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Third Eye Kratom

Is Third Eye Kratom An Honest Vendor?

Nowadays, you can easily find kratom products online. However, it might be difficult to know which vendors can actually be trusted for quality kratom? As we all know by now, there are quite a few websites that either take your money and run or sell you a low-quality or even fake product.

That’s why it pays to read online reviews, such as our Third Eye Kratom review. We promise to provide just the facts, without any bias. This enables our readers to make informed decisions when it comes to buying quality kratom from a reliable source.

About Third Eye Kratom

As they do not have an actual website, there is very little information to be found about Third Eye Kratom. This does not stop them from selling their kratom products on a number of websites, however.

Third Eye Labs does have a loyal following of satisfied customers. However, this is not always the mark of a quality kratom vendor. There are numerous factors one must consider when choosing a kratom supplier. In this Third Eye Kratom review, we shall examine these and leave you with our honest thoughts about this kratom seller.

Third Eye Kratom carries several strains of quality kratom in both capsule and pill forms. For those who have trouble swallowing pills, you should opt for Third Eye Kratom capsules.

A plus for this vendor is that you are able to purchase their merchandise in bulk online. As well, it can be found locally in stores in those areas in which kratom is legal. It is best to regularly check online to see if the kratom laws have changed where you live or if any new bans have been set in place.

Does Third Eye Kratom Lab Test Their Kratom?

One of the most important things you need to look for in a kratom supplier is lab testing. There have been a number of recalls on kratom products due to the presence of E-Coli and other such factors. If a company does not a lab test their kratom for impurities and cross-contamination, this is a sign you should seek out a different kratom supplier.

We could find no evidence that Third Eye Kratom performs any type of lab testing on its products. While they claim to sell high-quality kratom sourced from the best kratom farmers, there is no way to prove that their kratom is safe. In fact, there were a massive recall of several kratom products in 2018, Third Eye Kratom products included.

Kratom is illegal in some states and its use is banned in some counties or cities. As there is no approval from the FDA on kratom at this time, one has to be especially careful when it comes to purchasing kratom. Lab testing is a must when it comes to safety.

Is Third Eye Kratom Affiliated With The American Kratom Association?

Another quality of a good kratom vendor is that they have associated with the AKA (American Kratom Association) Compliance with GMP standards is one of the key points of the AKA. As of this writing, Third Eye Kratom is in no way affiliated with the AKA. There is also no proof that they adhere to these GMP guidelines, which is another reason you might wish to purchase kratom from another source.

Third Eye Kratom Customer Service

As this vendor does not have its own website, customer service depends on the vendor from whom you wish to purchase Third Eye Kratom Products. Popular websites that carry this brand include Herbal Place, Kratom Roots Wholesale, and others. Herbal Place is known for outstanding customer service and carries a large selection of herbal remedies in addition to Third Eye Kratom.

Third Eye Kratom Shipping And Returns

Shipping and returns for Third Eye Kratom products vary per vendor. However, some resellers, such as The Herbal Place, offer free shipping on all Third Eye Kratom products in the US. As with most kratom sellers, they do not ship to those areas in which kratom is illegal which include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

As well, The Herbal Place has a 30-day return policy for damaged or defective merchandise. You must first contact their customer service team before you ship the product back to them.

Third Eye Kratom Products

Third Eye Kratom carries a decent selection of kratom capsules and pills. These can be found on various websites such as The Herbal Place. Some of the products offered by Third Eye Kratom include the following:

● White Vein Kratom
● Bali Gold Kratom
● Red Vein Kratom
Green Maeng Da Kratom

Third Eye Kratom Pricing

While most of their products are sold in bulk form, you can find various sizes of Third Eye Kratom available online on various websites. One of the reasons this vendor is so popular is that they sell their kratom at reasonable rates. Keep in mind though, that these products have not been tested via a third-party lab, so one cannot ensure that they are indeed safe to consume.

Third Eye Kratom Payment Methods

Again, the payment method for Third Eye Kratom will vary per vendor. Currently, Herbal Place is the biggest supplier of Third Eye Kratom products. The Herbal Place currently accepts “Green eCheck” payments. This may seem like a nuisance, but due to a lack of FDA approval, many kratom vendors do not accept credit card payments for kratom products. This is due to a lack of support from credit card companies on the legality and safety of kratom. Always proceed with caution when consuming kratom and be aware that you are doing so at your own risk.

Final Word On Third Eye Kratom

As you can guess from our Third Eye Kratom review, you might want to go with another kratom vendor if you wish to purchase quality kratom. The lack of GMP compliance and lab testing does not bode well for this vendor. There are dozens of other kratom vendors that are AKA affiliated and lab tests their products for impurities.

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