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royal kratom

Royal Kratom – Is This Kratom Vendor As Reliable As It Claims To Be?

This vendor claims to provide customers with the highest quality kratom products in the online industry. They operate out of California, where all their products are produced, packaged, and shipped. They provide their products nationwide, except for a few states where legalities prevent the use of kratom.

However, is this product as reliable as they claim to be? Is Royal Kratom the best choice for your next kratom purchase? In this review, we will be taking a closer look at several aspects of this particular vendor, including their background, customer service policy, product quality, prices, shipping and returns, overall reputation, and more. By the end of this review, you’ll know if Royal Kratom is worth your time.


This California-based company offers its products both online and in various headshops all over the country. Headshops typically have a lower reputation amongst the online kratom industry. However, despite this common stigma, Royal Kratom has been able to establish a decent reputation based on qualities such as their unique product variety or their top-tier packaging.

Customers who have previously purchased from headshops seem to have a general opinion that headshop experiences are often less-than superb. Several kratom users even intentionally stray away from them. However, some headshops do possess some redeeming qualities, such as some unique, high-quality products. Is Royal Kratom one of these redeemably vendors?

In order to be considered reliable, regardless of being a headshop or online business, a vendor must meet certain criteria. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Royal Kratom lives up to these standards. Several customer reviews on Reddit report negative comments, some even claiming that the products offered by this vendor aren’t even kratom at all.

One review reported inauthentic, ineffective products, claiming they didn’t even smell or look like kratom. In one Reddit review, Royal Kratom is even called a “terrible” vendor. Additionally, customers have reported negative effects, such as headaches, after using Royal Kratom’s products. Various other negative reviews can be found online. There is even a YouTube video dedicated solely to point out the negative aspects of this vendor.

However, naturally, there are also some customers who have some positive things to say. Some customers report positive experiences and high-quality products. One previous customer even claims that Royal Kratom is their new favorite vendor. However, overall, the number of negative opinions, unfortunately, outweigh the positive ones.

Products Offered by Royal Kratom

royal kratom

Although this vendor doesn’t appear to be the best as far as product quality, they do offer a full line of products including extracts, powders, and capsules on their user-friendly website.

Customers can find a variety of capsules including Maeng Da XXXL, Bali XXXL, Vietnam XXXL, Thai XXXL, Indo XXXL, Thai XXL, Indo XXL, Bali XXL, Vietnam XXL, Bali XL, Vietnam XL, Thai XL, Indo XL, Maeng Da XL, and Platinum Maeng Da.

They also offer powder options such as Indo, Vietnam, Bali, and Maeng Da. All powders come in one size.

Additionally, their extracts include Platinum Maeng Da Capsules, Bali 15ml, Maeng Da 15 ml, and Maeng Da 7ml.


One upside of this vendor is its simple, effective pricing structure. Kratom users value simple pricing structures because it simplifies the process of purchasing kratom products. Customers can easily get an idea of the price of an item and gauge how much they are going to spend.

Similar to other online kratom vendors, Royal Kratom provides various coupon codes via Slyng. However, customers find it a bit odd that there is no way of knowing how much the discount is actually worth or when it is no longer valid. If you do decide to purchase from this vendor, use the coupon code “Slyng” to save some money on your purchase.

royal kratom


Due to a lack of evidence, we don’t really know how great Royal Kratom’s customer service is. This is a bad sign. It reflects a lack of a stable reputation and customer interest in the brand, and customers have no way of knowing whether or not they can trust that this vendor will provide them with the help they need. They do, however, provide adequate information about how to contact the vendor, making it easy for customers to at least seek out help.



(760) 602-1094


PO BOX 1067, Carlsbad, CA 92018


To continue the theme of this vendor not exactly being the best, their shipping and return policy, when compared to other vendors, also isn’t the most convenient. Refunds are offered for only 10 days after customers receive their package only if the return is a result of a company mistake. This is a small amount of time, meaning customers must rush to report any problems they see when receiving their package. In other words, for whatever reason, this vendor doesn’t appear to offer much grace when it comes to returns.

However, one upside is that Royal Kratom does offer free ground shipping within the United States. This applies only to orders over $75. On all orders less than $75, customers are required to pay a shipping fee of $8.99. Customers can typically expect their package to arrive within 7 full business days after the order is placed.


When searching online, it doesn’t appear that Royal Kratom has much of an online, social media presence. However, this is fairly common amongst the kratom industry. While it does offer a sense of passion, intentionality, and business transparency, not having one isn’t necessarily a reputation destroyer. However, as we’ve discussed, Royal Kratom seems to be struggling with its reputation due to some other, more serious factors.


Unfortunately, the overall opinion towards Royal Kratom appears to be negative. Their poor product quality and lack of business transparency do not work to justify the slightly higher prices. While not all reviews are negative, I ultimately would not recommend this brand. However, if you do decide to check this brand out, maybe try purchasing a smaller order first.

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