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Texas Herbs and Botanicals Review

As kratom enthusiasts hunt for the best online supplier of kratom powders and capsules, they are faced with hundreds of choices. As kratom is still pending FDA approval, and still illegal in some states, it is imperative to find a vendor you can trust.

A true mark of a reputable kratom vendor is an alliance with the American Kratom Association. In addition, you can tell if a website is trustworthy if they are willing to provide proof that their kratom is lab tested for impurities.

In our Texas Herbs and Botanicals Review, we shall scrutinize this online kratom seller to see if they are worthy of your patronage. As the reader, you can use your own judgment to determine if Texas Herbs and Botanicals are worth your time and money.

About Texas Herbs And Botanicals

With headquarters in Dallas, TX, Texas Herbs and Botanicals is known as the premier kratom supplier in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They carry a broad range of kratom capsules, powders, resins, and even seeds and live kratom plants.

Kratom was deemed legal by Texas state legislators in 2018. Since then, Texas Herbs and Botanicals suddenly gained hundreds of more customers. As kratom legality can be a touchy issue, it is always wise to keep up-to-date information on which states have legalized kratom use as this can change. Also, keep in mind that while kratom may be legal per state laws, it may be banned in some counties or towns. A quick internet search can tell you the latest on kratom bans and legality issues.

For this reason, Texas Herbs and Botanicals only ship kratom to those states in which it is legal. They pride themselves on being ethical and adhering to current laws.

Texas Herbs And Botanicals Website

Texas Herbs and Botanicals Website is extremely user-friendly and well-designed. The company provides all of its pertinent information. As well, there is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section under the Info tab which users will find extremely beneficial.

After your order has been shipped, you will have the ability to track it directly on the Texas Herbs and Botanicals website. As well, you can easily sign up for their Rewards Program and access their complete inventory. A link to their Instagram account is also provided at the bottom of the home page.

Texas Herbs And Botanicals Customer Service

The company is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, CST and closed on weekends and major holidays. You can reach them via their direct telephone line, 469-661-5005, which also can receive SMS.

In addition, you can contact them via email at or via the contact form on their website. Texas Herbs and Botanicals has overwhelmingly received nothing but positive reviews of their customer service. Customers rank them high on shipping, product quality, and customer support.

Texas Herb And Botanicals Shipping

If your order is placed by 12 pm CST Monday through Friday, it will be shipped the same day. Those orders placed after 12pm will ship the next business day, excluding weekends and holidays.

You will be provided with a USPS tracking number once your order has been shipped. You can use the tracking tool on Texas Herb and Botanical website to track your package. This vendor offers USPS Express Mail which delivers in 1-2 business days as well as USPS Priority Mail, which typically ships within 2-3 business days. Orders over $125 are shipped at no cost to the customer.

Texas Herb And Botanicals Return Policy

Customers may return their products to Texas Herb and Botanicals within 7 business days if they are not satisfied with their order. You must first contact the company by email or phone to begin the return process within 7 business days from when you received your order.

Does Texas Herbs And Botanicals Lab Test Their Products?

We could not find any information on their website or elsewhere that supports lab testing. This could dissuade some customers, but the company has a solid reputation for supplying quality kratom.

Is Texas Herb And Botanicals Affiliated With The AKA?

As of this wiring, there is no indication that this vendor is associated with the American Kratom Association. As such, there is no concrete proof that they follow the strict GMP guidelines enforced by the AKA.

Texas Herb And Botanicals Products

Kratom Powder

● Red Maeng Da
● Chocolate Bentuangie
● Red Dragon
● Red Sulawesi
● Red Hulu
● Super Green
● Green Elephant
● Dark Green Malay
● Green Asia
● Green Cambodian
● White Borneo
● White Thai
● White Jongkong
● White Gold
● Yellow Borneo
● Yellow Sumatra
● Yellow Thai
● And much more!

Specialty Blend Kratom Powder

● Austin
● Rose Gold
● Abbey Road
● Houston
● Texas-Two Step
● Texas Red
● Dallas
● Hometown
● Highway 19
● Sunshine
Kratom Capsules
● Green Maeng Da
● White Maeng Da
● Red Maeng Da

As well, they offer Enhanced Strains in red, white, and green in addition to red and green extracts. A unique item sold by this vendor is Kratom Resin candles which can be infused with red, green, and white kratom in the following scents: original, chocolate, and ginger.

You can also purchase live kratom plants, kratom seeds, and sampler packs. You also have the ability to request one free sample.

Texas Herbs And Botanicals Payment Methods

As of this writing, Texas Herbs and Botanicals accepts the following methods of payment:

● Apple Pay
● Zelle
● Money order*
● Personal Check*
● Facebook Pay (with an option for PayPal)

*Money order and personal check must be mailed directly to the vendor.

Texas Herb And Botanicals Rewards Program

Customers can create an account in order to receive Texas Herbs and Botanicals Rewards Points. These can be used on future purchases from this vendor only.

Final Word On Texas Herb And Botanicals

As you can see by our Texas Herb and Botanicals review, they are a reliable and well-established kratom supplier. Despite the lack of lab testing and AKA affiliation, they are an exceedingly popular vendor with an extensive line of high-quality kratom products. They are highly rated on sites such as Reddit and have a loyal customer base.

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