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Is Virginia Botanicals A Trust Worthy Vendor?

With nearly every kratom vendor claiming to be the absolute best in the online kratom industry, it can sometimes be hard to find a reliable, trustworthy source for your kratom needs. Virginia Botanicals is one of these vendors swearing to be the absolute best. They pride themselves on offering high-quality, premium products at conveniently affordable prices.

The ultimate question is, however, are they really as great as they claim to be? How do they rank when compared to their competitors, and can you actually trust this brand to deliver quality products each time? In this review, we will be answering all of these questions by taking a deeper look into various aspects of this vendor.

After learning about their origin, customer service, products, prices, shipping, and return policies, and more, you will have a clear idea of just how great Virginia Botanicals is. Then you will have all the information to decide whether or not you want to give this vendor a shot.

Who Are Virginia Botanicals?

This vendor, to no surprise, is locating in Virginia and originated in 2017. They are known primarily for providing a wide range of kratom products, including extracts, powders, and even specialty products, such as whole bean coffee and more. While they are fairly new to the online kratom scene and they have just started to establish a reputation, previous customers have some positive things to say about the products and services offered by Virginia Botanicals. This rise in reputation is most likely due to their active social media presence.

Unlike several online vendors, who typically neglect to establish any type of social media presence, Virginia Botanicals is incredibly intentional on their social platforms and has managed to establish a decent-sized following.

Because this vendor is fairly new to the online kratom scene, they haven’t had much time to establish a huge reputation. However, according to several, positive online reviews customers who have tried them report positive experiences and quality products. Customers report finely ground, quality products that smell, look, and work authentically.

Products Offered By Virginia Botanicals

One aspect that often draws customers to this vendor is their wide, impressive range of products available. On the Virginia Botanicals website, customers can find nearly anything from poppy seeds and pink lotus, to exotic kratom strains and 30% kava extracts. When compared to other brands, Virginia’s Botanicals product lineup is beyond impressive.

Customers can shop through more than 55 different kratom strains, including unique, exotic products and varieties that aren’t always offered by other brands. Some of their most popular unique kratom powders include their Dead-End Red Blend or their specialty chocolate powder. They also offer different strains of premium red vein kratom with several strains available. Some of these strains include Red Sumatra, Red Borneo, and more. All of these strains are unique to Virginia Botanicals and aren’t offered by any other brands.

Customers also love several other products offered by this vendor such as Super White MD, Red Horned Leaf, enhanced “Extra Plus” Kratom, Super Green Maeng Da. The thing that really makes this vendor shine split kilo and proprietary blends are their most popular products. Their wide, incredibly versatile product line has drawn tons of customers to this so-called top-tier vendor. One of their most popular products is their Gold Bali.

Prices At Virginia Botanicals

Their prices also are one of the biggest standouts that set this brand apart from the rest. Customers love their incredibly affordable prices. For example, their one-ounce pouches of kratom powder are surprisingly affordable when compared to prices offered by other brands. This can often be a red flag for online kratom vendors. Often, when vendors offer products at incredibly affordable prices, it can sometimes mean unfair business practices and lower quality products.

Additionally, customers have the ability to order bulk kratom, and large amounts of kratom are offered at cheap prices. While their bulk prices are slightly more expensive, it is affordable when compared to other brands.

Virginia Kratom also allows customers to purchase kilos of kratom at one time. This is a perfect option for customers who wish to stock up in one purchase. These kilos are offered at pretty affordable prices when compared to those offered by other brands.

Additionally, along with the reasonable prices, Virginia Botanicals offers discount codes through their various channels.
Customer Service at Virginia Botanicals

Most customers seem to be relatively pleased with the customer service offered by this brand. Customers who fill out a contact form available on the website typically receive replies within 15-24 hours on business days (Monday-Friday).

Virginia Botanicals can be contacted via:

5252 Powell Valley Rd, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219-4134, United States

Shipping And Returns At Virginia Botanicals

One thing that makes this vendor stand out is its incredibly convenient shipping policy. Unlike some vendors who confuse things by offering several different shipping methods, Virginia Botanicals focuses on simplicity. For one once of powder, customers simply pay a flat rate of $7.50. After placing their order, they immediately receive tracking information. Additionally, customers can reach out to the vendor at any time with concerns or questions regarding their package.

Virginia Botanicals Social Media Presence

Unlike several online vendors who tend not to place too much attention on establishing a solid social media presence, Virginia Botanicals maintains an active Facebook page. This establishes a sense of business transparency and allows the vendor to connect with customers and keep customers updated with any discounts or updates.

Final Thoughts On Virginia Botanicals

So now it’s time to answer the ultimate question, is Virginia Botanicals a trustworthy vendor? Is it the right one for you? According to several previous customers, this vendor is one of the few legitimate, reliable online sources for quality, safe kratom. One reviewer even said Virginia Botanicals should be on everyone’s list of the top ten best kratom vendors in the year 2019.

Although we are now in 2021, customers still appear to love this vendor. If you’re in the market for high-quality kratom at affordable prices, you may want to give Virginia Botanicals a look.

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