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Maeng Da kratom

What Makes Maeng Da Kratom So Popular?

Kratom aficionados around the globe agree that Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most prevalent strains of kratom. Some even go as far as to say it’s the best.

What is it about this strain that makes it such a hot commodity? What are its origins? In this article, we shall take a detailed look at this top-selling kratom variety.

History of Maeng Da Kratom

If you possess any knowledge about kratom, you know that it is part of the same family as coffee. It is said to produce the same results but without as many side effects. Kratom is not approved by the FDA and is illegal in some areas so it must be stated that this product is to be consumed solely at the discretion of the consumer.

Maeng Da Kratom, like other varieties of kratom, is harvested from the Mitragyna Speciosa Tree, an ancient tree native to specific regions of Southeast Asia. These trees need moist, warm air and acidic soil that is rich in many naturally occurring compounds.

The majority of Maeng Da sold on the kratom marketplace is sourced from Thailand. The climate is well-suited for the Mitragyna Speciosa tree to thrive, producing high-quality kratom leaves. Kratom powders, capsules, and other varieties of kratom provide lots of jobs and steady income for kratom farmers in this region.

Originally, kratom was just used amongst the locals for personal use. It wasn’t until the last ten years or so that kratom has become a big seller internationally. One of the reasons for its increased recognition is that it is sourced sustainably. As well, reputable and trusted kratom vendors have their products tested by a third party to confirm that they are free from any form of contamination.

Kratom leaves are picked at different stages to yield different veins, or strains, of kratom. Each strain is unique in that it contains unique combinations of dozens of alkaloids. The alkaloids which make kratom unique are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Depending upon the level of these compounds present in a particular strain of kratom, the effects may vary. It should be noted that these effects are not guaranteed and each kratom user might have a different experience with this product.

The term “vein” is derived from the color of the leaf vein at the time at which it is picked. Typically, the veins are green, white, or red, with red being the most mature. However, the name can also be attributed to the color of the kratom leaf after it has been dried. This is typically how yellow and gold vein kratom is produced, which are unique strains of kratom that are rapidly becoming more popular with kratom enthusiasts.

Maeng Da Kratom is often referred to as “pimp-grade” kratom. The name is a loose translation of that phrase as this strain of kratom is said to be very powerful due to the high level of alkaloids present.

How is Maeng Da Kratom Processed?

Each strain of kratom is processed under different conditions. These include the time at which the leaves are reaped. The more mature the kratom leaf, the higher the number of alkaloids contained within. As well, the process in which the leaves are dried can increase the potency level of these alkaloids.

Some strains are dried only under direct sunlight, whereas others are dried under varying degrees of indoor lighting. Some kratom strains go through a combination of both types of lighting to increase their benefits.

What makes Maeng Da Kratom so powerful is that the kratom leaves are dried for a longer period of time than other strains to further enhance the already potent alkaloid content. As well, it then undergoes a process otherwise known as grafting. As it pertains to kratom, grafting combines two or more strains of kratom into a unique blend.

Most Popular Types of Maeng Da Kratom

Like other strains of kratom, Maeng Da is available in quite a few varieties, each with its own unique qualities. Most strains of kratom vary in taste, scent, and degree of effectiveness. It is up to the user to find which strain of kratom best suits their needs. White Maeng Da is one of the top-sellers, it is not recommended for those who are trying kratom for the first time due to its high presence of alkaloids. However, it is extremely popular with experienced kratom users and therefore is in high demand.

White Maeng Da Kratom

White Maeng Da Kratom is known for its pleasant aroma. It is a blend of the green vein and white vein kratom and is most often dried indoors for 2 days before it is once again exposed to direct sunlight for a few hours.

Red Maeng Da

Those seeking the strongest level of alkaloid potency should opt for this kratom. It is not a strain for those who are new to the world of kratom as it contains high levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which attribute to its high potency. However, once you have some sense as to how kratom affects you, red maeng da kratom could be your preferred strain.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Sourced from younger kratom leaves, Green Maeng is a blend of green and white vein kratom that is said to be of high quality but not as powerful as its counterparts so it is a good choice for beginners.

Yellow Maeng Da Kratom

A blend of red and white vein kratom, yellow maeng da seems to be popular with those who enjoy kratom tea blends. It is said to have a powerful blend of alkaloids, which makes this strain a best seller.

A well-respected and trusted vendor in the kratom marketplace, SA Kratom offers a great selection of kratom powder and capsules. All of our products are sourced naturally and tested for quality control. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for exclusive promotions.

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