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Valkyrie Botanicals

Is Valkyrie Botanicals Kratom A Genuine Vendor?

In the kratom industry, there are a vast number of vendors all claiming to provide the best products and services. However, in an industry full of scams and gimmicks, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which ones are really great as they claim to be.

In this review of Valkyrie Botanicals, we will look specifically at Valkyrie Botanicals, a kratom vendor that has been in the industry for quite some time. We will be taking a deep look at this company’s products, variety, prices, customer service, consumer reputation, business transparency, shipping and return policies, delivery, and more. By the end of this review, you should know if this review is one of the trustworthy vendors or if you should take your time and money elsewhere.

Who Are Valkyrie Botanicals?

Since its origin in 2016, Valkyrie has been providing its goods and services to the broad online kratom industry. In 2019, they established a partnership with Carolina Kratom, a larger, more well-known brand within the industry. However, soon after, things took a turn downhill. Since October 2020, customers are unable to access any products offered by Valkyrie Botanicals. Basically, their entire stock is depleted. Additionally, the Carolina Kratom webpage currently does not mention Valkyrie Botanicals at all.

Although it appears they are no longer operating, it is worth mentioning that this vendor did have a decent amount of experience in the business and maintained a high reputation during their operation as an online kratom vendor. That is why it is even more unfortunate to customers that they do not appear to be selling anymore.

While the fact that they currently do not exist as an active online vendor is definitely a huge red flag, it is still important to understand their general reputation while they were still operating. As a result, if they do decide to open back up and began selling to customers, you will know if it is easy for a vendor you want to test out.

Overall, Valkyrie has a pretty good reputation. They were popular amongst many avid kratom users who raved about their products and services. Several positive reviews present online even show customers referring to this brand as one of the best in the business with excellent service, products, delivery, and prices. One reviewer commented specifically on the customer service, claiming that Valkyrie Botanical’s team is full of representatives that are pleasant, professional, and easy to work with.

Products Offered By Valkyrie Botanicals

When Valkyrie Botanicals was operating, they were known for having a wide, impressive variety of products and strains to choose from. Customers enjoyed the many different types of kratom strains offered such as Indo, Yellow Vietnam, Red Plantation Maeng Da, and Bali. Customers were thoroughly impressed with the variety of high-quality products to choose from. Those who did make purchases report effective products, efficient delivery, and overall positive experiences.

Prices At Valkyrie Botanicals

When Valkyrie was well-known and flourishing, they offered their products at odd, yet consistent prices. While prices were mostly cheap, it was clear that Valkyrie geared its pricing in a way that would encourage customers to buy more.

Additionally, they did offer regular discounts and deals, typically in the form of coupon codes. Customers can easily and regularly find access to different codes that would help them save big bucks on different purchases. However, to no surprise, they are no longer offering any sort of discounts, considering their disappearance as a brand.

Customer Service At Valkyrie Botanicals

Similarly, to their product and price reputation, Valkyrie Botanicals was known and loved for their excellent customer service. Previous customers claim that they felt seen, hear, and prioritize by the customer service team, even more so than they have with other leading vendors in the past. When viewing several online reviews, one will find several customer testimonials reporting quick responses and positive experiences with kind, professional, and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

One year-long loyal customer reported that, along with the high-quality products and efficient purchasing process, Valkyrie Botanical’s excellent customer service is one thing that drew them to this vendor above the others and kept them around.

Social Media Presence Of Valkyrie Botanicals

Valkyrie doesn’t appear to prioritize having an active social media presence. It appears they have no Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts, and they also do not appear to be active on any other social platforms. This is most likely due to the fact that they are not currently even providing their products and services.

While this isn’t uncommon for kratom vendors, with many of them neglecting to prioritize establishing any sort of online presence, having one could allow a way for this vendor to connect with customers and fill them in on what’s going on. Loyal customers who loved this brand are probably wondering what happened and they may even want answers.

Creating some sort of social media presence could allow for Valkyrie Botanicals to establish some level of business transparency in the midst of their disappearance as a brand.

Final Thoughts On Valkyrie Botanicals

So now it’s time to answer the ultimate question. Is Valkyrie Botanicals a reliable kratom vendor that is worth your money and time? If you have been paying any bit of attention to the findings in this review, you probably know the answer to that. While they were once a thriving vendor with a large customer fan base, they appear to no longer be providing their services at all.

Additionally, the fact that their website simply states that they are a part of Carolina Kratom, but Carolina Kratom has no mention of Valkyrie is a bit of a red flag. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend waiting around for this vendor to reappear. Instead, maybe try checking out some of the various other online vendors to choose from.

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