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Serenity Botanicals

Serenity Botanicals Review – Is It A Right Choice For You?

Serenity botanicals is a small, family-owned business that claims to prioritize excellent customer service and high-quality kratom products. They pride themselves in putting their love and passion for botanicals into every aspect of their company. Their goal is to provide their customers with the best possible natural and organic products are incredibly reasonable prices. However, do they actually live up to all of these expectations? Are they really as great as they claim to be and is this vendor the right one for you?

In this review, we will be taking a much deeper look at Serenity botanicals. After learning about nearly everything you need to know including their product quality, product variety, shipping, and return policy, customer service, business transparency, and more, you will know if this vendor is right for you.

Who Are Serenity Botanicals?

Serenity botanicals have been offering its products and services to a variety of customers since their origination in 2015, they have spent three years in business working their hardest to establish a high reputation within the online Kratom industry. By just simply visiting their well-designed, user-friendly interface, customers can see why this vendor has gained the reputation for being one of the best-looking stores in the history of kratom.

However, having great aesthetics doesn’t necessarily mean a vendor offers the best quality products. But it does catch customer’s attention in Mexico’s first impression and first-time buyers.

Their website even includes it clearly designated area for the six different product categories. These categories include CBD, bath and body, botanicals, skincare, Kratom, and herbal tea. In other words, despite their wine selection of products that could be overwhelming, the website is still simple, convenient, and easy for first-time customers to navigate.

This is important because, for online Kratom vendors, their website is the only way customers can explore their shop and view their products so it is important that it is user-friendly and well organized.

Overall, this vendor appears to have a great reputation amongst kratom consumers. They even have a five-star average rating and mostly positive reviews. Some customer reviews even state that Serenity Botanicals is one of the best online vendors out there.

Products Offered By Serenity Botanicals

Wow, their major stand out is their incredibly well-designed website, they are also known for their next product selection. Customers can find access to extracts, blends, samplers, and several basic veins. These veins include white, red, green, and yellow.

The sampler pack options include a one-kilo sampler, a 10 strain, 10 oz sampler, a 4 strain, 4-ounce sampler, and an 8 strain, 8 oz sampler.

Customers also love the variety of plants such as a compliment, the energy blend, the Cambodian blend, the calm blend, the relief blend, the sweet dreams blend, the focus blend, the Borneo blend, and the mood blend.

Additionally, they offer 10% kratom extracts, Green Maeng Da kratom capsules, and red tincture.

Lastly, they offer a variety of powders. Some of the most popular powders include their yellow Borneo, white Maeng Da, White Kapuas, White Indo, White Bali, Red Vietnam, Red Thai, Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Bentuangie, Red Bali, Green Indo, Green Malay, and Green Borneo.

As you can see, this vendor offers a variety of products that customers everywhere claim to love.

Pricing Of Serenity Botanicals

The reasonable pricing is another likable aspect of this highly-reputed company. In comparison to other leading online Kratom vendors, the prices for all items offered by serenity Botanicals are reasonably priced and affordable for the average Kratom consumer. In other words, this is a great vendor to visit if you’re looking to get your hands on some high-quality products without emptying out your bank account.

Additionally, this vendor offers a variety of coupon codes and discounts that are easy for customers to access.

Serenity Botanicals Customer Service

Another upside of Serenity Botanicals is their excellent customer service. Previous customers have reported positive experiences with kind, helpful, and professional company representatives who are dedicated to quickly helping customers find answers to any questions or concerns.

Several online reviews claim that this vendor cares about their customers and they put love into their products and several aspects of their company, including customer service. In other words, customers feel seen, heard, and cared for by this vendor. In an industry full of scams, gimmicks, and vendors that are simply interested in nothing other than making a profit, this can sometimes be hard to come across. One Reddit review even said that serenity botanicals offer the best customer service they have ever experienced from an online vendor.

Shipping And Returns At Serenity Botanicals

Customers love that refunds are available to any consumer who isn’t satisfied with their products, as long as at least 95% of the product hasn’t been used.

Serenity Botanical Social Media Presence

Another factor that sets this vendor apart from the rest is its impressive social media presence. In the online Kratom industry, it is quite common for vendors to neglect to prioritize an active social media presence, which can sometimes result in a lack of business transparency. However, Serenity Botanicals is different from those vendors.

On their Instagram page alone, they have 1,103 followers and 89 posts. They get regular likes and comments on each of their posts as well. Their Facebook is even more impressive, with 2,348 people liking their page and several of these followers regularly interacting with their post.

Final Thoughts On Serenity Botanicals

So now it’s time to answer the ultimate question, is the vendor the right place for you? According to several online reviews and customer testimonials, serenity botanicals is clearly a reliable and trustworthy vendor. If you’re looking for high-quality products, a variety of different options to choose from, great customer service, and affordable prices from a well-trusted vendor, this might even be the right place for your next purchase. In other words, serenity botanicals are loved by many customers and it is definitely worth checking out.

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