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Releaf Kratom – A truthful Review

In the online kratom industry, it can often be difficult to find truly reliable vendors that offer quality products and services. In an industry full of vendors that lack business transparency, focus entirely on making a profit, and offer incredibly low prices for a sacrifice of quality and fair business practices, it is important to research a vendor before purchasing their products. In this review, we will be doing just that with Releaf Kratom, an online kratom vendor based in Columbus Ohio.

In order for a kratom vendor to be considered reliable and trustworthy, it must have a decent reputation, reliable, reasonable prices, high-quality products, excellent customer service, and convenient shipping and return policies. The ultimate question is, does Releaf Kratom offer all of these things? After this review, you will know if Releaf Kratom is really as great as they claim to be and if this vendor is worth your time and money.

Who Is Releaf Kratom?

As mentioned above, Releaf Kratom is a kratom vendor based in Columbus Ohio. According to their website, they pride themselves on providing their customers with the highest quality products, fast delivery, and top-tier customer service. After expanding and growing as a brand, they now operate out of a series of vending machines.

According to Releaf Kratom, these vending machines are stocked with high-quality strains of some of the most popular products in the market, specifically premium kratom powder. Their vending machines operate on a 24-hour schedule, making it easy for customers to get access to kratom any time they desire. This is a huge standout to many customers who hate waiting around for long delivery periods.

On their website, unlike several online kratom vendors, Releaf Kratom puts extra effort into explaining who they are and how the company gained a passion for natural herbs. They claim to prioritize the cultural aspects of the use of kratom and to have a special consideration for plants, the environment, and how they can work in harmony with society.

The extra put into providing this bit of information on their website offers an important level of business transparency that is often neglected by some online vendors. After visiting their website, customers feel they understand this brand and their intentions, thus allowing a consumer-company trust to be established. In other words, business transparency is a good sign.

Releaf worked hard alongside a small group of entrepreneurs to open up local vending machines. Their goal was to make kratom accessible 24/7, and ultimately, they were able to do so. While there are a lot of legal issues that arose, such as liability issues, Releaf was aware of this and took the necessary steps to ensure the success of this new venture. As a result, all vending machines are behind locked doors.

A code is required in order to access the machine. Unfortunately, despite their impressive efforts to make this new idea work, the vending machines closed shortly after they opened.

However, customers could still access their products via their online shop. But, in January 2020, issues arose. Releaf Kratom suddenly had no products in stock, meaning customers could not make any purchases from them. Customers could not even add anything to their cart.

As a result of this major issue, Releaf Kratom underwent a series of rebuilding phases that they are still currently going through. In this review, however, we will talk about the company as a whole and their general reputation while they were operating.

Products Offered By Releaf Kratom

When compared to the product lines offered by other popular online vendors, Releaf Kratom’s product variety is not too impressive. Their product line is quite limited, and customers do not have a ton of forms and strains to choose from. However, this limited variety makes sense when we considered that it was designed for vending machine purposes.

Nonetheless, their online store still clearly lists each product they do offer. These products include Kratom 10x extracts, Green Malay, Green Bali, Bali Indo, Elephant, and White Maeng Da.

Considering their products are not currently available to purchase and may not be in the future, it is hard to determine the quality of these products. Additionally, it may just be more effective to check out a more reliable vendor that you know you can safely and securely purchase your products.

Pricing At Releaf Kratom

Another huge downside with Releaf Kratom is hat pricing which is disabled on their primary website. However, when they were still operating out of a vending machine, they had affordable, reasonable prices that were adequate for the size and quality of the products.

Additionally, discounts were even given on larger-sized orders. Customers can purchase up to one kilo at a time, so this a great way to make items more affordable for their loyal customers.

However, customers dislike that there are no coupon codes available. Considering this vendor’s current, shaky circumstances, this doesn’t come as a surprise to most, however, it is still a bummer for customers who are looking to purchase kratom without completely emptying out their bank account.

Before their issues, however, Releaf Kratom did have a reputation for its affordable prices and frequent discounts. They were very diligent about informing loyal customers about any new deals or discounts. As a result, if they do start fully operating again, you may want to sign up for their newsletter so that you won’t miss out on any of the killer deals they might offer.

Shipping And Returns

On all orders over $50, Releaf kratom does offer free USPS Priority mail shipping. This is a major plus that many enthusiastic customers enjoyed when Releaf Kratom was operating at its full potential.

Customer Service

According to online reviews, previous customers have mostly positive things to say regarding Releaf Kratoms’ customer service. One reviewer even said the service and products offered by this vendor are “amazing.” Overall, customers reported quick feedback and positive experiences with kind, knowledgeable, and helpful customer service representatives.

Final Thoughts

While they may have once been a well-reputed vendor with great products and services, customers can’t even be sure that they can purchase products from this vendor. Unfortunately, as a result of that alone, I would not recommend checking out Releaf Kratom.

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