell kratom extracts, which are growing in popularity with experienced kratom users.

Kratom capsules tend to cost more than kratom powders. But those who prefer the efficiency of kratom in capsule form don’t seem to mind paying a bit more than kratom capsules are already pre-measured in specific doses. Also, some have an issue with the somewhat bitter taste of kratom powder.

On the other hand, many prefer kratom powder because it is often sold in bulk, which is extremely cost-effective. Kratom powder has a variety of uses as it can be used as a food additive for a favorite recipe. In addition, you can add kratom powder to your beverage of choice. Popular kratom beverages include protein shakes, juice blends, herbal teas, coffee beverages, milkshakes, and even smoothies.

Where You Can Find Red Horn Kratom

Due to its limited supply, we highly urge that you only purchase Red Horn Kratom from a reputable kratom vendor online. First of you must check to see if the company is associated with the AKA, or American Kratom Association. The AKA was created to keep an eye on online kratom vendors to make sure that they follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) which includes selling only 100% pure kratom tested by third-party labs that are free from any type of contaminant, including heavy metals.

It is not advised to buy red horn strain kratom from a street or local vendor. This is to ensure that you are being sold red horn kratom and not a fake product. Always make sure the packaging has not been tampered with and never purchase loose kratom powder or capsules.

Don’t forget to take a minute to check out SA Kratom’s line of pure, high-quality, naturally sourced kratom. Our line of kratom powders and capsules is top-of-the-line and 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We are one of the most trusted kratom vendors in today’s kratom marketplace.


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