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White Rabbit Kratom

An Introduction To White Rabbit Kratom

Regular kratom users are constantly searching for new and exciting strains of kratom to “spice up” their kratom cravings. White Rabbit Kratom is one of those elusive kratom varieties that everyone is seeking, similar to the white rabbit in the popular children’s fairy tale from the sixties.

White Rabbit Kratom is an exclusive strain of Maeng Da Kratom that is sold wholly by White Rabbit Kratom and sold in a limited supply by a small number of kratom sellers.

But is white rabbit kratom really all it’s cracked up to be? Is it worth giving it a try and how does it compare to other kratom strains? Read ahead to find out more about this unique kratom strain!

The Inside Scoop on Kratom

For those new to kratom, here’s a little background to provide you with some insight into the kratom craze that is sweeping the globe!

Hailing from humid zones of Southeast Asia, kratom was once only used exclusively by natives of those countries. Once upon a time, natives used to chew on the leaves of the kratom tree to enjoy its benefits. It wasn’t until sometime in the last decade that kratom became all the rage throughout the rest of the world.

The Mitragyna Speciosa, or Kratom tree, both need sunlight and a significant amount of rainfall to thrive to its maximum potential. If these conditions are present, the alkaloids or natural compounds, present in these leaves will derive a great many benefits. These benefits are often compared to those of coffee. This makes sense given that both coffee and kratom are from the same family.

Nevertheless, we must point out that these said benefits are in no way promised. Each of our bodies will break down kratom differently, so the effects can alter from one person to another. As such, some areas in the United States have not yet legalized kratom. And yet others currently have a ban on kratom. This may be due to the fact that it is still withstanding approval from the FDA.

Before you purchase any type of kratom, check to see the restrictions in the area you live. This includes the legality as well as age restrictions. Also, is of utmost importance that you adhere to the directions on the packaging and do not exceed the suggested amount. This is especially important if you do not know how that specific strain will affect you.

Kratom is said to contain up to 80 different alkaloids. The amount and strength of these alkaloids vary from one strain of kratom to another. It is also attributed to the age of the leave when picked as well as the method used for dehydration of the leaves.

If you are looking for a mild vein of kratom, opt for green vein, which is picked at its youth. Red vein kratom is the strongest as it is sourced from aged kratom leaves. White kratom is more middle ground as it is picked at its “mid-life” cycle.

Now that you have some background on kratom in general, let’s take a closer look at White Elephant Kratom.

What is White Rabbit Kratom?

White Rabbit Kratom

Established in 2021, White Rabbit Kratom is one of the oldest kratom vendors in the world. Some often confuse White Rabbit Kratom with other kratom strains, believing that it’s available in many different strains. However, White Rabbit Kratom is named after the company that created this rare kratom strain. Their White Rabbit Kratom Superior Maeng Da is one of the most elusive and highly favored kratom varieties among kratom fans worldwide.

Maeng Da Kratom, sourced from Thailand, is perhaps the most popular strain of kratom to date. This is due to the fact that it contains an extremely large amount of alkaloids. And White Rabbit Kratom is hailed as the epitome of the Maeng Da Kratom varieties. It is naturally sourced, free from toxins and other contaminants, and 100% organic.

It is imperative that White Rabbit Kratom Superior Maeng Da Kratom is only obtained from a trustworthy kratom vendor. As such, one should never purchase this kratom strain anywhere online. Locally purchased White Rabbit Kratom could be fake, tainted, or illegally obtained.

But how do you know that an online kratom seller is all they’re cracked up to be? First, take a look at their website. If they are working with the AKA (American Kratom Association) this proves that they can be trusted. The AKA watches over these sellers to ensure that they are following proper manufacturing guidelines as well as testing their products at an unbiased third party vendor to ensure their purity.

If you land on their website, White Rabbit Kratom will direct you to vendors that carry their products. They have a Twitter page as well to stay in touch with their customers.

How to Use White Rabbit Kratom

White Rabbit Kratom

For the most part, White Rabbit Superior Maeng Da Kratom is sold as a powder or capsule. Capsules contain a dose that has been pre-sorted while powder has many more uses. Kratom powders can be used to give a flavor boost to any food or beverage. Both of these kratom varieties are sold by reputable and trusted sellers on the kratom marketplace.

White Rabbit Kratom is not for the faint of heart as it contains potently high amounts of alkaloids. Take care to use only as directed and never go over the recommended amount. Kratom users who have sampled other Maeng Da Kratom will love this strain. However,  we suggest that new kratom users start off with Green Maeng Da and work their way up to White Rabbit once they have built up a tolerance to other strains.

SA Kratom is proud to offer our loyal customers an extensive catalog of high quality, naturally sourced kratom. As well, we offer specials and rewards to returning customers. In fact, you can receive your first reward simply by signing up for our online newsletter. Head over to our online store to check out our latest product line.

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