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Taste of Kratom

How to Neutralize the Bitter Taste of Kratom

Kratom is a herb called Biak, Ketum, or Mitragyna Speciosa. This herb is extracted from the deep-rooted grounds of Southeast Asia and is used for different purposes. Individuals have been taking Ketum for a long time for its effects on the body; some people use it for medicinal purposes while others use it for recreational purposes.

However, Ketum users or even lovers agree that the taste of Mitragyna Speciosa is very hard to tolerate. People love using it for its amazing effects, but they find abiding by its taste very challenging.

The taste of Kratom is bitter, muddy, and unpleasant. Unfortunately, though, different strains have different tastes. Some strains of Kratom are mild, some are neutral, and some have hit hard effects; the bitterness depends upon the range of intensity of Ketum.

If you are a Biak lover, then the good news for you is that there are multiple ways of masking off the actual taste of Kratom. For example, mixing Ketum with other eatables can make it taste better. So here are some of the best tips for you that would work no less than magic:

Kratom Powder Mixed With Peanut Butter

This is a simple technique of getting rid of the bitter taste of Ketum; all you have to do is mix the Kraotm powder in peanut butter and take it with a spoon.

Combining both, the taste of Ketum gets light and feels like you are having a snack. Consuming Ketum isn’t easy, but this remedy has made it super yummy to drink. In addition, when you mix Biak with the peanut butter, then it efficiently conceals the taste of Kratom.

Taste of Kratom

Kratom With Almond Milk

This isn’t just an excellent recipe that will let you get rid of the bitter taste of Biak, but this is a 2 in 1 method. This recipe is an amazing treat for all the health freaks as almond milk is enriched with essential nutrients that provide the body with strength.

In addition, Almond milk is very creamy and tastes quite good, so it easily masks off the taste of Ketum. For making the mixture of both, all you have to do is mix the desired amount of Kratom powder into a glass of almond milk and add some drops of honey. Adding honey is optional.

Kratom With Yogurt

Yogurt can also easily mask off the bitter taste of Baik; for making the mixture, all you have to do is add your favorite Ketum powder into plain yogurt and mix well. Plain yogurt not just helps make the taste of Ketum is enjoyable, but it also helps give the body an energy boost. If you don’t like the taste of plain yogurt, you can also use any flavored yogurt of your choice.

Kratom With Coffee

This tip is best for everyday Ketum users. If you use Biak daily but still don’t like how it tastes, add it to your coffee and enjoy. When Ketum is added to coffee, it feels like you have a regular mug of coffee while Kratom is also there. The taste of Ketum is bitter and earthy; adding coffee to Ketum makes the bitterness enjoyable.

Kratom With Orange Juice

If you are looking for a remedy that works like magic in getting rid of the Ketums terrible flavor, then orange juice can do wonders. Orange juice is a gold standard; it makes the Ketum work better by increasing potency. So take orange juice, either fresh or bottled, and add Ketum to it.

Kratom with Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice also works great when it comes to hiding the taste of Kratom. Besides this, grapefruit juice also has the added benefit of boosting the duration of effects. So if you are a grapefruit lover and use Ketum, too, mix both and enjoy the combo of 2 in 1.

Kratom With Mango Juice

Kratom powder can be mixed with any juice; if you are looking for the best options to use, then use the one that is your favorite. Nothing can make you enjoy Ketum more than your favorite juice. For mixing Biak all you have to do is add the desired amount in mango juice and mix well.

Kratom & Smoothie

Do you know? Kratom can be mixed in smoothies as well. This is a great way of hiding the taste of Biak, choosing a strong flavor smoothie, and adding Ketum to it for optimal results.

Kratom With Chocolate

If you love Kratom for its effects but don’t like how it tastes, dark chocolate is the key to having a pleasant Kratom experience. When Biak is mixed with dark chocolate, and the flavor is masked relatively well. But chocolate and Kratom interacts with the brain similarly, which makes the duo of Ketum with chocolate an excellent one-two punch.

Kratom Milkshake

Kratom milkshake is another amazing way of taking Ketum without having any bad taste of it. You can take the milkshake of any flavor and add Biak to it, and it is just like adding your protein powder to the milkshakes. Kratom milkshake tastes delicious as the other ingredients overpower the taste of Biak; for milkshake lovers, this is a highly recommended way of consumption.

Fancy Ways Of Mixing Biak With Different Meals

A mixture of Kratom with honey, peanut butter, and lemon juice also tastes classy. This is the easiest and the tastiest combination that one can ever make and enjoy when it comes to neutralizing the bitter taste of

Kratom. Using Ketum has many ways; all you need to do is add it to the thing you love and enjoy. For example, you can make Ketum a part of your juices, sandwiches, or any other food that you love.

For example, if you want pudding, add it or roll it into peanut butter balls; besides, you can add it to organic honey and cinnamon. Remember, Ketum can be added to anything that you love. Try unusual ideas and fall in love with the new ways of using Biak.

Staggering Alternatives Of Kratom To Beat The Flavor

If you have tried mixing Ketum with other eatables to neutralize the bitter taste of Kratom, but they didn’t work for you, then here are the alternatives that you can try:


Kratom tinctures can be mixed with anything and the best thing is that the taste of Biak isn’t even noticeable when mixed.


Gummies are fantastic, and they are made with tropical fruit extracts. Kratom gummies aren’t bad in taste, so they are the best option.

Pills or Capsules

If you want to stay away from the flavor of Biak, then consuming pills or capsules is the best option for you.

Ketum Extracts

Ketum extracts can be added to any food item, and you can mix them with your favorite beverage and hide the taste of Kratom.

Taste of Kratom


Most of the medicinal herbs have a terrible taste as same as Kratom. But its effects are loved by people, and besides this, it has many benefits that make it worth using. The taste of Ketum is really bad, but that can be reduced by mixing it with other food items.

Every person is different, and so are the taste preferences; some tips might work for someone but not for someone else. So one can mix Ketum to the eatables according to the demands of the taste fbuds.

There are many new and exciting ways to make your Kratom usage convenient and enjoyable. Besides mixing it with the food items, one can also use gummies and pills not to taste the powder.

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