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sunstone organics

Sunstone Organics Review

If you are at all familiar with kratom, you are well aware that there is a lot of competition when it comes to online kratom vendors. This is why it is important to take the time to learn a bit about a kratom seller before making your first purchase.

We aim to help our readers make informed decisions about kratom companies. For this reason, we take the time to carefully review popular kratom vendors. We aim to provide our readers with unbiased feedback. However, it is ultimately up to the consumer to decide which vendor will suit their needs and expectations.

Not all kratom vendors are created equal. In this Sunstone Organics Review, we will offer you our honest opinion of this online kratom retailer.

About Sunstone Organics

Sunstone Organics takes great pride in selling only the highest quality kratom. The owners state they have dedicated kratom connoisseurs, so they make it their priority to obtain pure, naturally sourced kratom from only the best kratom farms located in Southeast Asia.

Based in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, Sunstone Organics also sells its high quality kratom in over 400 retail locations in Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, and Washington state.

Sunstone Organics Website

When you land on the homepage of Sunstone Organics website, you will see that they advertise that they sell natural and ethnobotanical products. Apparently, at one time, they did sell items other than kratom such as CBD products. However, once you click on their product tab, you will notice that they are currently only selling kratom. Nevertheless, from the reviews we have perused, Sunstone Organics does indeed sell a wide variety of high-grade kratom.

You can click on the β€œLocations” tab on their website to locate stores in the above-mentioned states that carry their line of kratom capsules and powders. As well, if you click on the β€œSample” tab, you will notice that Sunstone Organics sends out weekly free samples on Friday. They will ship a free ten-gram powder kratom sample to customers in the following states:

● Idaho
● Iowa
● Illinois
● Kansas
● Minnesota
● Missouri
● Oklahoma
● Oregon
● South Dakota
● Washington

There is a one-limit sample for any given name, address, email address, and telephone number. However, they do sell sample packs as well if you do not live in one of these locations or wish for a larger sample.

Sunstone Organics outlines their shipping, return, and other policies on their websites. They also provide their business hours, physical address, and business telephone number, as well as a contact form on their website.

In addition, they have a small blog section that provides information about the American Kratom Association as well as links to videos with useful information.

Sunstone Organics Customer Service

The hours of operation for the Sunstone Kratom retail outlet located in Springfield, OR, are Monday through Friday, 10 am until 6 pm PST and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm PST. They are closed Sundays and major holidays.

As well, you can reach the company via their email address or telephone number, located on their website. In addition, there is a contact form on which you can leave your information, and they will reply as soon as possible.

As far as their customer service is concerned, Sunstone Organics is known for being a humble, yet highly professional customer support team. They are willing to make recommendations as well as work with their customers to quickly resolve any issues or concerns that may arise.

Sunstone Organics Shipping

Sunstone Organics provides free shipping on any orders over $100. Products are typically shipped the same day payment is received. However, if you are paying with a check, your order will not ship until the check has been cleared.

As of this writing, due to laws regarding kratom sales, Sunstone Kratom does not ship to the following states:

● California
● Alabama
● Arkansas
● Vermont
● Wisconsin

Sunstone Organics Return Policy

Sunstone Kratom does have a return policy in the event that you are not satisfied with your product or if there was an issue with your delivery. You must first complete an online form on the Sunstone Organics website to initiate the return.

Is Sunstone Organics Affiliated With The AKA?

While they do provide a link on their website to the American Kratom Association site, they are not currently affiliated with the AKA. We are not aware at this time if they have any plans to do so in the future. We can only hope, seeing as how they provide information regarding the AKA on their website.

Does Sunstone Organics Lab Test Their Kratom?

As of this writing, we could not ascertain that Sunstone Kratom puts their products through lab testing nor if they adhere to the GMP guidelines set in place by the AKA.

Sunstone Organics commits to selling only the best kratom. In 2019, they issued a voluntary recall of their white vein kratom capsule and powder. Since then, they have worked to remain in compliance with health officials and Consumer Affairs to greatly improve their quality control standards.

The voluntary recall did not sway customers from continuing to purchase from Sunstone Organics as they remain one of the top kratom vendors both online and in stores to this day.

Sunstone Kratom Products

Sunstone Kratom sells both kratom powder and kratom capsules. They are currently selling the following:

● Green Vein
● White Vein
● White Maeng Da
● Red Vein
● Red Maeng Da
● Maeng Da

As well, this vendor sells both sampler and starter backs in both powder and capsule form.

Sunstone Kratom Payment And Rewards

In order to purchase kratom from this vendor, you must create an account. However, in doing so, you will receive their newsletter with special offers. As well, you can sign up for their rewards program to earn points to be used on future purchases.

As of this writing, Sunstone Organics only accepts payment via check or money order.

Final Word On Sunstone Organics

As you can see from our Sunstone Organics review, this vendor is held in high esteem by die-hard kratom enthusiasts. While their prices may be a bit on the exorbitant site, you are getting what you paid for high-quality kratom.

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