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Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom – Myths, Origins And History

As there are lots of different varieties and forms of kratom available online or locally, one might feel a bit perplexed when trying to choose a kratom strain. As well, there are a plethora of websites offering kratom for sale. It pays to educate oneself on the different forms of kratom before jumping on the kratom bandwagon.

Thai kratom is a somewhat elusive, but fairly popular kratom strain. There is some confusion about the origins and history of Thai kratom. So, this article will help clear up some myths about Thai kratom and kratom in general.

Kratom in Context

Deep in the rainforests and other tropical areas of Southeast Asia, blooms an ancient tree officially known as the Mitragyna speciosa tree. More often referred to as the kratom tree, these trees are extremely rich in beneficial natural compounds known as alkaloids. You can find these compounds in nightshades as well as coffee. This makes perfect sense as the coffee plant and kratom tree are members of the same family.

For centuries, locals of these tropical regions have been gathering kratom leaves and munching them to experience their benefits. It was also used to make tea or as an additive to cooking. However, as kratom has become a worldwide phenomenon, kratom is now sold in both powder and capsule form. We shall look at kratom varieties a bit later on.

The alkaloids that have the highest presence in Kratom are 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragnynine. Depending on the vein color and strain of the kratom leaf, the levels of these two compounds may vary. This is an integral part of the reason each strain of kratom differs from slightly to significantly.

As well, the leaves of the kratom tree are subject to different drying methods, either indoors only, outdoors only or some variation of the two. Some kratom varies are dried in total darkness, while others in varying degrees of artificial light. Yet others are subject only to natural light.

Once the leaves are dried, they are distributed in many forms to reputable sellers on the kratom marketplace. Due to restrictions in some areas and the fact that kratom is not still pending final approval by the FDA, one should only purchase kratom from one of these accredited vendors. You can tell a vendor can be trusted if they can prove that they are following the rules set in place by the AKA.

The American Kratom Association, started in 2014, pays close attention to these kratom sellers to make sure that they adhere to proper practices for manufacturing and disturbing kratom. As such, you should see if it is legal to use kratom locally to avoid any fines or other actions.

We must also make it clear that the kratom experience may vary from one person to another. As such, there is no guarantee as to how kratom will affect you personally. Please use only as directed and proceed with caution.

Thai Kratom

As the name suggests, Thai Kratom was originally sourced from Thailand. However, as kratom was deemed illegal in Thailand in 1943, what we now know as Thai Kratom is sourced from Indonesia.

For this reason alone, you should only procure Thai Kratom from a trusted online kratom vendor. There are too many local and street vendors that sell either fake or tainted kratom. As well, they might not have obtained it legally.

Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom Strains

As with other kratom strains, Thai kratom is sold according to the color of the veins of its leaves. This typically is named after the age of the leaf red kratom leaves are picked from elder kratom trees). In addition, the color may be contributed to the drying method or how the kratom is processed. For example, some kratom veins are a hybrid of one of the three main kratom colors: red, green, and white vein kratom. It is always a good idea to take a minute to read the description when you are looking at kratom products online so you8 will know exactly how that specific kratom strain is produced.

At this time, the most popular Thai Kratom strains are as follows:

1. Green Thai Kratom

2. White Thai Kratom

3. Red Thai Kratom

4. Yellow Thai Kratom

How Thai Kratom is Used

Kratom is now sold in many forms. Which is quite different from when it was only sold as dried leaves. Kratom is most widely distributed in powder or capsule form, but here are some of the other ways in which kratom can be purchased and consumed.

Thai Kratom leaves

You can still purchase dried kratom leaves, either whole or crushed, from many online kratom sellers. In this manner, the leaves are most often chewed on or used to brew homemade kratom teas.

Thai Kratom Powder

One of the most popular ways in which kratom is sold, kratom powder has a variety of uses. It is most often used as an added ingredient in breakfast items, from smoothies to shakes to oatmeal or yogurt. It can also be added to spice up your favorite casserole or bakery item.

Kratom powder is a bit hit when it comes to brewing homemade kratom teas or coffees. But if you prefer, you can add kratom to your favorite herbal tea or brewed coffee. Keep in mind that many associate a bitter flavor with kratom, which is why some prefer it in capsule form. However, you can always add some sweetener to your coffee or tea to soften the blow.

Kratom Capsules

As the dose is already measured out, kratom capsules are ideal for both ease of use and continence. They cost a bit more than kratom powder but are a big seller none-the-less.

Kratom Extracts

This method of consuming kratom is best left for those who are familiar with kratom use. As such, kratom extracts are a bit pricey but pack a powerful punch.

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