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Red Malay Kratom

Red Malay Kratom: What’s the Scoop?

As Kratom is becoming more mainstream around the world, more and more people are trying to determine which strain of kratom works best. The honest answer is that kratom benefits everyone differently. It may take some research as well as a sampling of various strains until you find one that works for you.

Red Malay Kratom is a favored strain amongst many kratom users and is often readily available in most online stores. In this article, we shall examine Red Malay kratom and provide some information to help you decide if this is a variety you might wish to sample.

Kratom for Newcomers

Kratom trees have been around since the dawn of time and natives of Southeast Asia have benefited from its use for hundreds of years. However, kratom was not a hot item worldwide until about ten or so years ago.

The kratom tree sprouts leave that contain alkaloids. These are compounds that occur naturally in the kratom tree due to the tropical conditions in this region. The leaves are harvested and distributed to kratom vendors around the world. There are many different varieties available, including Red Malay Kratom.

Malay Kratom: Red Malay Kratom

For the most part, kratom strains are named after the region from which they are harvested. Hence, Malay kratom is exported from Malaysia.

Malay kratom is often recommended for those who have tried other strains of kratom but wish to sample red vein kratom. Red vein kratom has the highest amount of alkaloids than most other strains. However, Red Malay kratom is said to have a lower level of alkaloids than other varieties of red kratom. This means that the effects are more on the mild sign as opposed to other kratom strains, such as red mange da or red bail.

The fact that it contains a lower level of alkaloids means that there is a smoother balance between the flavonoids and alkaloids contained in the kratom leaves.

Kratom trees are traditionally known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Red Malay Kratom is sourced from a variation of this tree known as the Penang tree. Red vein kratom leaves are harvested once these leaves reach the height of maturity. The vein of the leaves starts off green and then progresses to white and finally red as they age. Again, red vein kratom is said to be the most potent of the various strains of kratom and is believed to yield the most benefits.

In some cases, strains of kratom are created by combining one or more strains of kratom, such as yellow or gold kratom. These have unique levels of alkaloids and nutrients. However, most purists will tell you that red vein kratom is the champion of the kratom varieties.

Red Malay contains a fairly high amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, the most prominent alkaloids contained in kratom leaves. However, once again, red Malay is slightly less effective than red maeng da or red Bali kratom. It is a good choice if you wish to experience the effects of red vein kratom but are a bit wary of trying one of the stronger varieties.

It must be pointed out that the effects of kratom benefit each person in an individual manner. Therefore, you can not rely on another user’s experience with red Malay kratom as set in stone. As your biological make-up is unique, you might have a totally different experience or even none at all.


Buying Red Malay Kratom

The FDA has not yet authorized the use of kratom. As with any herbal supplement, there are risks involved, so you must use kratom at your own discretion. As such, red Malay is often illegal in some areas or at least banned. When you are doing your research on kratom, please verify that it is legal in your area of residence. Also, pay close attention to the age restrictions, as in many places, it is illegal to possess or consume kratom as a minor.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is not the best idea to buy kratom locally. Often, the vendor selling kratom is a third party that knows little to nothing about how kratom works. Also, the selection may be limited and the kratom itself may not be of the finest quality.

For this reason, we highly suggest that you purchase Red Malay kratom from a trusted online vendor. These sellers are supported by the AKA or American Kratom Association. The AKA was formed in 2014 to oversee kratom sales. Their purpose is to keep these vendors in line.

The AKA checks to see if the kratom is 1) naturally sourced 2) made following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and 3) has been verified to be free of impurities and harmful substances.


How to Use Red Malay Kratom

The manner in which you consume red Malay kratom depends on the type of kratom you choose to purchase. For example, kratom powder can be added to your morning coffee, tea, smoothie, or protein shake. Some like to experiment with it by adding it to their favorite dishes such as casseroles or baked goods.

Kratom powder is often used to brew herbal teas. You can find packaged kratom teas available online, but many prefer to use the powder to brew their own blends of kratom and herbal varieties. A word to the wise, though, kratom has a bit of a bitter flavor, so kratom powder might not be for everyone.

Kratom capsules are a great choice as they are sold in pre-calculated doses which are easy to swallow. You can take them on the go, and they are also discreet. However, they cost a bit more than kratom powders.

Kratom extracts are now a hot commodity, but we suggest that you try other varieties of kratom first as they are extremely potent, and also quite expensive. But if you are a die-hard kratom fan, you might find kratom extracts to be your kratom of choice.

SA Kratom is a proud vendor of a fine selection of high-quality kratom products. Everything we sell has been inspected by a third-party laboratory so we guarantee that they are free from any contamination. Check out our kratom store today for the best selection of quality kratom powders and capsules.

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