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Can Soul Speciosa Be Labeled As A Trustworthy Kratom Vendor?

In an industry full of scams, gimmicks, and a number of vendors claiming to be the best, it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to determine whether or not a vendor is trustworthy. For a kratom vendor to be labeled trustworthy, the kratom industry has established specific criteria a vendor must meet, including being licensed, selling thoroughly tested products, and more. In this review, we will be examining whether this vendor meets these criteria.

In this review, you will learn all you need to know about Soul Speciosa and have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether this vendor is the right one for you.

soul speciosa


Operating in the center of Los Angeles, California, Soul Speciosa is a kratom vendor that has a high reputation as a reliable vendor that offers fresh, high-quality kratom consistently. However, despite their positive reputation, in 2018, Soul Speciosa was one the few kratom vendors whose products were recalled due to a wide-spread salmonella concern. Due to this issue, Soul Speciosa changed its URL.

Now, when customers visit the website, they are rerouted to “Left Coast Kratom’s URL.” This contamination issue has been the destroying factor for many kratom vendors who lost their business because they didn’t take the necessary steps to recover. However, according to several online reviews, Soul Speciosa is one of the vendors who put in the extra work and took the necessary steps to begin building back up their positive reputation.

Additionally, customers also trust this vendor because it is AKA certified. In other words, it has been accredited by the American Kratom Association, a key sign that a vendor is legit and trustworthy.

Their user-friendly, informative website provides extensive information about each product, making it simple and easy for customers to purchase products safely and efficiently.


soul speciosa

One big stand out of this vendor is their impressive variety of products. With one of the most popular kratom strains, Soul Speciosa is a great one-stop shop for customers to find all the products they want, without having to go digging from different kratom vendors. Customers love the variety of kratom strains and powders, as well as different product options, including pure, natural extracts, and strains geared specifically towards first-time kratom users.

Customers can choose between a variety of powders including Yellow Borneo, Super Green Malay, Yellow Maeng Da, White Sumatra, White Borneo, Horn Maeng Da, Super Enhanced Indo, Red Kale, Yellow Thai, Green Vein Thai, OG Bali, Red Dragon, and Red Maeng Da Thai.

Additionally, customers can choose from different products in capsule form, including Gold Reserve Tea, Bali Kratom, Red Maeng Da Thai, Ultra Enhanced Indo Tea Capsules, 10% extract capsules, Left Coast Platinum Tea Tablets, White Borneo, and Red Kali Kratom.

That isn’t all though. Soul Speciosa also offers specialty products like 50x Kratom Extract, Gold Elephas Kratom Extract, Platinum Kratom Extract, New Full Spectrum Kratom Extract, Left Coast Gold Kratom Extract, FSE Kratom Extract, and lastly, Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract.

Some of their most popular and well-liked strains include Maeng Da or “Pimp daddy Kratom.” Customers claim this is the best strain offered by the vendor. Some reviews even report that this strain is one of the most effective on the market.

Customers also rave about the Super-enhanced Thai Kratom powder. Compared to the average price of this product on the market, this product is effective and affordable, making it a top favorite amongst several regular customers.

Customers feel they can trust the quality and safety of Soul Speciosa’s products due to the information provided on the website’s quality assurance page, ensuring customers that each item is thoroughly tested for any chemicals or safety hazards. Customers praise the quality of the products and trust that they know exactly what they are using.

Along with proper testing and safety protocols, Soul Speciosa follows several procedures that align with the AKA and cGMP practices including extensive sanitation measures, several different lab facilities, screenings to ensure the safety and contents of all products, and environmental procedures and regulations.

Overall, Soul Speciosa provides customers with high-quality, safe products that they feel they can rely on every time.


Along with a variety of products of excellent quality, Soul Speciosa pleases customers with incredibly affordable prices in comparison to other online vendors. These powders, kratoms, and other various products are all reasonably priced, making it easy for customers of all budgets to satisfy their kratom needs without breaking the bank.

One downside, however, is that Soul Speciosa does not offer kratom in bulk, an aspect that is a huge disadvantage to many customers.

However, customers are overall super pleased with the affordability of this vendor, as well as the several discounts and coupon codes that allow them to save even more money on the already affordable products. Customers can receive a 10% discount for simply following the brand on social media or signing up to join the loyalty program.

Returning customers automatically become members of a 5-tier loyalty program. This loyalty program gives customers a variety of benefits including discounts and promotional codes. Additionally, upon visiting the vendor’s website, customers automatically receive an email giving them access to new deals and discounts.


Customers love the shipping and return policy of this vendor. Customers automatically receive same-day, free shipping on all items. This is a huge plus to several kratom consumers who hate waiting around for their products and dealing with inconvenient shipping processes.

Orders are processed and dispatched on the same day on all orders that are placed before 2 PM Eastern Time. As far as returns, Soul Speciosa offers a 30-day period for customers to return any items. Customers must mail unopened packages within 30 days of receiving them and shipping costs apply.


Based on their great reputation, high-quality products, product variety, affordable products, business transparency, and convenient shipping and return policies, you may want to check this vendor out next time you are in the market for some great kratom.

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