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Super Indo Kratom

Super Indo Kratom – All You Need To Know!

Those familiar with kratom may have tried, or at least have heard of, Super Indo Kratom. Those unfamiliar with kratom may need a bit more insight into why kratom is so such a hot commodity currently.

In the following, review, we shall provide an overview of kratom as well as a detailed review of the Super Indo Kratom strain. We shall also give tips on where to find kratom and the best ways to use this trending herbal supplement.

Kratom Basics for Beginners

Mitragyna Speciosa trees, commonly known as Kratom trees, are indigenous to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. For years, kratom farmers harvested these leaves and natives used them to brew medicinal herbal teas. Most commonly, kratom leaves were chewed orally to experience their full range of effects.

Kratom leaves are rich in alkaloids, which are naturally occurring compounds found in the soil in which they grow. Some strains of kratom can have as many as one hundred different alkaloids, the most prominent of which are 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. It is from these two powerful alkaloids that kratom leaves derive their many benefits.

It must be pointed out that kratom, including Super Indo Kratom, has yet to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which is why we must inform you that kratom products should be consumed at the discretion of the user. Each strain of kratom has its unique set of benefits and said benefits may differ from person to person. As such, it is recommended that you consume kratom only as directed and strictly adhere to the dosage specifications.

Kratom strains are named as such for a variety of reasons. The color most often refers to the age, or vein color, of the kratom leaf at the time at which it was harvested. But it can also have something to do with the method in which the kratom is dried. Kratom can be dried in a variety of investments under different conditions to enhance its effects.

Kratom is also commonly named after the region from which it was sourced. There are some exceptions to this rule, however. But Super Indo Kratom is indeed harvested in Indonesia, hence the name.

Experienced kratom users have most likely heard of regular Indo Kratom. Super Indo Kratom is harvested from the same region as Indo Kratom. What makes Super Indo extra-special, though, is the size of the leaves from which it is produced. Super Indo is harvested from larger, more mature kratom leaves. Hence, the higher the potency and concentration of the alkaloids contained within those leaves. Therefore, Super Kratom is of a higher quality than regular indo kratom and has more powerful effects.

Super Indo Kratom

The Most Popular Strains

Red Vein

Sourced from very mature kratom leaves, red vein super indo kratom is extremely rich in both Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine and is popular with seasoned kratom users.

White Vein

The rarest of the super indo strains of kratom, white vein kratom is sourced from older kratom leaves, though not as old as red kratom. Thus, the effects tend to be a little less severe, yet stronger than that of the green vein super indo variety.

Green Vein

As the most readily available and popular strains of kratom, green vein super indo is suggested for those new to the super indo kratom vein. It is the weakest of the super indo strains, but still more potent than other strains of green kratom.

Most Popular Strains

Popular Ways to Consumer Super Indo Kratom

Now that you have gained some understanding of Super Indo Kratom, let’s discuss some of the common ways in which it is used.

Super Indo Kratom Capsules

Although they cost more than kratom powder, kratom capsules are well-liked in that the dosage is predetermined. As well, capsules are easy to take and can be found in vegan, gelatin, and vegetarian varieties. Some kratom users are not fond of the somewhat bitter taste of kratom powder, so they don’t mind spending a little more on kratom capsules.

Super Indo Kratom Powder

A big seller, kratom powder is known for its versatility. And it’s also a little cheaper than other forms of kratom as it can be purchased in bulk from most kratom vendors. Here are some of the most popular uses for kratom powder:

Mixer for Beverages

Super Indo Kratom Powder is a great addition to your beverage of choice. Add the correct dosage to your favorite milkshake, smoothie, protein shake, or juice blend.

Herbal Tea Enhancer

Kratom powder is the perfect complement for herbal teas and coffee drinks. As well, it can be used to brew your own blend of hot tea, iced tea, or even sun tea…

Food Additive in Cooking & Baking

More and more people are discovering that kratom adds a distinct flavor to their favorite recipe. There are even several kratom brownie recipes to be found on popular kratom blogs.

Toss and Wash Method

This method of kratom consumption should be limited to only experienced kratom connoisseurs. One would place, or “toss” kratom powder in their mouth and then chase, or “wash” it down with water. Again, this method is not recommended for beginners.

Where to Find Super Indo Kratom

Super Indo Kratom should be purchased from a trusted online kratom website that is backed by the American Kratom Association. The AKA has guidelines in place to ensure that these vendors are using only GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to harvest, process, and distribute kratom products.

SA Kratom is one of these trusted vendors. We have a large range of high-quality kratom products that are not only naturally sourced, but tested in a third party lab facility to make sure that they are 100% free from any harsh contaminants. Make sure to check out our selection of kratom capsules and products.

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