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White Thai Kratom

A Brief Guide To White Thai Kratom

White vein kratom is hailed as a “moderate” kratom strain. Thus, it is ideal for those who wish to move beyond the mild effects of green vein kratom but aren’t quite ready to try the all-powerful red vein kratom.

White Thai Kratom is both one of the most requested and most elusive white kratom strains. In the following article, we will see why White Thai is all the rage. Also, we shall offer a brief guide into kratom history and use.

Kratom Throughout History

Despite the fact that kratom has been in use in Southeastern Asian countries for centuries, It has only recently become a hot item around the world. Natives of countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia can attest to the many benefits of this powerful herb.

Similar to coffee, kratom contains multiple naturally occurring compounds called alkaloids. The numerous benefits of kratom can be attributed to these alkaloids, which can also be found in nightshades and other foods.

As every person has a completely different internal system, we cannot 100% guarantee how kratom will affect you. Results may vary per person, dosage, and kratom strain. The FDA has not given kratom its approval, making it illegal in some states. In other states in the U.S., it may be lawful to purchase kratom statewide, but your local government may have a ban on kratom. Look at recent online statistics for your vicinity before you think about purchasing kratom.

Due to the variability of its effects, please use kratom only in the manner and dosages which are prescribed on its packaging. Always start off with a lower dosage until you are comfortable with how kratom interacts with your biochemical makeup.

Originally, inhabitants of the aforementioned regions would simply pluck ripened kratom leaves from the Mitragyna Speciosa, or Kratom, tree and chomp on the leaves. This is one of the best ways to fully benefit from the alkaloid content in kratom. For this reason, many kratom vendors still sell dried crushed or whole kratom leaves. As well, they are ideal for making freshly brewed kratom tea.

Thai Kratom

Generally speaking, Kratom is named after the region from whence it was sourced. However, as kratom was made illegal in the 1940s, Indonesia is the primary exporter of Thai Kratom. Kratom is in the process of being made lawful again in Thailand, so you might be able to find genuine Thai kratom from select kratom vendors. However, it is still rare at this time and will also cost slightly more than other kratom varieties.

Thai Kratom has been labeled by many avid kratom users as one of the strongest kratom strains. The environment in which Thai Kratom is grown provides ample growth for the kratom leaves, allowing the alkaloids to thrive beyond their full potential. Thai Kratom is said to have powerful amounts of both 7-Hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine. These 2 alkaloids are present in all kratom strains. However, certain strains, such as Thai Kratom have exceptionally high levels of both compounds.

White Thai Kratom

White Thai Kratom

The color in the name of the kratom strain most often comes from the vein color of the leaves. Like most trees, the leaves change color as they age. Green Thai kratom is sourced from very young Thai Kratom leaves, Red Thai from the eldest. White vein Thai kratom is picked during the “mid-life” growth spurt. These leaves are less potent than Red Thai but are stronger than green vein kratom.

In some instances, such as yellow vein kratom, the color is obtained from the way in which the leaves are dried. Another way to obtain certain kratom veins is to combine two other veins to make a unique strain of kratom.

For the most part, white vein kratom is dried in an indoor environment for a few days and then returned to dry for a period of time under the sun. Once dried, White Thai Kratom is either sold as whole or crushed dry leaves or made into a fine powder. The powder is then sold in bulk or made into powerful white Thai kratom capsules.

How to Consume White Thai Kratom

As mentioned above, White Thai Kratom can be sold in dried leaf varieties such as whole or crushed. It can also be sold as capsules, extracts, and powder varieties.

White Thai Kratom Extracts

Not ideal for new users, kratom extracts contain extremely high alkaloid levels due to the fact that they are concerned. The extraction method is quite cumbersome, which explains the higher cost of kratom extracts. They are said to be fast-acting and the effects are said to last longer than those of other forms of kratom.

White Thai Kratom Powder

Due to its extreme popularity, you can often purchase bulk amounts of kratom powder. Kratom users enjoy tossing a bit of kratom powder in their beverage of choice from tea to coffee to shakes or smoothies. (Kratom is not to be used in alcoholic beverages). Some also enjoy adding a dash of kratom powder to their favorite dishes, whether baking or cooking.

White Thai Kratom Capsules

As many shy away from the slightly acidic taste of kratom, kratom capsules are also a number one seller. Many prefer them for convenience as well as discretion. As such, the dose is already predetermined, saving you the trouble of having to weigh it yourself.

White Thai Kratom

Where to Find White Thai Kratom

While you may be able to locate white Thai kratom locally, we do not recommend this. It is always best to obtain kratom legally from a respected online kratom vendor. To check their credibility, look on their website to see if they work with the AKA. Started in 2014, the American Kratom Association oversees kratom production and sales to ensure that all kratom sold by these vendors is safe for consumption,

SA Kratom carries a wide selection of high quality, pure kratom. We take the time to have all of our products tested at a third party facility to ensure that there is no cross-contamination. Check out our latest selection of naturally sourced kratom today!

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