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Vivazen Kratom Review

Vivazen Kratom is a pretty well-known name in the market and you’ve probably heard of them before. This vendor is known as being the pioneer that offered the first-ever liquid kratom shot. As a result, you can probably guess that they have a relatively high reputation amongst the industry and are known and used by many avid kratom consumers.

When compared to other brands in the market, this brand does not offer a wide range of kratom products. However, customers look past their slightly less extensive product line due to the incredible quality of the other products offered by VivazenKratom, such as their popular kratom liquid shots.

Because of all of this, VivazenKratom is enjoying the large fan base they have worked to build. For example, many emporiums and kratom stores sell Vivazen products because of this brand’s popularity, credibility, and reliability.

When purchasing kratom, it can sometimes be a much harder task than it needs to be in order to find the perfect kratom brand for you. To avoid dealing with sketchy, unreliable brands, it is important to look into a brand’s reputation, business transparency, pricing, product quality, customer service, and more.

In this review, we will be taking a deeper look at the popular brand, VivazenKratom. Does this brand live us to the expectations? Do they really live up to all the hype? Of course, it is obvious that they are well-known and have a great reputation, however, after this review, you will know everything you need to know about this company in order to determine if it is actually the right brand for you.

Who Is VivazenKratom?

One downside about this rather popular brand is that they neglect to provide an extensive amount of information regarding their company on their main website. In other words, other than what previous customers might say, new customers, aren’t given a lot of context about who this brand is, why they started, and what they are all about.

While this is a mishap on the companies side, it isn’t a huge issue simply because, due to the brand’s popularity, there are a lot of reliable online reviews discussing the brand and what they offer. These reviews are plenty and easy to find.

VivazenKratom operates from of their base location in Utah. This South Jordan-based company is quite a popular subject on sites like Reddit, where customers provide their own personal thoughts and opinions towards a brand. The promising thing is that, on these websites, the comments towards Vivazen Kratom are relatively positive, and it is increasingly difficult to find any negative comments on their products and services.

Naturally, you can find the occasional horror story, however, this is due mostly to improper use of some of the company’s more powerful products, and it’s also hard to determine the validity of these claims.

Products Offered By Vivazen Kratom

Unlike most brands who pride themselves in offering a wide, extensive line of products, VivazenKratom currently only offers two products. These items include the Vivazen Max and the Vivazen Original Feel Good Relief. Both of these products are offered in a number of different stores, considering Vivazen Kratom is also a wholesale vendor, meaning they specialize in selling larger-sized portions to other brands and vendors for reselling.

Their most popular item, the Vivazen Original Kratom relief formula consists of various different natural, pure ingredients. These ingredients include Willow Bark Extract, MitragynaSpeciosa Leaf Extract, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Passion Flower Aerial Part Extract, Corydalis YanhusouRhisome Extract, California Poppy Aerial Part Extract, Boswellia Serrata Resin Extract.

Their other available product, the MAX formulation, is made up of very similar ingredients. However, unlike the Vivazen Original Kratom, the MAX formulation has a higher concentration of kratom in it, so this product is perfect for that consumer that just wants all the kratom they can get in one purchase.

One thing to note is that Vivazen did have an issue with the FDA in the past. In 2015, several customers reported negative experiences with the products they offered. Although there is a chance this was due simply to the improper, overuse of customers. However, nonetheless, the company still received negative attention from the public.

As a result of this issue, Vivazen kratom was forced to remove specifically the kratom leaf ingredient from their blended items. However, after hard work and intentional effort, the brand was able to get back on its feet. They now enjoy the same great reputation they had before this issue.

Cost Of Products

Unfortunately, the products offered by Vivazen Kratom aren’t the cheapest out there, and what’s slightly more disappointing is that the prices aren’t consistent. For example, their MAX formulation is surprisingly more costly than their original Kratom blend.

Overall, the products are inconveniently expensive for such a small amount of product. This is a huge downside, especially when you can easily buy equally high-quality products in larger quantities for a lower price.

In other words, if you’re looking for great kratom but you don’t want to spend a fortune on little amounts, you might want to see what else is out there.

However, they do offer the occasional coupon codes, providing at least some relief for customers who do not want to empty their bank accounts. Unfortunately, though, these coupon codes aren’t frequently offered and they aren’t easy to come by. Additionally, in order to even access these coupon codes, customers must subscribe to Vivazen Kratom’s newsletter.

Any discounts for potential customers are sent via this newsletter. They also select winners each week for their original formula box of 12 through their mailing list.

So, as you can, they do provide some ways for saving money. However, this brand still isn’t the cheapest option by any means.

Vivazen Customer Service

Another downside of this brand is that they take a long time to reply to customers who reach out for support. In other words, they are known for having poor customer service and taking an inconveniently long time to get back to customers and resolve issues.

Final Thoughts

VivazenKratom is loved by some kratom consumers who are looking for more potent ways to get in their desired kratom, however, it clearly isn’t for everyone and there are some red flags that should be noted by potential customers.

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