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Store Kratom

KRATOM STORAGE – How to Store Kratom At Your Home?

Since Kratom contains active components, it must be stored  carefully to guarantee that it continues to function weeks after purchase. For you to comprehend why Kratom is so sensitive, it’s necessary first to understand its roots. Mitragyna speciosa is the source of this substance.

This tree thrives in wet, warm climates across the world, particularly in Southeast Asia. The leaves from this tree are collected and crushed into powder. The active chemicals in Kratom must be handled and maintained properly, or the product’s efficacy will decline with time.

Any Kratom specialist or user will assure you that the first three months are the most effective. If you wait any longer, the product will likely have gone bad and no longer be efficient. The freshness of the Kratom may vary depending on where you obtained it, so you don’t want to risk spoiling it by keeping it just anywhere.

You can expect your Kratom capsules, powders, and extracts to survive considerably longer if you take the time and effort to create the ideal storage environment for them.

Store Kratom

The Everyday Use

Small, plastic bags are the ideal way to store Kratom for everyday usage. Store Kratom into small portions for each day, and then store each portion in its container.

The most important part of this technique of preservation is to eliminate all of the air from the bag, as oxygen is detrimental to the lifespan of Kratom. Close the bag as tightly as possible before pressing down to eliminate any excess air. You may also suck out the air with a straw immediately before zipping it up. Certain Kratom users use vacuum seal pouches.

The Kratom you don’t use will be carefully maintained away from UV light, moisture, and oxygen, which are three major variables that reduce its effectiveness.

Storage For Longer Periods

If you’re wondering how to keep Kratom for a long time, use the same steps as you would for short-term storage. Store your Kratom into larger quantities than you would for short-term usage, and keep some of them together in a bag or container. You may store it in months, strains, and forms. Seal your plastic bags and store them all in a bigger plastic bucket or container.

Also, some individuals swear by putting their sealed bags in the freezer. However, when storing Kratom in the freezer for lengthy periods, you must be cautious about freezer burns. You have to break out what you need to replenish your short-term supply.

Check The Stored Kratom Regularly

If you keep Kratom in your pantry or freezer, keep an eye on it to ensure it doesn’t get freezer burn or mildew. Loss of scent, color, and visual indications of decomposition or freezer burn are all indicators that the Kratom hasn’t been properly kept.

If your Kratom appears different than it did when you first kept it, whether it’s in powder, leaf, or tea form, something has changed, and it’s usually not for the better. It is most likely degrading due to improper storage. Kratom that has been degraded does not survive as long as Kratom has been properly kept, and the benefits diminish.

Avoid Storage In Moist And Damp Areas

Moisture is the number one enemy of Kratom. You should never, under any circumstances, allow your Kratom to become damp and then keep it that way. It will rapidly decay and deteriorate. If your refrigerator is very humid, or you don’t believe the shed is a good location to store Kratom, you might want to rethink.

Most storage containers, such as bins, quickly build up humidity, so make sure it has as little to no oxygen in your containers as possible. Adding a paper towel or a slice of bread to your container might also help absorb some of the moisture.


How does temperature affect Kratom?

While Kratom should be kept in a cold, dry environment, one of the most important things to avoid is a major fluctuation or shift in temperature. If you move from one extreme of the temperature range to another, kratom powder will swiftly deteriorate.

If your kitchen faces southwest and gets quite hot towards the end of the day, you might want to consider a new storage placement. For Kratom storage, a dark pantry or a root cellar are also excellent options.

Can UV light cause damage to my Kratom?

Yes! UV rays cause much damage to Kratom. The sun’s rays are strong and potentially damaging, especially to Kratom powder.

Light is one of the elements that cause the alkaloids in Kratom to degrade. If you’re a casual Kratom user, your Kratom may be less strong when you eventually consume it since it’s been exposed to UV radiation.

To keep it, look for dark-colored tins or jars since dark glass jars assist in slowing down the degradation process.

Can the taste or smell of Kratom change due to lingering scents?

Some individuals will put their Kratom in the refrigerator if they don’t have any other alternatives for cold, dark areas in their home. Refrigerating your Kratom is a great idea, but you should be careful of strong smells that might alter its flavor.

This problem can also arise when using open butter containers. If you store Kratom in the fridge with odoriferous items like garlic bread, onions, or cooked meat, your Kratom may end up smelling like some of these foods.

Another factor to consider is the storage container. If you put your Kratom in an old cigar storage container, it may smell and taste like cigars when it comes out. It’s not just about where you keep your Kratom, but also about what you keep it in.

What happens when Kratom comes in contact with oxygen?

Kratom, like any organic material, is susceptible to oxidation. Oxidation causes rust in metals, and it may also happen in meals and vitamins. Food containing more fat will oxidize and smell sour or rancid, and vitamins will oxidize as well, making them less effective.

Kratom is highly vulnerable to environmental changes once it has fallen from the tree. Therefore, Kratom should be transferred to a container soon after it is picked, keeping the amount of oxygen in your storage containers to a minimum.

Store Kratom

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the lifespan and quality of your Kratom is critical, and because it is a botanical, you must take certain precautions when storing it. When you’ve chosen the right Kratom strain for you, make sure to store it properly so that it can last a long time without losing its freshness.

Choose a location that is consistently cool and shaded, with few strong odors. You may extend the life of your Kratom by putting in a little effort and enjoying its merits for longer.

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