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White Horn Kratom

White Horn Kratom Review

Looking for new and rare kratom varieties to add to your repertoire? White horn kratom is one of those elusive kratom strains that only experienced kratom users seem to know about. This is partly due to the fact that it can be extremely hard to align with its claimed effects.

If you are interested in learning more about white horn kratom or kratom in general, continue reading.

Historical Background on Kratom

While you may have only heard of kratom in the last few years, this treasured herb has been enjoyed by many for centuries. As it is harvested solely in tropical areas in Southeast Asia, inhabitants of that region are well versed in the use of kratom.

Carefully collected from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree at various life cycles, kratom leaves are chock full of nutrients similar to that of the coffee bean. In fact, coffee and kratom are related. Therefore, many equate the benefits of kratom to those of coffee. For legal reasons, we cannot list these effects as kratom is still in line for recognition by the Food and Drug Administration.

As a general precaution, one should use kratom products only as indicated. Do not attempt to go over the recommended portion. The way your body breaks down kratom may not be the same as someone else, so keep this in mind. To ensure that the kratom you are using is safe for dietary intake, only purchase kratom from a creditable kratom seller.

Alkaloids are the most plentiful components found in the kratom leaf. The degree of these compounds is altered by the age of the leaf, how it is dried and how it is processed.

Historically, natives of Southeast Asia simply munched on the leaves to encounter its effects. They also blended homemade teas for medicinal purposes or simply to enjoy the kratom experience.

Today kratom serves many other purposes, which we shall discuss later. Now let’s take a look at Horn Kratom.

Horn Kratom

Horn Kratom is so named due to its appearance. The edge of the horn kratom leaf resembles tiny horns. This strain of kratom is mainly sourced from Indonesia in the Eastern Kalimantan region.

Horn Kratom is considered to be rare due to the fact that the tree from which it originates is more challenging to grow than other kratom trees. Only a few kratom farmers cultivate horn kratom trees, so it may be somewhat challenging to find horn kratom strains for sale.

Horned kratom leaves are said to contain a uniquely high amount of alkaloids, which makes horn kratom one of the strongest and most highly desired kratom strains. Proficient kratom enthusiasts often liken it to Maeng Da Kratom, which is one of the top-selling kratom strains. However, the alkaloid content in horn kratom differs slightly from that of maeng da. This, along with the fact that horn kratom is harder to obtain, makes it one of the most requested kratom varieties.

White Horn Kratom

White Horn Kratom

Now that you know a bit more about horn kratom, let us take a closer look at White Horn Kratom specifically. If you know anything about kratom, you are aware that white vein kratom is the “middle-ground” variety of kratom. The green vein is mild in nature, while the red vein kratom contains the highest level of alkaloids.

White vein kratom is suitable for those who have had some experience with kratom but not recommended as a starting point. As a beginner, you should start off with greenhorn kratom. Although we must warn you, it still packs a powerful punch as it is indeed a member of the horn kratom clan.

To enhance the strength of the alkaloids present in white horn kratom, even more, the leaves are dried under natural light as opposed to being dried inside. White vein kratom is often referred to as the “middle child” as it is the happy medium between the red vein and white vein kratom.

White Horn Kratom Consumption

How you choose to partake of kratom is entirely up to you, as long as you do so legally. White horn kratom is most often sold as a powder or capsule. Following are the preferred methods to ingest kratom.

White Horn Kratom Capsules

If you prefer convenience to variety and taste, kratom capsules are the way to go. Some find kratom to be bitter, so you can forgo this sensation by taking it in capsule form. One of the drawbacks is that it takes your body longer to process capsules than powder. Another is the cost. Some find their way around this by using kratom powder to make their own kratom capsules.

White Horn Kratom Powder

Those who do not cringe at its slightly sour aftertaste may prefer kratom powder. It is cost-effective as it most often described in bulk form. It has been used to brew homemade kratom teas or coffee blends, added to drinks such as shakes or protein drinks, and used to add a kick to baked goods or other foods.

White Horn Kratom

White Horn Kratom Tea

Many kratom vendors are now starting to carry a selection of kratom tea blends. As with homemade brewed kratom teas, you can add your favorite sweetener to help offset the bitterness.

White Horn Kratom Extract

Despite the fact that they cost a pretty penny, kratom extracts are becoming increasingly popular with seasoned kratom users. The cost is due to the method of extraction as well as the high alkaloid content. These are not ideal for novice kratom users.

Where to Purchase White Horn Kratom

As it is extremely rare, you should not attempt to purchase kratom from a local source such as a smoke/vape shop, gas station, or your favorite local watering hole. As it is extremely hard to obtain, white horn kratom sold this way might have been obtained illegally. Another thing to keep in mind that locally purchased kratom may contain impurities and could be harmful to ingest.

SA Kratom has all of its products tested by an impartial third-party laboratory. In addition, we are in complete compliance with the American Kratom Association. Be sure to pursue our selection of naturally sourced high-quality kratom for your kratom needs.

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