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White Malay Kratom

White Malay Kratom – A Guide for Beginners

If you are in the process of trying to find a suitable strain of kratom, you may have stumbled upon white Malay kratom. How does this strain differ from the rest? Is it better for beginners or those experienced with kratom use?

Let’s take a closer look at this popular variety of kratom and see why so many people seem to prefer this strain over others. As well, we will touch on where to find quality white Malay and other kratom products.

Origin of Kratom

Those who are new to kratom might be interested in where it originated. Kratom comes from an elder tree that is native to tropical areas of Southeast Asia. Kratom farmers in this area, as well as many of the habitats, have benefited from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa for hundreds of years. Not more than a decade ago, those living outside these countries caught wind of the many benefits of kratom leaves.

The leaves of the kratom tree embody dozens of compounds, which transpire naturally due to the climatic conditions of these regions. The two most noteworthy of these compounds, called alkaloids, are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, from which kratom derives its unique and quite pleasant effects.

The kratom tree is akin to the coffee family, which is why many people are turning to kratom as a somewhat healthy caffeine alternative. We must point out though that everyone experiences kratom differently and these attributes are in no way foolproof.

The fact that kratom has yet to be sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may contribute to the reality that it is still illegal in some states, and even banned in some counties. As such, one must also adhere to the age restrictions that your region has placed on the sale, distribution, possession, and consumption of kratom products.

It is also important to note that due to the strength of the alkaloid content present in kratom, it should only be consumed in their commended manners and dose level. As such, with any herbal product, the use of kratom relies solely on the responsibility of the user.

Now that you have a little background and advice on kratom, let’s take a closer look at Malay kratom, specifically white malay kratom.

Malay Kratom

As you may have guessed, Malay kratom is named as such because it is sourced directly from Malaysia. The dense forests in this region produce rich soil which allows the Mitragyna Speciosa to thrive to a level that produces extremely effective levels of alkaloids.

As these leaves have been farmed in Malaysia for centuries, it is no surprise that Malay kratom is one of the most popular strains of kratom. As such, it is one of the eldest strains of kratom that has been sold in the kratom marketplace.

The color aspect in the name of each strain is derived either from the color of the vein leaves when harvested or the process in which the leaves are dried and/or combined. Some strains of kratom are pure veins (mainly white, red, and green kratom), while others (such as gold or yellow kratom) are a combination of different color veins. As well, the color may be obtained during the process in which the leaves are dried. Kratom leaves can be dried in various ways and under different lighting conditions, which often strengthen the effects of the alkaloids.

Malay kratom contains a powerful amount of both 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, which makes it one of the most powerful and effective strains. But what is it about white vein kratom in particular that makes it so desirable? Keep reading to find out.

White Malay Kratom

White Malay Kratom

White Malay kratom obtains its color as the leaves are picked at a time when the vein of the kratom leaves is white. As well, these leaves are then dried indoors for a few days before they are then placed outside for a brief time to reap natural sunlight.

Compared to other strains of white kratom, white Malay is said to have a more “middle-of-the-road effect.” Therefore, newbies to the kratom phenomena who wish to try Malay kratom but want a milder strain would start off with green vein. Those who want to experience the full effects of malay kratom would opt for red. Those who are somewhat in between would opt for white kratom. Again, these effects may change from user to user so nothing is set in stone. The decision to use this strain of kratom, as well as any variety, is at the sole discretion of the user.

White Malay Kratom Forms

Like any other kratom strain, white vein kratom may be obtained in many forms. Those who are trying kratom for the first time may find kratom capsules beneficial. The amount of kratom in each capsule has been carefully measured out. Some experienced users prefer the capsule form for its convenience and discretion. Also, kratom leaves a slightly bitter taste so this might deter some from using kratom in powder form. And lastly, kratom capsules cost a bit more than kratom powder.

However, this being said, many kratom enthusiasts prefer kratom powder. It is multifaceted in that it can be used as an addition to foods and beverages. Even more popular are homemade kratom teas brewed from kratom powder.

Kratom teas and extracts are also sold by some vendors. Kratom extracts are extremely potent and are not recommended for the faint of heart. However, if you are a kratom efficanado, you might find kratom extracts to be quite pleasing.

White Malay Kratom

Where to Buy White Malay Kratom

It is possible to find white Malay kratom lately, but it can not be certain that what you are getting is indeed pure white Malay kratom. For this reason, we advocate that you only purchase kratom from an online vendor that has been formally acknowledged by the American Kratom Association, formed in 2014 to safely oversee kratom online vendors.

SA Kratom is indeed approved by the AKA. All of our kratom powder and capsules have passed inspection by a third-party lab facility. This means they are 100% pure and safe for use. Check out our online kratom store today for top-of-the-line kratom products!

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