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The Kratom King Review – Is It A Trustworthy Vendor?

Regardless if you have recently discovered kratom or have been using it for some time, you need to be careful when choosing a kratom vendor. So many new kratom sites seem to magically appear overnight. And not all of them are legitimate vendors.

That is why it is crucial to take a few minutes to read online reviews, such as the following Kratom King Review.

Kratom King, nor to be confused with The Kratom King (TKK) is quickly becoming a popular source for both kratom and CBD products. In this Kratom King review, we shall provide our readers with honest feedback about this kratom vendor.

About Kratom King

Kratom King is based out of Longview Texas. Founded by David Shelton, the company aims to provide only the cream of the crop when it comes to high-quality kratom.

Shelton overcame drug addiction and in his quest for natural remedies, he stumbled upon it. kratom. As it was still a new supplement at the time, he devoted his time to learning as much as he could about kratom, as well as CBD. As it is legal in more areas, CBD products are a bigger market.

However, Shelton has dedicated his life to spreading awareness about the many benefits of kratom and CBD as holistic remedies.

In September 2019, David Shelton started his first location in Longview Texas. Shortly after, he opened a second location in Tyler, Texas. He is continuously looking to expand his business and raise awareness for alternative herbs.

In addition to Kratom King, Shelton also acts as a consultant on the Texas Hemp Growers Association and only works with organizations that follow strict GMP guidelines. All of his products are naturally sourced from reputable kratom farms. The Kratom King tea shop in Longview, Texas proudly offers a wide array of sustainably sourced kratom teas and other products.

Kratom King Website

Kratom King’s website is professionally designed and extremely user-friendly. You need to be 21 years of age to gain access to the Kratom King website. While they do want to provide quality kratom to the public, they are also very strict when it comes to age restrictions for kratom sales. As well, they will not ship their products to those areas in which kratom is illegal or has been banned.

The “About Tab” provides a detailed history of the company and outlines their philosophy, Under the “Contact” tab you will find the address, telephone number, and business hours of both the Longview and Tyler locations. As well, you can click on a link to get directions to either of the physical store locations.

Under the “News” tab, one can find helpful information about kratom in general. In addition, as both a personal statement from David Shelton himself and an official statement from the American Kratom Association.

The Kratom King FAQ section provides answers to some of the questions site visitors might have about kratom or Kratom King. You can also find links to Kratom King Facebook and Instagram pages for both locations, and Google+.

Kratom King Customer Service

Kratom King location in Longview, Texas is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm CST, 9 am until 4 pm CST on Saturdays. This location is closed on Sundays. Kratom King location in Tyler, Texas is open Monday through Friday 8 am until 6 pm and Saturday 8 am until 4 pm, closed Sundays.

Customers can reach out to the company by calling the main number of the Longview store. As well, you can contact the Tyler location via phone. As well, a contact form has been provided in case this is your preferred method of contact.

Kratom King Shipping And Returns

As far as shipping policies, we could not find any information on the website itself. The same can be said for their return policy. While the company is transparent about most of its information, we find the fact that these policies are not displayed on the website to be a bit disconcerting.

However, in our search for online reviews for Kratom King, we found that most customers have been satisfied with the shipping process. Most customers stated that their products were received within an acceptable time frame.

When it comes to returns, it would appear that these are done on a case-by-case basis. Customers must first contact Kratom King to discuss their specific situation. We haven’t seen many people complaining about the lack of customer service on this end.

Kratom King Products

In order to purchase kratom products from Kratom King, you are able to peruse their list of kratom and such. However, in order to start your purchase, you must use the contact form on the “Order Now” page. Customers must provide their name, telephone number, email address and list what strains of kratom they wish to purchase. You must also specify if you wish to purchase kratom or capsules as well as the quantity for each.

From what we have read in reviews, the turnover time for a response from Kratom King is typically within a few hours, not including Sundays and holidays. Customers have been satisfied with this method as it does initiate some personal contact between the vendor and the buyer.

Following is a sampling of what you will find at Kratom King:


Green Vein Kratom

White Vein Kratom

  •  White Borneo
  •  Hydro Kratom
  •  And more

Yellow Kratom

  • Rare Hulu
  • Chocolate Borneo
  •  Rare Hulu
  •  Gold Reserve
  •  And more!
    Black OPM Kratom Blend


  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Lotions and Creams
  •  CBD Bath Bombs
  •  CBD Candy
  •  CBD Syrup
  •  CBD Brownies
  •  CBD Pet Products
  •  And more, including seasonal items

Final Word On Kratom King

As you can gauge by our Kratom King review, Kratom King is indeed a reliable supplier of quality CBD and Kratom products. We hope they update their website regarding their shipping and return policies but other than that, they are a trusted kratom vendor.
Although they do not currently appear on the AKA list of kratom vendors, David Shelton does appear to support the AKA, so we can hope that they will make this official soon.

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